Puppet Master: Axis of Evil (2010)


Directed by: David DeCoteau

Written by: Domonic Muir


.... Danny Coogan
.... Beth
.... Ben / Max
.... Nozoki-ya
.... Don Coogan
Aaron Riber .... Claus
.... Elma Coogan

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: July 27, 2010



During the Second World War, a young man Danny Coogan (Levi Fiehler) spots Toulon dead in his hotel room after taking his life while being chased by a gang of NAZI's in which he takes his puppets and trying to use them to put a stop to their evil doings but then something terrible happens to his family along with his girlfriend Beth (Jenna Gallaher) being kidnapped so he then uses the puppets to plan deadly deeds with this gang.


An impressive start off where we spot that castle by the cliffside which was there in the original flick as well as a good discussion between Danny Coogan and his uncle which flowed very well along with Danny himself telling him about Andre Toulon and his history with the NAZI's which was nicely put into the story proving the writers were still on track following the original francise and then it goes to a footage from the first flick involving the puppets sneaking around at the hotel as well as Toulon taking his life as I wondered why these scene's took a long time since we saw this in the original but it comes together as it shows new footage involving Danny coming into his suite and spotting him dead and then taking the puppets as I knew this was gonna be a prequel to the original and what we spot in between these times as this was extremely clever to watch as well.
Then the opening credits happen which looked effective and done in a different style this time looking very flashy to watch which is necessary for a sequel to have something like this and you will see what I mean when you watch this flick.
Things roll greatly when Danny has warm hearted discussions with his older brother Don in which things seem natural into what they were both talking about along with Danny showing the kit of the puppets too in which every piece of this looked entertaining to watch.
Great foggy scenery with the NAZI's storming around a town and going into an opera as well as having sharp discussions with Nozoki-ya in which these situations looked strong and really drawing you in about the business they pkan to have with one another making it look like a down and dirty situation.
I liked a scene with Danny coming to his workplace and being charming towards his girlfriend Beth as this looked very uplifting to watch and then their boss comes in and acts harsh towards Danny making you want to hit him as this brought alot of realistic tension to the picture.
Well focused situations with Danny using a neon formula to bring one of the puppets to life in which there's a nice close up shot on the jester figure spinning it's head as this was entertaining to watch.
Things look impressive when Danny sneakily goes to the Opera preparing to use the puppets to do some damage to these NAZI's as well as good sharp discussions between Nozoki-ya telling Ben on what to do with a time bomb which looked perfectly deadly between the two of them.
What grabbed my attention is when Ben tries to get too close towards Nozoki-ya and she pulls out a blade which was fast acting and well paced with their disputes towards one another as this was nicely put into the story.
Then tragedy strikes with Danny's family members which looked mildldy disturbing and strongly drawn in when he finds them dead which was a good moment of devastation as well as to what he does using one of their blood to put into a ninja puppet as this was impressive with this figure coming to life and the eyes of this object glowing along with throwing a balde to a wall making this a nice start off to a plan on a vengeful moment with those NAZI's.
Terrific shot on the Leech Woman puppet leaning over a balcony and spitting out a leech from her mouth to a plate of food that one of the people there is eating which the results weren't good as you'd expect when this person goes to eat it thinking it's a part of his meal offering nice horror timing.
Plus more moments on these puppet's moving in for the kill as this always looked impressive in all the flicks I've seen.
Nice moments on others being pitted against one another surrounding people like Ben or Danny and so fourth as well as what the ninja puppet does which was entertaining to watch along with the situations looking powerfully done.
Bottom line is that this is an impressive sequel to the Puppet Master franchise and as mentioned was clever on how it took place in between the prologue from the first flick and what went on before the story took place present day. Plus at the end we all figured out that it was to be continued which makes you excited to find out on what happened next. It's nice to see films like this still happening. Two thumbs up.

The acting is very natural in which (Danny Coogan) shows off a nice innocence to his part in the film in which he was believeable by being curious about stuff. Also shows off a nice charming behavior as well as acting believeably romantic in a scene making him believeably likeable. Also does a great job acting emotionally upset and crying when he spots something tragic. Delivered his lines very well which was another nice plus to everything.
(Beth) offers a nice charm to her part in the film as someone whom is a happy type as well as showing a good natured behavior in which she really got into this wonderfully. Also does well by acting calm on situations as well as doing well within her speaking. Also shows some good spunk and energy into her performance too.
(Ben / Max) lived to play the head of his own NAZI gang having the tough guy looks and sharp attitude. Was perfect with his arrogant behavior along with his aggressions and really knew on how to get into your face by what he did here. He was a strong force of nature for sure and knew on how to act slick as well as being evil on stuff. All in all he was a worthy character actor.
(Nozoki-ya) was marvellous showing a no fear and no nonsense type of behavior as well as knowing on how to talk about nasty business. She was really on the ball with her discussions and knew how to act somewhat a mysterious type during the beginning of her performance too. She was slick with her presence and came across onto the camera marvellously.
(Don Coogan) certainly had the most effective supporting role as a witty and sarcastic type but yet does it in a nice fashion making him believeably likeable by how he does it all. He knew on how to act as someone whom is full of life and had the right looks and appeal to hi spart which was a nice plus.
(Elma Coogan) shows a nice warm mother behavior showing a nice happy type of a personality and knowing on how to act peaceful by what she does. She studied this role inside out as you could tell here and brought some spunk and enthusiasm into this part. Her role wasn't huge but noticeable regardless.

Someone is lying on the floor a bit bloodied
Dagger is stabbed in a person's eye

Richard Band has a different blend for the opening credits by having a weeping violin music for the theme song but it isn't the same as the original but again it's to keep up with today's standards. Also alot of deep violin playing with the odd hissing sounds. Plus some of the same old synthesizer composing like in the original flicks which still works quite well. Alot of the music sounded the same except a new touch for the opening and closing credits. It all sounded good regardless.