BLOODY FANTASTIC! Talking With Rocky Marquette by Owen Keehnen

25-year-old Michigan born Rocky Marquette made a lasting impression to horror fans this year in the award winning film ‘Shallow Ground’ playing The Boy, who arrives mysteriously in a sheltered community drenched in blood…and once this young man appears some very strange and frightening things begin to occur. In his non-speaking part Rocky Marquette is simply unforgettable. It’s a very creepy performance in a truly worthwhile fright flick. With ‘Shallow Ground’ under his belt he promptly moved further into the horror genre with a main role, as Grady in Tobe Hooper’s upcoming film ‘Mortuary’ with Denise Crosby, Alexandra Adi, and Dan Byrd.

Rocky made his film debut only last year as Cousin Jake, the crystal meth addict son of Rosanna Arquette and John Savage in ‘Iowa’, followed by ‘The Guy in Row Five’, and ‘Anderson’s Cross’ with Joanna Cassidy and Samm Levine. And he looks like he’s going to be busy filming for the next year with such upcoming projects as Conrad Janis’ ‘Bad Blood…People of the Fog’, ‘The Gene Generation’ with Ling Bai and Karl Yune, ‘Bondage’, ‘A Softer Touch’, and ‘Triloquist’. Looking over his resume it seems this guy’s road to success in films seems anything but umm...rocky.

Recently Rocky Marquette was cool enough to take time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for rackandrazors…oh yeah.


  Owen: Rocky, always good to see a Great Lakes boy doing well.  As a Muskegon Michigan kid what compelled you to pack your bags and make a go at Hollywood?

Rocky: First I want to thank you and Racks and Razors for the interview.  I love Michigan - it’s my home.  But I also knew that if I wanted my dreams to come true, I would have to pack it up and move to California. And the Golden State rocks! 

Owen: Congrats on the great reviews you are receiving as The Boy in the award winning horror film 'Shallow Ground'.  What was it that attracted you to the project and specifically the non-speaking but central character role of The Boy?

Rocky: Thank you.  Acting is reacting.  So, this role was a challenge because of the fact he didn’t speak and yet had so much to say.  An actor always likes to get their feet wet. (Laugh) In this case, royally.

Owen: Director Sheldon Wilson said he knew during your audition that you were perfect for The Boy and that you had "nailed it"?  Have you asked him or do you know what exactly about your audition performance he was referring to? 

Rocky: They auditioned a ton of people for the role of the boy.  Sheldon picked me right on the spot because he said I was the only one that kept it small and spoke internally.

Owen: As The Boy you show up in a small town --- you are unknown, naked, and covered in blood. How did you emotionally connect to that?  What did you use as your primary tools for getting into the character of The Boy?   

Rocky: For every character that I play, I chose a song and that best fits him.  It took me a while to find that song (laugh) but I found it.  Then I sit and really break down the character.  Then every time I listen to the song, he pops back into my head. (Pause) I never tell anyone what the songs are.

Owen: What was used as all that blood in the movie by the way?

Rocky: Syrup and food dye.

Owen: In 'Shallow Ground' you work with so many horror veterans...Steve Easton from 'Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy's Revenge', Lindsay Stoddart from 'The Ring', Timothy V. Murphy from 'Skeleton Man', John Kapelos from 'Mimic: Sentinel', Stan Kirsch from 'The Highlander' series and last but certainly not least Patty McCormack from 'The Bad Seed' and 'The Mommy'.  Did these established scare stars give you any tips about acting in horror?

Rocky: Nope (Laugh).  I tell you though; working with Patty was a blast.  The entire cast was fun to work with. 

Owen: Were you familiar Patty McCormack's work prior to filming?  And if so, how was she different from what you expected?

Rocky: The spooky thing is, sometimes you look at Patty and you still see that little girl from THE BAD SEED.

Owen: Was 'Shallow Ground' key in your being cast in Tobe Hooper's latest film 'Mortuary'? How did that role come about?

Rocky: Any experience betters you as an actor.  For Tobe’s new film, I went in and read for him and he liked what he saw. 

Owen: 'Mortuary' recently wrapped filming. What was your predominant memory of the shoot?

Rocky: Man, it was a blast to film.  Working with Tobe Hooper, that kicked a**.  It’s going to be a good one!

Owen: Can you give me a little teaser about the film?

Rocky: Sure!  It is not like a typical Tobe Hooper film.  Be ready for a fun ride!

Owen: What sort of director was Tobe Hooper?  The man is a horror genius!  How does the talent behind 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' and the sequel, 'The Funhouse', 'Poltergeist', 'I'm Dangerous Tonight', 'Salem's Lot (79), 'Invaders from Mars', 'Eaten Alive', 'The Toolbox Murders', 'The Mangler', etc. elicit chills on screen?

Rocky: He loves his actors.  And that really helps us out.  He would push us to the limit of getting to the place we needed to get.  The man is horror genius!

Owen: You've also been recently cast in the Conrad Janis film 'Bad Blood...People of the Fog'.  Can you tell me a little bit about that project?   

Rocky: They are still in Pre-production on that film.  I’m sure new information will come out about it soon.

Owen: In the past couple of years you've also done a number of non-genre films such as 'Iowa' with Rosanna Arquette and John Savage in which you play a crystal meth addict, 'Anderson's Cross', 'Guy In Row Five', as well as several upcoming projects.  For someone relatively new to the business that's great?  What do you think is key to your success in the failure-prone field of Hollywood?

Rocky: Believe it to be true and meet yourself there.  Plus, you have to love what you are doing.  Life will chuck good and bad stuff at you, but if you know in your heart where you are headed... you have no worries.

Owen: What projects do you have lined up in the future?

Rocky: I am currently shooting a new film called “TRILOQUIST” directed by another horror genius Mark Jones.  Visit my website ( for updates on that. This film is going to be great!  Right after that I will start shooting the film “BONDAGE”, a drama directed by Eric Allen.

Owen: What about being a Taurus makes you especially qualified for stardom?

Rocky: (Laugh) Just listening to my heart.  Life is pretty damn cool.

Owen: What scares you in real life?

Rocky: CLOWNS!  Freak the freak out of me man!