The Abomination of Adam . 2011
Plotline: Admist his own crisis of faith, a Priest (Eric Pollins) is called upon to save a boy soul from the antichrist.
Comments: This was a total brilliant and clever flick on a possessed child in which was for the Bloodshots Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge in which they have a choit at a church singing while there's scene's of a priest trying to exorcise a child tied up with his face badly scarred in which I couldn't figure how they thought of this idea and find the great places like the church in 2 days straight but these people deserve a gold star for sure as everything here was well done like this child breaking out of being tied to a bed as well as using a drum stick for a murdering device in which the gire effects used in this looked well done. Plus there's clips of this possessed child all better singing in the choir which was a great teaser here. The singing sounded terrific might I add giving great flavor to the story. Alot of great intense moments in what we spot quarter way through watching this too.



All Saints Day . 2011
Plotline: Do Saints walk amongst us? Locked in a room, five strangers discover that the Lord works in mysterious ways.
Comments: The first film that was shown at a popular once a year venue in Vancouver, BC known as Bloodshots Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge. The film looked cleverly done on where it was shot in 2 days in a big room with people as some of this tried so hard to look disturbing and psychological with everyone's crazy attitude towards one another and we even have someone coughing up a box cutting knife which looked pretty creepy. There's even someone trying to strangle another person but this seemed slightly phony and not intense enough at all. Oh well, just an above average film here.


Altar of Blood . 2010
Plotline: A Vigilante (Scott McNeil) is on a quest to snuff out cannibal cultists as well as it's necromancer (Gerrid Davis) in order to rescue a captive girl (Nikki Adkins) before they become their next sacrifice and meal.
Comments: This was the winner of Bloodshots 2010 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge as they very well deserved to win it as they have terrific gore effects like guts spilling out or cannibals eating flesh from skeletal bones in which gorehounds will really love this piece. Plus the battling scene's looked pretty good too and done in a slapstick form which works in well for the horror story too. I advise anyone who's into these gruesome gothic horror stories to check it out online. Two thumbs up!!!


Altar of Blood: Back 2 Hell . 2011
Plotline: The Vigilante's (Scott McNeil) all consuming quest for vengeance continues in which he teams up with the former captive girl (Nikki Adams) to find out the cannibal cultists main hideout to try and put an end to their madness but is faced by more powerful people indlucing the Demon Queen (Kaitlyn Reed).
Comments: A great sequel here in which we spot more surroundings plus the story is a bit darker as well as good shots on some abandoned railroad tracks with human bones lying around as well as a creepy looking foactory area. Plus the cult ceremony had more color to the settings here. We also spot a nice joking moment with the Vigilante taking an axe off the Bloodshots award that they won from their first film to use as a weapon which looked cleverly done. Then on the screen it says to be continued sonce there will be another sequel for 2012 Bloodshots Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge which I'm looking forward to see. There's also good old fashioned foreign sounding horror music used in this one which blends in well too.

Axe Massacre . 2008
Plotline: A crazed and obsessive and crazed divorced woman named Ellie (Monica DiNatale) desperately wants her son Tommy (Steven Grgas) all to herself for the holidays although the divorced family man Kevin (Thomas Daniel) has the custody of him. Things seem to be a major threat to him but they have more to fear as there's an axe wielding maniac known as the Santa Slasher (Frank Fata) on the loose ready to drop by their house to do his family slaying.
Comments: A film that was shot in 4 hours by Blinky Productions in which it looks amazing by doing all of this. It's unknown as to whether or not it was for one of those 24 hour film festival contests or not in which I saw this online and the makers were very creative by doing this.
However the actress Monica DiNatale was way too melodramatic seeming more fummy than intimidating and there's a scene where she's driving in her vehicle and snow keeps hitting the windshield in which you can tell was totally fake snow. This moment seems to be a nice mysterious drawing card wondering if she will be the horror to the story which teases your mind and knowing that this would be too obvious in which most slasher flicks it's always another killer.
There's shots on the house as well as a jumping moment with the phone ringing in which this alsot pays off to the flicks Black Christmas and Scream. Also there's good dialogues between the father and son having a discussion on keeping him safe which was well written in and performed too.
Plus many good dark shots on the killer walking through the snow ready to do in a victim.
What's really clever is that The Andrews Sissters & Bing Crosby's song "Jingle Bell Rock" is playing when this killer does in the family plus it's interesting seeing him go down the chimney which would scare the shit out of a child who still believes in Santa making you wonder if Santa is really evil. Nicely done for a short made so fast in one day.


