Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud (2007)

Written & Directed by: Michael Hurst


Amy Manson .... Jodie Hatfield
Bradley Taylor .... Ricky McCoy
Claire Lams .... Dolly Hatfield
Rob Freeman .... Sheriff Dallas Pope
Ovidiu Niculescu .... Bobby Joe Hatfield
Peter Barnes .... Papa McCoy
Lance Henriksen .... Ed Harley
Elvin Dandel .... Tristan McCoy
Richard Durden .... Old Man Hatfield
Alin Constintaninescu .... Emmett Hatfield
Razvan Oprea .... Brett Hatfield
Rudy Rosenfeld .... Abner Hatfield
Lynne Verrall .... Haggis

Release Dates:
Made-for-Cable: October 28, 2006




There's a family feud between the Hatfield's and the McCoy's but one of the members from each family named Jodie Hatfield (Amy Manson) and Ricky McCoy (Bradley Taylor) are very much in love and try to leave town to aovid being found out but Jodie's siblings named Tommy (Calin Puia) and Billy Bob (Elias Ferkin) catches them as well as chasing after Ricky's sister Sara (Maria Roman) and accidentally killer her in the woods.
After Ricky finds his sister dead he wants revenge and to be with Jodie forever so he goes to the Haggis house but the ghost of Ed Harley (Lance Henricksen) tries to warn him of what will happen but doesn't listen to him.
Haggis (Lynne Verrall) grants his wishes and raises Pumpkinhead from the grave as Ricky isn't thinking about what can happen and finds out later on he can't seem to control this demon as it tries to slay the whole Hatfield family except for Jodie since this thing knows Ricky's love for her but if she gets in the way Pumpkinhead may bend the rules a bit.


An interesting prologue with a sheriff shooting the Pumpkinhead figure as well as a discussion between him and Ed Harley telling him that this isn't over. It was a nice introduction to the story in a low budget fashion.
There's many cheesy shots on a riot during a wedding party with close up shots on people rolling down some staircases fighting and other areas. However the riots didn't look at all believeable.
We have a good conversation between Jodie Hatfield and Ricky McCoy making out and good camera shots on the two of them. There's also a good disturbing moments between two family members Tommy and Billy Bob by being rough with Jodie looking like a believable dysfunctional sibling rivalry as well as good shots on them beating up on Ricky.
There's also good camera shots on supporting character Sara McCoy by running away in the woods with Tommy and Billy Bob on her tail as well as a good shot on her rolling on a hill and a nice rolling action camera shot towards a tree.
There's a good camera shot looking down on Ricky crying after spotting Sara as a corpse.
There's a good shot on Ricky carrying Sara and the family running out of their house crying as well as a shot looking down on them and zooming away.
We have a nice moment with Ricky entering the old house near the swamp with Haggis talking to him plus there's a good three way discussion with Ricky acting upset wanting revenge on the Hatfield's and his love for that family's daughter as well as Ed discussing about revenge for the death of his son which all of this looked very effective especially when he tries to plead to Haggis not to resurrect Pumpkinhead. There's a nice shot on the ground opening up with Pumpkinhead rising.
There's a good moment with Jodie going to the old house and looking through the windows and trying to call for Haggis as well as climbing up the giant clump where the Pumpkinhead burial ground is and then falling down with a good shot on her looking shocked and the Pumpkinhead figure closing in on her with Haggis talking to her wickedly that the Pumpkinhead won't harm her. There's neat shots on this too.
We spot many good shots on Bobby Joe Hatfield
and the rest of his siblings lighting up flammable bottles and chucking it into a house catching it on fire along with good intense shots of a riot breaking out.
There's good conversations and arguments between both different family members on how to destroy Pumpkinhead with a good tense moment on Sheriff Dallas Pope explaining what happened to his brother 5 years before what Pumpkinhead did as well as a good shot on him unbuttoning his shirt to show the scars as well as him being emotional on all of this.
A good shot on Ricky looking up evilly towards the Pumpkinhead figure and speaking evilly to tell it to destroy the family
A good discussion with Dolly Hatfield acting spooked in her room about Pumpkinhead about to invade their house with Jodie sounding calm telling her they're safe.
We spot a good shot on the Pumpkinhead figure in the woods staring at the house.
There's many great intense shots with Tristan McCoy being dragged away and Jodie screaming in terror along with the other people trying to fight this beast to save their family member.
Many great shots with Pumpkinhead figure slaying everyone in the house.
A good moment with Ricky staring evilly at the house with Jodie trying to convince him to stop Pumpkinhead which looked very strong and well done.
There's a good shot on Dolly near a tree quivering with the Pumpkinhead figure creeping up on her and Jodie screaming at it as well as Ricky trying to sacrifice his life struggling with the Pumpkinhead figure as I found this to be one of the best moments of all.
Bottom line is that this one seems like it's a final chapter to the whole Pumpkinhead series but we shall see. There's nothing too special with this one and didn't do a heck of alot for me. It was corny in some spots like a riot during a wedding party and situations like that. However, it looked nice with the main character wanting to resurrect Pumpkinhead having a discussion on what to do since this has never happened or the witch Haggis being around Pumpkinhead much afterwards and explaining to the girlfriend of this troubled person that it doesn't harm any of his loved one's.
The story was a little pointless with the other moments not showing alot of action except for a quarter way of the story when this creature goes in to kill the redneck family as it got exciting there. Let's hope if another sequel happens it will improve but by watching this film it looks like they were running out of ideas so this time the plug needs to be pulled.

The acting is okay with some of the cast as lead actress Amy Manson (Jodie Hatfield) does her part very well with her nice girl next door type of looks along with a nice personality with great intense screaming and emotions too proving to be extremely energetic to what she had to do.
However, the lead make actor playing her boyfriend whom is Bradley Taylor (Ricky McCoy) really lacked with his energy when he had to scream and cry not looking realistic at all. He seriously needed improvement on what he had to do. His energy was low when he screams with his emotions. Yet he knew how to show his evil expressions and speak coldly so I will give him credit for that.
Claire Lams
(Dolly Hatfield) portrayed her part perfectly well as an innocent type in the film. She was portraying a child and looked too old for the part though.
Rob Freeman
(Sheriff Dallas Pope) really pulled his part together as a troubled sheriff in the film showing good tense emotions with his speaking especially telling people what had happened to his brother 5 years before and showed many good characterisitics to his role.
Ovidiu Niculescu (Bobby Joe Hatfield) showed a good big guy type of appeal to his part as well as a nice deepness to his speaking to top it all off. He was the best character actor I found throughout the whole film.
Lance Henricksen
(Ed Harley) returns once again but doesn't seem as dark like in the previous sequel yet a sympathetic type so it was necessary on what was happening. He did it just as well.
Richard Durden
(Old Man Hatfield) really borught it out with his nastiness playing a backwoods redneck father to his family showing a nice mean look to top it off as well as his insane aggressions too. We have a nice vicious attitude with him by acting like a nasty redneck father towards his daughter about the guy she's dating and him disapproving of it as all of this looked well performed. Another worthy actor to mention as he can really go far playing these kinds of roles in other low budget horror films.

A guy's head is ripped off
A person's insides are torn out and left for dead
A man saws off his leg and later Pumpinhead forces him to stab himself through his mouth
A person's head is spalttered by a bear trap
There are more bodies torn apart as well as showing the reamins on a ground
A sheriff's insides are revealed

We have some good low keyboard music along with the odd light tapping piano playing and as usual rusty sound effects with the odd pounding too. There's the good ole harmonica playing for the opening credits all composed by once again Rob Lord.