Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (2006)

Directed by: Jake West

Written by:
Barbara Werner, John Werner & Jake West


Doug Bradley .... Doc Fraser
Douglas Roberts .... Bunt Wallace
Lisa McAllister .... Dehliah Wallace
Tess Panzer .... Molly Sue Allen
Emanual Parvu .... Oliver Allen
Iolana Ginghina .... Ellie Johnson
Lance Henricksen .... Ed Harley
Radu Iacobian .... Richie
Catalin Paraschiv .... Ronnie Johnson
Dicu Aurel .... Tiny Wallace
Lynne Verrell .... Haggis

Release Date:
Made-for-Cable: October 28, 2006

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A bunch of townsfolk are killed and left for dead as a madman working in a mortuary named Doc Fraser (Doug Bradley) seems to do experiments on the corspes and then throwing them in the swamp.
This enrages the loves one's especially a mother of a child named Molly Sue Allen (Tess Panzer) and meets up with a backwoods witch named Haggis (Lynne Verrell) to help her as she brings two other townsfolks named Ellie Johnson (Iolana Ginghina) and a man who was nearly left for dead in a swamp named Richie (Radu Iacobian) in which Haggis uses their blood to summon up a corpse that becomes Pumpkinhead to seek revenge on Doc but this creature seems to kill anyone in it's path and the three of them feel it's anger and pain.
They must find a way to stop it but each time when one of the three is murdered Pumpkinhead ends in pain and Ed Harley (Lance Henricksen) haunts a superstitous local named Bunt Wallace (Douglas Roberts) about his fate since him and his wife named Dehliah (Lisa McAllister) are helping Doc with his evil deeds but feel that they have no choice but to continue on.


Some good chasing scene's around the forest along with some skeletal bodies near a swampy area.
There's a good shot on someone running away and hiding in some hay at a barn with Doc Fraser and others looking around and then stabbing at him with a pitchfork with looked impressively done imagining a bully wanting to hurt you to death.
A good camera shot looking down on Doc pulling out a liver from this person acting like a mad scientist which will make you cringe for sure.
We spot a good shot on Richie crawling out of a swamp and then running in the middle of the raod and stopping a vehicle with many good camera takes on this.
A good close up shot on Molly Sue Allen kneeling down and crying after spotting her child's corpse as well as many good shots on dead corpses being dragged side by side with other corpses.
We spot a good conversation sequence with Molly Sue Allen trying to find some information out of Haggis and acting cold about it all.
There's good shots on all Molly Sue, Ellie Johnson and Richie walking to the Haggis swamp house with a good shot on her rocking in her chair near a fireplace as well as showing a shot on Molly Sue kneeling down near her and this witch grabbing her wrist.
There's many good close up shots on the three having the sides of their fingers slit with blood being put in a cup.
We spot a good cheesy shot on Tiny Wallace lying as a corpse and awakening from the blood spilt on him and turning into Pumpkinhead with the three tripping out and being knocked unconcious. Alot of these moments looked like a remake on the original but was done a bit cheesier and not as dark looking either.
We spot many good creepy conversations between Ed Harley haunting Bunt Wallace with him getting spooked.
There's a good discussion with Bunt towards Dehliah Wallace in a jail cell talking about Pumkinhead's vengeance as well as a cheesy shot on a door breaking down and the Pumpkinhead figure approaching with a shot on a deputy trying to shoot this beast as well as both Dehliah and Bunt freaking out and trying to get out of the jail cell in which the moments looked slightly corny during this moment.
There's a good moment with Dehliah freaking out towards Doc about Pumpkinhead returning and him getting sleazy towards her trying to comfort her which looked well done.
A good discussion between Bunt and Doc talking about what happened in the first film with the situation they're encountering with Pumpkinhead right now with a shot on Ed standing a distance behind Doc on what Bunt was saying.
Nice shot on Tiny Wallace climbing up a tower along with the Pumpkinhead figure about to attack.
We spot a cheesy moment with a reverend preaching and then Pumpkinhead figure crashing from one of the windows and wreacking havoc. It just didn't seem to work.
We have many good camera takes on Bunt trying to remove a corpse from the steeple on top of a roof without trying to fall.
A nice wicked manipulative attitude with Doc towards Bunt and Dehliah about him leading them to safety with them acting like basket cases as it looked believeably dysfuntional.
There's a nice moment with Oliver Allen getting demanding towards Haggis about what is all happening which was energetically done.
There's a good moment with the Pumpkinhead figure attacking Ronnie Johnson with Dehliah laughing away making this scene look truly twisted.
Nice moment with Doc putting poison in a needle and then being forceful with Richie by putting a needle in him along with a good shot of the Pumpkinhead figure crashing through a wall.
A good moment with Molly Sue looking possessed and pointing a gun at Doc and suddenly acting like she's suffocating.
Bottom line is that this is a sequel that took place right after the first flick with many cheesy moment but it was well done too. Since watching this one the previous sequel was just a story of it's own. We see the character Ed Harley as a ghost which was very necessary and Haggis the witch returns too but however the scene's weren't as dark looking like in the first film due to a lower budget and the CGI effects were a wee bit off but this seems to be common with sequels during the millenium to cult classics which happened nearly two decades beforehand.
Alot of the scene's looked like a remake from the first flick but at the same time I thought it was neat and a tribute to the first flick since the makers wanted this one to be perfectly clear it is a sequel to the first one. We spot some good flashback sequences to the first flick too to top it all off.
For all you fans of the first one you may get a kick out of seeing this one but again you may think to youself I've seen this before in the first flick since there's not many new twists in this one. Call me corny but I still dug it.

The acting is fairly descent as lead actor Doug Bradley (Doc Fraser) proved he can wear many other hats than his demonic Pinhead character and instead plays an evil mad scientist of some sort. He was very good with his evil words. He was the kind of fellow you wouldn't want to deal with and made that very clear with his performance.
Douglas Roberts
(Bunt Wallace) does well with his paranoia on the Pumpkinhead legend as well as really acting unnormal and supersititous like. He had the right goofy looks too to top it all off. This guy was a true character actor regardless.
Tess Panzer
(Molly Sue Allen) showed good crying emotions to her part as well as some nice energy too but at times she seems to lack in some spots like when she had to get tough and it looked a bit stale. Otherwise she stood out quite well for her role.
Emanual Parvu
(Oliver Allen) brought a nice deep southerness to his role as a tough looking hillbilly and showed good aggressions too for when he needed to be along with acting adventureous too.
It's great to see Lance Henricksen (Ed Harley) returning from the grave as a ghost this time showing a nice ghostly presence with his icy and cold speaking. He showed nice dark expressions to his part and really came across intimidating like too.
Supporting actor Catalin Paraschiv (Ronnie Johnson) was a little too over the top as a drug dealer and seemed overly goofy and too comedic. I mean there's a time and place for everything but he really wasn't too convincing.
Lynne Verrell
(Haggis) this time plays the backwoods witch named Haggis and she does come across evil and wicked looking and her behavior was somewhat dark but she doesn't outdo the original actress at all.

A person is dissected with skin being torn off him
A kidney is pulled out of a victim
A face is smashed near a jail cell with blood gushing out
A man is impaled on a steeple of a church
Pumpkinhead's tail has stabbed a few people and bloodily too

There's numerous terrific score's for this film like the deep violin music as well as the chanting and some organ music too with the rusty sound effects which all of this sounded fantastic composed by Rob Lord who can really go places with what he has to offer.