Birds of a Feather . 2000
Plotline: Mary (Danielle IL Grande) is convinced that her husband Henry (Chris Cooke) is trying to kill her! For the last few days he changed a lot and became aggressive, shouting her obscenities and menacing her.
Mary found recomfort in the hands of Carl (Ted McGee), the husband of her friend Dolores (Felissa Rose) who happens to be out on vacation.
After Henry leaves for god knows where, Mary calls Carl and asks him to comeby, which he agreed to do as he was aware that she is frightened.
A few minutes later the door bell rings but its not Carl but his wife Dolores. It looks like she decided to come back sooner. Dolores can see that things arent looking great for Mary but Mary don't wanna say anything. She finally does tell Dolores who's seem kinda surprise that her husband is part of this whole story.
Henry then returns who decided to come back and make dinner for Mary and Dolores and to forget about his obnoxious behaviour.
Carl hasn't made it yet and Mary gets suspicious to where he is. But Dolores assure her that he will be there. He brings dinner home as the meal is a shocking surprise!
Comments: An average 15 minute short film but yet it can inspire independent film directors to make a simple story mainly based in a house which can save alot of money.
The film is almost a take on those old fashioned Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi type horror thrillers.
It is mysterious to wonder what's going to happen but it's a bore when the mystery is revealed. The acting is a bit dull and we spot a return to Sleepaway Camp veteran actress Felissa Rose yet portraying a mysterious type of character in this one. The film seems to be fun to watch if you're in the mood for it but otherwise was a bit bland and pointless. It was shown at the Long Island Film Festival
when the millenium happened.


Blank . 2002
Plotline: A person named Charlie Blank (David Richmond Peck) is living through nightmares and starts hallucinating which involves werewolf possession, demons, cockroaches and dogbites.
Comments: A very strange film in which it looks interesting when this character Blank has a discussion with his sketchy landlord in the cockroach apartment he is living in and is warned not to pet his dog but tries to pet it anyways which I'm thinking that there's so many stupid people in this world. Also there's a good brief bloodspray when he does this.
Also it's interesting as a new resident in a wheelchair comes into Blank's home introducing himself and acting a bit nutty while Blank has turned into a werewolf meeting face to face with him before clawing him to death in which the outfit looked good and creepy as well as having a touch of those old werewolf movies too.
What's really psychotic looking is when a preacher knocks on his door and he looks like a grim reaper type and later on a nice hallucination on this preacher becoming a vampire showing nice make up effects looking like something from an old school flick as well.
The settings were done in black and white but it almost looked like a boring soap opera as well as having alot of dull narration from the Blank character. It was filmed in my local area of Vancouver, BC and if it was out in festivals wasn't too overly exposed and almost unheard of. It's almost a film to watch if you were stoned out of your head. The actor almost had a dweeby resemblance to Stephen King too.


Cabin of Terror . 2007
Plotline: A videotape that was dubbed in Hell shows a Gatekeeper (Tyler Collier) in his twisted cabin of terror who hosts a deadly game show with three not-so-lucky contestants named Judy (Kara Eide), Anne (Kat Ethier) and Dawn (Nada Josten) with the game player betting on them in which only one of them will survive this hellish madness. The Gatekeeper seems to hack away some of these contestants who never got successful playing the game since they were under his command.
Comments: This was probably the best horror film I've ever seen done in 48 hours since these filmmakers did and extremely clever job by doing so basing this on the popular Nightmare gameboard where you put in a VHS tape in and play the game while watching it.
Lots of nicely done computerised effects on a cabin or the surroundings on the Gamemaster too. Watching this film really leaves an impression on you and looks quite professional to top it all off in which this was done for the Bloodshots Film Festival Contest in Vancouver which is a tough task to create something and if I was the judge I'd have chosen this one to be the winner for sure.
There's good looking women as contestants which is necessary for a horror film along with gay themed material influenced by a scene from the cult classic Sleepaway CampThis flick was very twisted but in a great artsy way which seems to combine movies lik Saw, Brainscan and A Nightmare on Elm Street in one and can see a sequel forming on this one in which this short flick could be a cult favourite in film festivals.


Cerebral Static . 2011
Plotline: The horrific cerebral experience of a brain trauma patient during the final moments of his life.
Comments: A truly effective film made for the Bloodshots 2010 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge in which there's a great shocking opening sequence on what looks like some sort of a brain surpgery. Also there's a moment with the main guy here talking to a doctor and then we spot this doctor putting out his cigarette into what looks like a brain as this seemed believeably twisted but yet this main character seems to get a dangerous effect when he does this and falls down unconcious in which I thought that this looked a little bit phony.
Yet it doesn't get into a slope in which there's great dark scenery around this person while trying to get away and opening a door in which we spot something totally out of the ordinary with what looks like a crazy science experiemnet spotting two bodies tied together on separate ends like a siamese twin gone wrong or even worst than that.
There's terrific close up shots on him bolted down and having his brain picked at. Seriously I don't know how they did this in 2 days straight but they were brilliant by a team called the Lost Boys and can go far in the industry with all the great effects that they had for this short.


Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir . 2015
Plotline: A gruesome coming of age story about a vintner son's disobedience and desire to care for his ailing mother.
Comments: The film was well shot and a nice budget for a short as it has a sort of grindhouse look to it all as well as a nice shots on the countryland as well as good dark creepy shots on some grinding of wine as well as a close up shot on someone sticking a needle inside their arm which looked quite twisted.
Also some dark situations between the son and disturbed father.
The horror comes to it slowly but gets there when the son introduces some guests to the wine cellar and then tries to kill them both in a nice intense and shocking way in which the horror violence seems to be effective and looking good.
There's a moment when the sick mother is being fed which makes you wonder if it's the people that this boy killed giving a gross feel to it all.
I found this flick to be crafty and well done offering shocks later on.


Cheerbleeders. 2008
Plotline: Penny (Laurel Vail) and Devon (Wyatt Fenner) are two friends and the only friends at their higschool since they're a pair of outcasts constantly being tormented by the jocks and other popular students in the small town of Blackfoot, Idaho.
Suddenly, Penny shows a vase at her school doing a brief chant but suddenly it turns the girls possessed and falling for Devon making him the most popular boy in school like he dreamt of and turning him into an unspeakable evil.
He has deadly plans for his biggest tormenter named Randy (Mike Horton) during a football game and not even Penny can stop him.

Comments: A very well done short offering tons of slapstick tongue in cheek slapstick comedy along with the possessive horror too. Someone said it's Heathers meets Evil Dead. Well it almost has that feel to it.
There's plenty of neat effects as well along with some fast paced action too.
The filmmaker can go very far with a first try like this flick since it's made on quite a descent budget for an 11 minute short and doing well at film festivals which isn't a surprise.
If you enjoy lots of zany comedy with your horror tastes then you will get a kick out of this one.
The performances is very tongue in cheek but that's what makes it so much fun with the horror involved as well since it can be uplifting too.


The Day They Came Back . 2005
Plotline: A youth named Phil Cardille (Caley Bisson) is being held in a room by an obnoxious detective named Jason Ronner (Paul Kratka) for questioning after a bunch of gory murders of his brother and other people who had siblings which were caused by a group of zombies as Ronner feels that he is responsioble for all of this madness as they were all a group of OP Soldiers who are sent on a mission to find out the reason for the outbreak that brought back the walking dead.
The main sergeant named Enrique Hernandez (Chiko Mendez) locks four of them who are outcasts up in a platoon to ensure their safety but one of them was bitten by a zombie and slowly turns into one and the rest find a way of getting in.
Comments: This was the best $3,000 no budget horror short I have ever seen and it can give beginners confidence at making their own short too and prove to viewers that it has a solid plot which it no doubt is.
Very much reminds me of a cross between the remake of Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead but in better taste.
The film is also well acted in which we have a comeback by Paul Kratka from Friday the 13th Part 3 fame as a detective since he hasn't acted in anything else afterwards but yet he really shows it off incredibly in his performance with this film and not showing that he is inexperienced with his intimidating and abusive type of appeal in his role here. His energy was at a high pace. Probably the best out of the whole cast.
Scott Goldberg was quite good directing the piece with alot of fast paced motion on the cast members and was on track doing all of this.


Death From Beyond . 2005
Plotline:The Egyptian princess, Nefratis (Trish Hershberger) made a pact with the god Set where she would gain ultimate power by consuming the life forces of young lovers. Her lover Haremka became disgusted with her Appetite and killed her. He burned her body and sealed her amulet in an unmarked tomb. For added protection he also sealed the amulet of Osiris in the tomb as well.
In the 2004 an archeologist finds the tomb and disappears. Some time later a film crew working in the house of the archeologist must fight for their lives as Nefratis hunts them for their souls.
This is a film made on no budget at all but yet they try their best to make it look scary but it fails. There's computerised effects which makes it fun to watch though.
However, when the story is going along with rehearsals to do a scene for a porn flick it looked not at all convincing. We spot some good flashback moments with the computerised egyptian scene's as well as people's minds being taken over by the Nefratis so I will give credit for that.
Other than that this short film is fun to watch if you're in the mood for it and it's nice to see a filmmaker try their best and have it released onto DVD.




Downcast . 2011
Plotline: Connor's girlfriend dabbles in the occult, she pushes him to the breaking point, little does he know how far she'll go to change his mind.
Comments: A nicely done twisted tale for the Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge with a nice beginning by spotting Connor on the ground with his hands nailed to the floor and him struggling to get them off in which this almost looked truly pianful to watch.
Then it goes into a moment with his dispute between his girlfriend while she's in her kitchen doing dishes in which this seemed to be a bit confusing.
Later on there's nice lighting effects with Connor trying to get away in a hallway which looked nice and effective.
Near the end of the film seemed pretty creepy when he spots his dead girlfriend in a room with candles and a pentagram along with a tape in her mouth as well as him stripping the film of the tape hearing horrible sounds which seemed cleverly put in. A nice ghoulish ending too which looked a bit shocking.
The film is very well and intensely acted plus it seems to borrow a bit from the Saw franchise too with it's surroundings. This should please horror fans of this type of genre.




