Pulse 3 (2008)

Written & Directed by: Joel Soisson


Britanny Renee Finamore .... Justine
Diane Goldner .... Sarah Wilkie
William Prael .... Cliff

Special Appearance:

Rider Strong .... Adam

Release Date:
Lone Star Film Festival: November 14, 2008

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A decade later Justine (Brittany Renee Finamore) is escaping the madness on the suicides of people haunted by the internet and cell phones as well as having nightmares about her mother haunting her as well as dying on her and taking refuge to by being raised on two dysfuncional refuge in the remote no-tech survivor camp.
Still, the dead tends to walk the Earth when she finds out that her friend Adam (Rider Strong) encounters his girlfriend Salwa (Noureen DeWolf) took her life while chatting with her on a laptop computer and then coming back from the dead to suck the life out of him and an abandoned laptop links to her to a mysterious caller as well.
She ends up going on a journey to try and find Adam as well as confromting her dead Mom as to why this is all happening.
Justine risks everything to see if life has resumed back in the forbidden city.


The situations aren't as impressive in this final piece to the trilogy especially the beginning part with Adam in his room speaking on the internet with Sawla which didn't look natural at all.
We have a good close up shot on Justine with her head lying down and then waking up surprised looking after having a nightmare.
We have a good menacing moment with Cliff about to smash a computer with Justine telling him to stop. We spot some nice twisted discussions between these two.
Later on there's a nice shot on Justine running through a garden and looking for something in her bag along with her aggressive reactions running back to the house along with a surprise shot on Cliff whacking her in the head and then a shot of her falling down.
There's a nice moment on Cliff with a ghostly shot on Amy and his pleading to her along with Justine freaking out telling him to stay away from her. Then we have a good menacing shot on Amy attacking and other shots of the ghostly disasters of suicide etc.
There's good shots on a man with a plan pacing back and fourth talking to himself about his plan along with his anxiety by trying to tape his place and color it red. We also have some shots on Justine and her younger half trapped in a red room with red lights shining on them.
A terrific shot looking up on Justine near an overpass in the gloomy dark as well as a shot circling around her under an overpass and showing her emotions along with a good ghostly shot on her mother looking at her sympathetically and in my opinion the best scene of all.
We also have a good aggressive discussion between Justine and Adam with the suspenseful moments that they do too which looked slightly effective to top it all off.
Bottom line is that this film doesn't do much but still there's some good performances and the cheesy dark effects. The film is gloomier than ever too. Really, it's just the lead actress Justine still travelling to escape the bizarre hauntings of the ghosts on the computers and other mechanical devices. Still there's good ghostly moments and intense hauntings too but hopefully this one is the last one out of the series and it drew it's point finally.

The acting is still fairly good. Britanny Renee Finamore (Justine) really brought it out in her role as the older Justine along with her scared emotions and anger too making her characteristics so believeable. Nice freaked out reactions when she sees someone acting destructive. She stood out the most in the film.
We have a 15 minute supporting role by William Prael (Cliff) who was good with his insanity and aggressions too who knew how to act very menacing as an estranged one in his old country house. Had terrific aggressive expressions and blocking when smashing an object. A nice shocked expression on him during a ghostly encounter. He does a great job acting scared too.
Rider Strong
(Adam) only had about 5 minutes in this film in two separate scene's but he seemed to pull off a bit of energy to his part making the film look effective except for the very beginning which looked slightly cheesy.
Yet he reacts well after what happened to his friend on the internet as well as what's becoming of him so there's one point there.

A ghost of a woman has the half of her head blown off.

Elia Cmiral shows some good classical guitar playing in a some sort of dream/hallucination sequence. Great deep and low keyboard playing during most of the sequences as well as the banging sounds too. We've got some bonging sounds during a final moment with one of the ghosts.