Purvos (2006)

Written & Directed by: Jerry Bell


Stephani Heise .... Stacy Jaros
Natasha Roberts .... Kathy Dixon
Dave Workman .... Max / Purvos
Nathan Day .... Matt Green
Jill Denny .... Mama Purvos
Jacob Ennis .... Security Guard

Special Appearance:

Conrad Brooks .... Professor Jessup

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: August 15, 2006




A bunch of women which were mainly prostitutes are being dispatched and left in their bathtubs bloodied by a maniac wearing a clown mask Max (Dave Workman) whom was adopted after being raised by a dysfunctional family and he keeps in touch with his niece Kathy Dixon (Natasha Roberts) on the phone as he has weird conversations with her.
The male doctor Matt Green (Nathan Day) has a patient who is Kathy and is having the dreams and wants to do further research, but the patient is the ex-girlfriend of the female doctor Stacy Jaros (Stephani Heise) and tries to keep Kathy safe from her uncle since the police won't investigate not believing the dream theory as Max plans to make Kathy his next victim.


The beginning of the story looked unconvincing with a woman taking a bath and talking on the phone to her friend and then having Purvos coming in and getting ready to kill her as it looks way too obvious and very phony.
There's a good black and white camera shot on a disturbed patient talking about what she afraid of as she is way too melodramatic with her emotions.
We have some fairly descent conversations between Stacy Jaros and Matt Green by discussing their clients but it really doesn't go anywhere.
We have a scene with Kathy Dixon on the phone talking to Max on the other line with him acting weirda the moment didn't look effective as it was supposed to have been.
We have a hooker whipping Max and acting perverted but it looks extremely phony.
There is another scene with Max talking to another hooker in a car but their conversation is very lacking.
However there's another scene involving the two with a good camera shot on this hooker rising near a bed with a misty effect wearing a mask and then sitting on top of him.
We have a close to a good conversation scene between Kathy acting romantic towards Stacy as a lesbian romance but yet the emotions are a little too overboard.
We have a scene with Max pulling Stacy from her car and hitting her which looked very sloppy.
A good camera shot on Stacy pointing a gun with clenched teeth.
We also have a good shot on Max walking up with a menacing expression.
There is a good discussion between Stacy and Matt when he tells her that they pulled the plug on her job.
We have a good shot on Professor Jessup when he is admiring the mask and laughing which is probably the only thing worth watching in this movie and then the credits come rolling up.
Bottom line is that we have many clown killer flicks like Camp Blood and Mr. Jingles that have bombed and this one takes the beating. When does anyone ever learn that killer clowns are not original enough without a great plot and a descent budget? This was made on a cheap camcorder and the story is hard to follow. Tries so hard to be scary with the crazed killer Purvos and the flashback memories but it's all laughable in a bad way. A movie so bad it's awful! Towards the end of the film was kinda interesting but it doesn't save the film from bombing at all.

The acting is terrible as lead actress Stephani Heise (Stacy Jaros) as an employee at the centre tries to pull her weight as much as possible but doesn't really pass and seems quite bland with her performance too.
Natasha Roberts
(Kathy Dixon) seems a little too mellodramatic as her lover but however can seem convincing in other spots as she pulls a bit of energy to her part in it. She does well acting uncomfortable talking on a phone in a scene.
Please shoot Dave Workman (Max / Purvos) as the killer clown who was overly annoying and can't act even if he is forced to who tried to perform crazy with his giggles but is an extreme amateur. He tried to act crazy in a certain scene but was not at all convincing.
Nathan Day
(Matt Green) seems to do not too bad as an employee at the centre with his serious attitude and can seem passable with it.
Jacob Ennis
(Security Guard) was memorable although not a great actor as a security guard with a bad attitude who seems very silly with his work.
We have a special appearance by Conrad Brooks (Professor Jessup) who doesn't even save the film with his performance as his career was kaput at this time but does well acting a little strange towards the end of the movie.

Bit part actress Leslie Lance is bare breasted while taking a bubble bath as well as her dead in a bathtub.
Supporting actress
Elysse exposes her breasts as well in a hotel room and the same goes for Jenny Bell as another hooker in a separate scene.
There are also two women barebreasted smeared in blood together in a bath tub.

Lots of bloodsheds and blood smears along with some stabbings.
Purvos is eaten alive with flesh and guts being eaten which looked believeably gross

We have Relativity Machine & Oedipus Rex composing the music for this clunker as some of their keyboard playing actually sounds not too bad at times with some good dark and icy sounds and also performed a crude number for the opening and closing credits titled "MOFO" which was quite funky.