Eldritch Code . 2017
Plotline:A dedicated IT-guy must stop a computer virus from spreading, unaware about the cosmic horrors he is about to release.
Comments: This was one of the shorts from a DVD that I bought from the Best of 2017: H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival and while watching it the film was on a thin budget and looked rather dull with the lead character and what he does as well as his narration to the story.
Some neat moments though when there's special effects involving the computer as well as it revealing another dimension but was wondering if this was a pure fantasy or a horror but in the end it proves to be a horror as well.
The flick wasn't in my tastes but had some amusing moments later on in this 10 minute story as it lacked inspiration nonetheless.


Enon . 2016
Plotline:Dissatisfied by life, Enon purchases a mysterious artifact that he believe is the key to his salvation. Under Agony’s influence, Enon performs a dark ritual, offering his own life blood as the key to unlocking its power. However, he soon realizes that the ritual will cost him the very life he wishes to change, unless he can find another way.
Comments: A short I saw at the Crypticon Convention Film Fest in Seattle as it was an opening to the film 'In the Dark'.
The story is very slow as it shows this person trying to do a Satanic ceremony by himself and showing his bloody hands in which things look rather dull.
There's a funny moment when a black cat jumps up on a table when he is in deep thoughts but it's upsetting by what he plans to do the the cat but yet there's nothing graphic revealed here thank goodness.
We also have him strangling a woman next door that he let's her into his home to borrow something of his as this doesn't look intense enough.


Father Christmas . 2011
Plotline: As the Williamsons gather to celebrate Christmas, eldest son Conor (Conor Gomez) finds an old blank tape in which he was a child trying to record to see if he can hear Santa bring presents while they are sleeping but yet when he plays it for memories he discovers something terifying on the tape and discovers on how his Mother has died in which he was told her death was accidental but never knowing how it happened until that night.
Comments: This was an excellent short for the Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge
in which this piece can perform at other film festivals on how it was done as the setting looked peaceful when this main character decorates his home and finds the tape. It seemed very originally wirtten in when they discuss trying to record Santa when they were children as well as another sbiling talking about being the same day their mother had died and are disturbed about it in which was a nice key to the plot making you think about this dark secret revealing itself that night.
The voice over on the tape sounded good and dark along with perfect camera shots on everyone listening and having their shocked glances.
The ending is hilarious when they answer the door and who it is on their front step which made me laugh and so did the rest at this festival that was watching it. The film is quite original made by Kial Natale with his Megasteakman Productions.


The Gibbering Horror of Howard Gnormley . 2011
Plotline: A man named Howard Gnormley (Lee O. Smith) is bicycling around an abandoned old creeky house finds a strange key to try and unlock a door of the house but somehow it won't open and someone else is locked inside of it sending him strange messages underneath the door.
He later on returns to the house realising that the door is open and goes inside.
To his terror, he spots many terrifying events.

Comments: A terrific black & white take on those old silent horror films. It makes you wonder who or what is inside that house.
A great one to watch on Halloween. It's very twisted and suspenseful and all you fans that loves horror with mysterious moments will cherish this one.
Good close up shots on Howard staring at a house in concern as well as nice shots around the house with him trying to get in along with perfect close up shots trying to unlock the door and notes sliding underneath.
There's perfect camera angles on Howard trying to look around the house as well as a startled expression on his face when he spots something along with a great dark and creepy shot on a evil looking man too which looks frightening.
This was one of the winners for the Fangoria Blood Drive Vol 2.


The Gift of Speech . 2011
Plotline: A politician's lying words caused and covered up a military operation that killed a total of 75 soldiers. Only one man survived, but his best friend did not.
Comments: A film made short and simple for the Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge in which there's interesting camera shots on the main character going to a tombstone as well as later on boxing at his apartment while a radio is playing.
Then it looks pretty mysterious when he puts in a blank tape and starts recording it while he is heading out.
Most of the other stuff is focused on the radio show on his stereo being recorded in which has some nice deadly type voices of this person obviously entering the station to kill these people on the radio show in which was very imaginitively done.
This short is pretty average with some interesting touches to what is happening here.


