Puppet Master 4 (1993)


Directed by: Jeff Burr

Written by:
Douglas Aarniokoski , Steven E. Carr, Jo Duffy, Todd Henschell & Keith S. Payson


Gordon Currie .... Rick Myers
Chandra West .... Susie
Ash Adams .... Cameron
Tersa Hill .... Lauren

Special Appearance:

Guy Rolfe .... Andre Toulon

Release Date:
Direct-to-Video: November 24, 1993





An evil monster from another dimension named Decapitron a new head swapping leader and the new head leader of Toulon's puppets unleashes some sort of little totems whom have been dropped off at a science lab by a strange man in a dark uniform in which this critter wrecks havoc by killing two scientists in which they're connected to a young scientist named Rick Myers (Gordon Currie) whom is working on an artificial intelligence project and the target for these creatures that are out to kill him and terminate his research.
He finds out in one of his rooms there's a case that contains Toulon's puppets and then gathers with his scientist friends to discover them as well as Toulon's history and then brings them back to life with the formula they found stored away as well which Andre Toulon (Guy Rolfe) invented back in Germany.
They find these puppets very interesting but suddenly a couple of his friends named Lauren (Tersa Hill) and Cameron (Ash Williams) do a chant which possesses Lauren as well as making the totems come to life and then goes on a killing spree to try and get to Rick.
Rick uses Toulon's puppets to battle away these creatures along with a message from his ghost as what to do.


There's a good shot on the opening with the credits on a lair with this creature from a different dimension along with some mist and the cave area too which looked neat.
Some good shots on a doctor looking in a lab and then being attacked by one of those creatures. There's many good shots on the creature leaping and attacking but it looked a little too cute than scary.
We also have a good shot on another doctor in the lab with a shot on him looking into a metal type unit and a good jumping moment with the creature leaping out.
A nice moment with Rick Myers playing around with his laser gun shooting a game with some robots he's made as well as checking out the puppets too and have many great shots on all of this.
There's also a nice group get together at a table discussing stuff with good shots on all of them. There's also good moments looking at the puppets and reading the history of Andre Toulon as well as bringing the puppets to life with the drug they used on them and their reaction to all of this.
We spot numerous great dark shots on a strange delivery man standing outside in the dark rain which looked chilling in a Michael Myers kind of fashion as well as him placing a box on the front step of the mansion.
A great camera shot with Lauren doing a chant with a lit up type container along with a nice special effects shot on the creatures rising out of the container.
Some effective moments with Cameron in his car and then a creature leaping and attacking as it leaves this piece a perfect horror feel to it. There's also a perfect shot on Rick running to the car in the rain later.
Many good battling scene's with the creatures and the puppets along with the main characters trying to battle them as well.
We spot another good moment with Lauren meditating on a bed possessed by Toulon speaking as her.
There's perfect angle shots on Lauren trying to struggle away from the creatures screaming.
Bottom line: Ahh yes we have a nicely done film with this time some deadly looking creatures but they look a little too cute and try to make a cheesy resemblance to the one's in Aliens. We also have some elements of Critters too with a black body and faceless head transforming the head into Andre Toulon. I am convinced that's where the writers got the idea.
The film does have good special effects (Especially the laser gun shooting) with the odd good performance too even if the story is sometimes a little slacking but it saves it from being just above average to very good with the funny combat sequences between the creatures and the puppets.
There's also some good scenery too like the claymation looking lead monster Decapitron in the cave from another dimension. Some of you may enjoy it but some of you may not be into it like the first three films. So it's your choice here folks. I personally had fun watching it.

There's a small cast compared to the previous one but of course that one was a prequel and of course usually it was a small cast like the first one was.
The acting was passable as well and in an above average shape. Gordon Currie (Rick Myers) seemed to be a good one in the film with his character performance as a natural young adult who's full of life and ready for anything which was what he was supposed to be and proved his point as a worthy character actor and became a name later on in the TV and film industry making himself as a worthy character actor.
A nice performance by him playing with his laser gun with one of the puppets. A good reaction on him when he finds out on an event that has happened.
Chandra West
(Susie) looked plain but still could do the trick playing the girlfriend and tries the best that she can be.
Ash Adams
(Cameron) had the right looks for the brainy type of fellow and looked like one of those preppie types and showed some good action when it was necessary.
Some good frusterations and anger by him in a scene about Rick Myers and throwing his weight around in his suite. He does well looking a little frightened during a chant.
Tersa Hill
(Lauren) seemed to do not too bad with her possessed attitude and her frightening screams but sometimes she overly does it.
Shows a good evil expression and emotionless while acting possessed in a cheesy but good type of fashion while doing a chant. Her expressions looked when being possessed doing a meditation.

Some bloody scratches by the creatures as well as them being blown up too but not too gory otherwise.

The music is different for the opening than the usual theme song composed by Richard Band than the last three as he has some good orchestral type music in a different type of fashion with the odd chants too.
There are also some good fast paced classical sounds through the story with some screeches too and other types of suspense which was necessary for every plot.
However, we do hear the traditional Puppet Master theme song during the closing credits as it's not the same without it but that's the only time we hear it throughout this sequel.