A Lassie Named O Dassey: Talking with Actress Seregon O Dassey by Owen Keehnen

Ex-Marine and actress Seregon O' Dassey seems destined for big things in the horror world. Her unusual name means Bloodstone, which is definitely a solid start. The Allentown PA native and gorgeous redhead was a former Scream Queen of the Month and makes a grisly "splash" into the world of horror in 'Ghostwatcher 2'. She's also been an extra in Spielberg's 'War of the Worlds' , 'False Face' , 'The Sobbing Stone' , 'Searching for Bobby DeNiro' , 'Hit or Miss' , etc. On TV she's been in 'Sex & The City' , 'The Simple Life' , and 'Law & Order' among other credits and her impressive print work resume includes photo essays and shots in 'Vampirella' , 'Pulse Weekly' , 'Playboy' , and 'Maxim' . From this end what more can be said other than - horror never looked so good!


  Hi Seregon. First off that's such a unique and interesting name. I've never heard it before, what are the origins?

It's from J.R.R. Tolkein. It means Bloodstone or Blood from the Stone.

Very cool. Can you start us off with a visual and describe for the www.racksandrazors.com readers the room where you are answering these questions?

Well the physical room isn't very exciting. It's got lots of books and files, a computer obviously and tons-o-clothing! The mental room is much more interesting. That has a 4-post bed with a veil overlay, lots of candles, incense and all my fan mail!

So it's really interesting that you went through basic training as a U.S. Marine --- how did that experience help to train you for the sometimes grueling world of acting and modeling?

It's taught me that I can do anything, no matter what someone else says. Talent doesn't matter: perseverance and determination do. I learned to not listen to anyone and just do my own thing. My success is the end result. It doesn't matter if someone did better at something than I did, or got a better review. What matters is I'm the one still out there; I'm the one with more pr. I'd rather that than be a one hit wonder and stop there.

I want to hear about your role as Melanie Cain in 'Ghost Watcher 2' for David Cross. Tell me a little bit about the movie and how your character fits into the scheme of things.

Melanie is the over protective older sister who comes in after the father dies. She does what she needs to take care of what's going on with the supernatural and is kind of seen as a bitch in the process, but really she's just making sure her sister doesn't get hurt. She gets possessed at one point, which makes for a really hot dance scene!

You were also recently Scream Queen of the Month on the popular website. What are the perks of that honor and how did getting the title come about?

The site www.screamqueen.com contacted me and asked me to answer some questions and submit some photos, as did http://www.baronvonkropp.com/coverghoul.html . Since I was in a horror movie I got a lot of new fans and in a new genre. I've had fans for a while, mostly due to my modeling and other films I've done, but being a horror actress puts me in touch with a whole new set of people. I really like meeting new fans and have the diverse set of fans that I do. It also lets people know I don't fit into just one category.

I also am curious about your work in a bit role in Spielberg's recent 'War of the Worlds' remake as a refugee. What was your experience of being on the set of that very big movie?

It was pretty well organized. 100s of extras and nothing went wrong. I didn't get to meet Spielberg or Cruise, but it was still fun and a learning experience. I'd definitely do it again.

I also want to hear about your starring role in the upcoming movie 'Hush'.

Actually I've turned that down to pursue another project. That's a feature called "False Face". It's about my boyfriend (in the film) having a gambling problem, and when he tries to take care of it, just gets into more trouble. I play the girlfriend who...let's say has something happen to her. I can't say more or I'd give it away!

Do you have any other projects in the offing that you would like to tell the www.racksandrazoirs.com readers about?

Yes actually. In addition to being the Employee of the Month in Playboy Magazine (April 2006 which can be backordered) I am the cover-ghoul of the month http://www.baronvonkropp.com/coverghoul.html I am the Babe of the Month in New Jersey's "Fast Lane Biker" Magazine (I was on the cover in February this year) I've been added to this website: http://www.weselectmodels.com/view.php?id=827 and http://www.modellocate.com/model/106 also check my website www.seregonodassey.com often for updates!

Do you have a first memory of wanting to be an actress?

Yes when I first role-played D&D when I was about 15. That's what made me want to take acting classes. I thought if I liked doing that and there were people who were doing it for a living, why not me?

Horrorwise we need to know - vampires, werewolves, ghosts, witches, aliens, creatures, psychos, zombies, telemarketers...which does it for you Seregon and why?

You mean what do I like the most? VAMPIRES! Without a doubt! I got made fun of a lot in high school but I don't care now. They're sultry, seductive, and it's a completely unique non-conforming way of life. People respect one another and the beauty of it all is enthralling.

Okay we're pulling the car into the Seregon O'Dassey Drive In. What three horror movies are on the triple bill tonight and what goodies are they going to be serving up at the concession stand?

Well "Ghostwatcher 2" obviously, LOL. The first 'Nightmare on Elm Street' because it's the only one that's any good, and 'Night of the Living Dead Part 3' - because it's the most interesting. I'd be serving ladyfingers, blood pie, and blood wine (for the Klingon viewers out there.

What makes you go psycho in real life?

Bugs. I hate bugs.

What frightens you in real life?

Waking up and finding out I have no coffee. Then I'll know I'm truly in Hell...

Egads that gives me the chills. Thanks Seregon, and all the best to you.