Grandma's Secret Recipe . 2002
Plotline: A supposedly kind and loving Grandmother (Barbara O'Connor) who tries to make her stuck up granddaughter Susie (Susan Hayes) welcome cause Susie can't study for her college exams at home due to noisy construction.
Grandma offers her snacks galore but Susie refuses and finds it annoying and constantly mouths off at her.
But good ole Granny tries to make Susie come to her senses when she brings a family photo album to show her and the good times they had together.
Instead, this makes Susie angrier and curses ole Granny out.
Grandma snaps and kills Susie with an icepick and manipulates her son Jimmy (James P. O'Connor) to bury her in the backyard.
Jimmy annoys Grandma afterwards by convincing her to call the police so she kills him as well and makes a scarecrow out of him for a Halloween decoration as well as using some of his parts for her secret recipe.
Is Granny possibly a witch????
Comments: A neat little 30 minute film as filmmaker Jeff Hayes uses Three Stooges type humour along with Scream and A Nightmare On Elm Street sequels type horror. The acting is a bit too corny and quite wooden I must say but that's what makes this film fun as it's so bad it's good. It's a bit disturbing when Granny tries to be so nice to her granddaughter Susie. A little too annoying too and Susie is nasty to her in which you get a feeling that she will snap and kill her and when she does Hayes tries to make the gore killings as good as possible due to his no budget filmmaking here but you can tell it's quite fake looking.
It's effective when her son Jimmy finds out about the murder and overly obsessing with his freaked out actions in which this triggers you off that she will kill him next.
After all of this is when it gets going good revealing a full moon at night as well as Granny in her garage gutting out her son which can make you cringe if you don't like this type of gruesomeness here in which Hayes deserves a pat on the back for this scene.
The scene's later on gets a little trite when she starts to make her own stew and guess what kind of stew she's making???
It's a treat to see Sleepaway Camp actress Felissa Rose play a newsreporter and questioning writer/director Robert Hiltzik as a neighbor about this woman. Hayes deserves another gold star for this. Of course he's the moderater of the SC site.
A nice remix for the closing credits with voice dialogues with the scene's used in the film with creepy keyboard playing.
This flick was shown at the Chicago Weekend of Fear Festival opening up for the film other than Sleepaway Camp. A perfect one too.


Grandma's Sloppy Seconds . 2006
Plotline: Four years have passed since the awful massacre by Grandma (Barbara O'Connor) as she killed her nasty Granddaughter Susie (Susan Hayes) and her paranoid son Jimmy (James P. O'Connor) whom apparently haunt the place they were killed which is at ole Granny's house.
Well her house is now for a tourist museum attraction to see where it all happened while her Grandson Jeff Hayes is filming a fabricated true story film on her life.
Grandma has been missing for all these years as newsreporters thinks that a UFO has taken her away.
On Halloween, Granny returns using her special magic and many weapons including a chainsaw, lawnmower and an axe to do away people that trespass on her property and makes her own recipe and turning them into Halloween treats for the local trick or treaters.
One of the survivors named Gina (Lynna Premo) whom experienced her boyfriend John (John Crowley) being killed by Granny tries to warn people about the woman but finds out that she has a Granddaughter at her house named Laura (Laura Poirer) is working for Granny and trained her since she was a child to be a killer like her.
Comments: A fun little sequel to Grandma's Secret Recipe as there's tons of fun touches in the film with lots more action to it.
Granny has alot more deadly weapons in this one than just a kitchen knife and an ice pick and it's cool to have it set as having Granny as a legend and then suddenly the people exploring the place becoming the victims as a legend just like in something like Friday the 13th.
What's really cool is having a Granddaughter working for killer Granny.
The acting as usual is wooden and the blocking is a bit off with some of the killings like the Granny killer whacking someone to pieces but that's due to a no budgeter here.
Felissa Rose reprises her role as a newsreporter and is on set of Return to Sleepaway Camp in which Hayes got her to shoot a scene while they were filming that long awaited sequel. Plus a good appaearance by Daryl Wilcher from Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland as a news host but you can tell that Hayes filmed this on his TV set while playing a tape he recorded for him. Oh well.
Fun resprising roles by Susan Hayes and James P. O'Connor as ghosts.


Heading Home . 2006
Plotline: Marie knows that something terrible things are happening in her husband Edward's (Ean Sheehy) lab: Strange sounds come from behind the door; the butcher (Chuck Bunting) brings grotesque deliveries to their house; children are disappearing from town. But will her decision to interfere in Edward's macabre research unleash an even greater horror?
Comments: It's wonders what you can do with a cheap video cam and a quick story. It's very mysterious as you wonder what's going on in this insane laboratory and it makes you really cringe at time even if it looks a bit hokey.
However, I didn't get too much out of it but there's a few interesting moments here and there.
The acting was not too bad but a little over the top. The cast shows alot of energy however.
What's nice to see is a female directed this film as not all horror directors aree male's it goes to show you.
This flick was shown at the H.P Lovecraft Film Festival and the Pretty-Scary Film Festival.


Hollow . 2011
Plotline: When distressed Haley (Melanie Beech) returns from war, caretaker and boyfriend Elliot (Kevin MacLaren) struggles to understand her turmoil, all while dealing with his own inner conflicts.
Comments: A film that barely passes being a horror flick at Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge still it's very well done in which there's a good sympathetic boyfriend towards his disturbed girlfriend in which she acts almost like a vegetable and everything surrounding her looks mysterious like him bathing her and she just sits there or sitting outside expressionless. The horror happens right at the end which involves the boyfriend making it a nice twisted and serious ending too.
The music and sound effects flowed really well sounding very cold and still like. The composer was brilliant.


It Starts with a Feeding . 2008
Plotline: An evil woman mames and guts people tied to a chain and feeds their insides to her pet monster that is in a kennel box.
Comments: A convincing looking old black and white film for the Bloodshots 2008 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge as well as a nice shot on this demented woman playing a record with her sharp finger nail while the monster in that kennel box is going berserk.
There's also nice dark moments with two people chained up as well as her gutting someone in which this looked believeably gruesome to watch and can make you cringe without a doubt.
Plus she does something towards the end which looked gross.
The film was well done and performed which was done in good style.


The Journal of Edmond Deyers . 2005
Plotline: The police has a diary of a legendary occult serial killer named Edmond Deyers as they try to trace a serial killer down who is kidnapping and gagging women and then slaughtering them in a remote town.
A young officer named Jennings (Frank Corto) does take notes on this scene while he finds clues on these tortured and slaughtered victims so he can go over the case with a seasoned officer named Noels (Jimmy Diggs) and to track down this killer.
Comments: This was a terrific and twisted film as you wonder what the hell is going on and it works extremely well.
This also became the Winner of America's Best Short Horror Films on Fangoria's BLOOD DRIVE II DVD which isn't at all a surprise as it offers alot of unsolved mysteries on who this killer is and why he's doing this to the victims.
If you enjoy short films then check this one out.
The director William Rot is a classic when he worked on this film making everything look incredibly effective and can easily work in future indendent films as he has a Blair Witch type of craft to his work like with the black and white and colored scenes of a scene flashing back and fourth with the officers talking and the killer torturing his victims.


Judy . 2010
Plotline: An abused girl named Jaime (Maria Cumeno) is living miserably as her Mom named Katie (Lynn Premo) and stepdad Jack (Matt Serafini) treat her like crap but they are in for a deadly surprise when an atorney named Judy (Karen Fields) arrives for their judgement day in which she mames them to death on their nasty deeds.
Comments: A cool cheesy flick to watch by Jeff Hayes in which this character is dedicated to the role in the cult classic 1983 flick Sleepaway Camp in which this is a real treat plus some cool openings showing some pics of Karen Fields when she is a bit older as well as a brief newspaper clipping like the opening from Return to Sleepaway Camp.
It looks interesting after a courtroom discovering Judy acting a bit stuck up discussing business with a lawyer. But later on the acting looks incredibly wooden with certain discussions going on about troubled situations as this doesn't look convincing especially a dysfunctional relationship with the nasty abusive stepfather towards his daughter in which tries to look disturbing but fails. It looks fun to watch regardless.
Yet nice camera shots on a shadow of Judy holding a hair curling iron as well as it looks fun when she has this married couple tied up speaking nastily towards them. However when she tortures them it doesn't seem intense with the reactions on these two and of course on a thin budget it's hard to make everything look convincing.
There are some neat clips like someone watching Jeff's recent short Grandma's Sloppy Seconds as well as a good flashback sequence with Judy talking to Jaime at camp about her problems and she's wearing a Camp Arawak shirt as this was a classic moment without a doubt.
For anyone who was a fan of Karen Fields in Sleepaway Camp then you may get a kick out of this short. It's silly but fun.


Just One More . 2011
Plotline: For some trick-or-treaters one piece of candy is never enough. Like Calvin (Dawson Dunbar), he's just crazy for candy. A little too crazy!
Comments: A nicely done film that's both creepy and funny for the
Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge showing a nice warm and caring attitude with a resident woman named Neve helping Calvin out when he says that he's hurt in which all of this looked good and natural.
Then there's a good shot on the hair curling iron when Calvin plunges it into her mouth which looked good and disturbing. It makes you wonder if the filmmaker saw Sleepaway Camp as there's a similar incident in that flick.
Perfect shots on the twin siblings circling around one another since there was a body shot on Dunbar in which you wouldn't have noticed that they wer unidentical.
The story gets clever when the two of them try to confuse a female trick or treater on who the evil one is and what she does with a bowl of Halloween candy to see who the real evil one is.
The film is fairly well acted especially with supporting actress Laura Hope in which she seemed to study this part incredibly well as an all around nice neighbor.


Locker #5 . 2010
Plotline: A teenage boy and his father keeps a female canniballistic humanoid in their locker down at their apartment as this kid tries to form a friendship with her as well as feeding her too. Suddenly his father discovers on what he is doing and trouble unravels for him.
Comments: The film made for the Bloodshots 2010 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge looked incredibly mysterious as we only see this thing in the shadows inside of the locker and it's amusing to see this kid talk to this thing as well as trying to feed it. Plus a nice tribute to the Candyman flick as he tells her about the legend for the Candyman to appear.
Also with his father finding out you kinda wonder on if he's going to do something terrible to him for feeding this creature.
It does look interesting when this monster reveals herself as there's great ghoulish make up effects here which is overly impressive as well as near the ending the father is trapped with this monster as this looked pretty disturbing on what was going to happen next. Hats off to these people for creating something in 2 days straight.


Mainstream . 2005
Plotline: A man is strapped down and is experimented as his creativity, his will, and his passions was sucked away and end up numbed and unquestioning, part of the machine.
Comments: The film didn't really go anywhere as I like films that have a bit more plot. Most of it takes place in a dark room with a man strapped down and being experimented and at the very end he is at home. That's it. I don't know if I would call it a horror film but I guess it can be that way as there is nothing else I would consider it since it shows some scary experiments. Many people admired it as a horror film plus it won Best Short Horror Film on Fangoria's BLOOD DRIVE II DVD.
The actor in this flick is quite effective in which he deserves a good pointer for doing his job. The film is also well directed too. Plus there's many great angle shots surrounding the story here. . 2009
Plotline: A local blogger named Jack (Simon Hussey) rents a blogger computer game called in which this seems to lead to problems and eventually forcing others to take their life while they decide to quit playing this game in which he spots this wherever he goes.
Comments: The beginning seems a bit hokey with a video store clerk talking to Jack about the game and but then a good shocking moment when he takes his own life which will psych you out.
However, later on in the story Jack talks to his sister Gwen on his laptop which looked phony as this looks like two people in the same room but different camera angles looking like they're in two different houses talking to one another. But of course this was shot for the Bloodshots 2009 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge which is a hard task to do a short in a day or two and edit it all.
While we watch the film there's a moment with a newscaster questioning Gwen about this CD in which she was supposed to be disturbed but her acting looked a little too wooden here performed by Elena Esovolova but then it definetely looks shocking while watching on what happens when she announces she finished playing the game when she shoots herself in the head as this looked fast and making you jump for sure.
Close to the end with Jack walking in a backroad area he spots a corpse lying there which also is an attraction to someone who loves horror flicks.
The film had some decent throat slittings and odd creepy moments but most of it looked fake and fairly bad acting too in which they tried to make this piece original but didn't go too far with it at all.


Meat & Potatoes . 2011
Plotline: A dysfunctional family sits down to have a hearty meal but yet this leaves a deadly effect on them overnight.
Comments: The film made for Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge
is truly gross and shocking in which there's a moment with the Mother shopping in a grocery store and then asking the stockboy for some meat in which he face isn't revealed and seems strange while doing so in which is a nice drawing card to a horror story.
It certainly looks gross when we spot her cooking the meat in a stew and then discover something crawling in it which was well shot here.
Then a humoress dialogue between the Mother and Father at the dinner table which gave me a chuckle in which was nicely put in.
Then the story takes place at 3am with the Daughter feeling sick in which shows nice effects what happens on her skin or throwing up blood which looked believeably disturbing.
The ending looked truly gross with what the stockboy does to a piece of meat in the store during after hours. Yet doesn't explain as to why he does this or his background either. Oh well it seems to make you use your imagination during this time anyhow.


My Guitar Gently Weeps . 2011
Plotline: After a suitable attempt, a brain injured man tries to reinvent his music career in a dark disturbing way.
Comments: Another flick for the Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge in which it starts off quite mysterious with this creepy guy listening to his walkman and not paying attention walking across a street with a vehicle nearly hitting him which looked realistic as to how this moment was shot.

Also nice disturbing and cringing scene's with a woman gagged sobbing as well as him putting guitar strings into her which looked strange and twisted in a Saw type fashion.
Some good intensity when this creep whacks her several times with his guitar as well as doing strange and perverted things to her in which this makes you wonder as to why he is doing this.
The film is well acted but yet the storyline is quite pointless and doesn't make sense. Oh well a pat on the back for doing this in two days straight.


Penny Dreadful . 2005
Plotline: Newlyweds Jessica (Emily Vaughan) and David () inherits townhouse and then realises that there's supernatural forces residing there as they think it's exciting that their place is haunted but however things start to get nasty.
Comments: The movie was quite slow as it shows them refurbishing stuff and happy moments which makes you think to yourself if this is an actual horror flick. This is supposed to keep you excited to find out that more is to come.
It does show the wife entering the place they're refurbishing with haunting moments on their Christmas decorations and stuff like that.
Also there's a moment when she goes to the aid of a psychic and checking the place out telling her there's no ghosts as this looked terribly uninspired to watch.
Yet quarter way through the terror happens especially a scene where this woman wakes up smeared with blood as this can please the odd horror fan.
However this was a lame brained short that featured Betsy Palmer from 'Friday the 13th' as she doesn't save the film for being entertaining.


Pointy Teeth for Pointy People . 1999
Plot: A cousin stays overnight to a couples place as both of her parents are missing.
The husband suspects that she is a vampire as he keeps seeing corpses and her biting into them in his nightmares.
Suddenly he becomes a vampire and hell breaks loose and must find a way to put an end to this.
Comments: A very creative and witty short film as well as many shocking scenes and cleverly well done with the blood effects.
Plus it's black & white as it's kind of like a take on those old Bela Lugosi vampire horror films and it's done in great taste and sometimes the story is hard to follow but it's nonstop fun all the way through showing a vampire's craving for blood to feed their hunger.
I'd love to see a sequel to this film in which leaves a door open to one.

The acting looks pretty good and is well directed by Craig D. Wallace since he knows on how to coach his cast on doing and old fashioned type of vampire flick with the expressions and fangs revealed etc.


Salvation by Blood . 2010
Plotline: A disturbed man named Matt (Jonah Young) is being turned in by the police for doing evil deeds towards others as he is being questioned by the incidents in which he goes into a tale by falling in love with a bar waitress named Teresa (Tina Krause) as well as getting mixed up with cult ceremonies by doing demonology and witchcraft in which it takes a toll of their lives creating havoc.
Comments: A terrifically well done horror short in which alot of the scene's start off like a comic strip and then turns into the scene which shows nice class here.
We also get into some calm scene's in the story being told like a group of people doing a chant which looked harmless in which I could tell was the intention for the terror to unravel later on.
Very twisted scene's involving the two leads cutting themselves and drinking each others blood which looked well shot when all of the moments here are unravelling.
Then in the story a perfect dark moment with a demon revealing himself in a dark type of cellar along with some sort of a deformed looking child in which the special effects and lighting on this moment looked superb.
Quarter way through the story seemed pretty disturbing and intense when the two of them try to trick someone into letting them into their home and they torture and rape them but some of the stuff they used seemed to look a bit wooden on how they were dealing with all of this in which it could've looked more intense like planned.
There's also a nice surprising ending to the story after this character being questioned in which it looked very effective.
This film marks the debut of cult actor Devon Mikolas' directing and writing debut for a flick in which he deserves to be rewarded. However the acting in this needed inspiration as it looked incredibly rough. But this was successfully playing at film festivals all over the U.S. in which serves to do so with a nicely made artsy storyline here and some gothic moments in it too which should please horror fans.


Sawbones . 2004
Plotline: A lieutenant saw's one of his soldiers legs due to an infection but accidentally saw's the wrong one causing him to die and it haunts him later on spotting hallucinations or are they?!
Comments: We spot a picture that kind of looks slightly grainy like a grindhouse film style but not totally. It looked good and graphic with the leg sawing off bit as this didn't look phony at all showing nice gore effects but however the intensity wasn't totally up there like it was supposed to have been. This seems to pay a tribute to movies like 'Saw' I found during this moment.
It does look fairly interesting when this person who died haunt this lieutenant in which we spot him standing on one leg and so fourth along with good emotional moments making the picture look truly sad for what had happened here.
Another short that was a winner for Fangoria's BLOOD DRIVE II DVD. It was well done but yet the story is a little too tightly done.


Snowed In . 2016
Plotline: A young girl is snowed in for Christmas but quickly discovered she may not be home alone in the house.
Comments: This short that I saw at the
Crypticon Convention Film Fest in Seattle was a greatly entertaining piece by Gravestone Entertainment and an opening for their horror anthology 'The Midnight Show' which was not as good in my opinion.
A great shot in the beginning of a home and a blizzard outside at night and then spotting the girl Hannah by talking to her friend on the phone but hears something and tells her friend she'd be right back while she gets her crutches and her friend is still talking on the other end is pretty funny to watch adding decent wit before the terror strikes.
Also things looked perfectly well done when Hannah goes into her room to check stuff out and what she doesn't notice is some toys coming to life and watching her as this was a nice horror fashion.
More effective moments with bodies bending and things like that in which this seems to pay a tribute to demonic possessions like 'The Exorcist'.
If you come across this short showing at any other film fests be sure to check it out.


Song of the Dead . 2006
Plotline: Rock n' roll gave birth to a baby named heavy metal. Heavy metal gave birth to a baby named Johnny Gorath. Or was it a miscarriage?
Comments: The beginning starts off nicely
with a DJ discussing on what has happened that causes heavy metal being a poisonous infouence in which there's a ton of tongue in cheek with the writing for this.
There's also a nice outdoors sequence with a woman being tortured by a stretcher in which this looked a little twisted making you wonder as how this moment fits into the story.
There's then goofy dialogue with the band memebers and one of them is doped up in which I found this story was going to be a goofy comedy and the acting in this looked very bad too.
However the horror does draw in to the plot as there's a rock musician playing a concert turning the people into these bloody beings which looked cool to watch and it was impressive to see a cheesy looking shot on the audience. All of this was for the 2004 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge by Megasteakman Productions in which they made the film seem corny and average but fun to watch if you're in the mood for it.


A Stab in the Dark . 2011
Plotline: Audrey and her family don't talk about the "accident". It's been 6 months since she entered the hopsital for what they thought was a routine surgery performed by their trusted Doctor and close family friend. What happened in that Operating Room forever changed her life. And while she can't quite see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, she is finally starting to adjust to life as she now knows it. So a weekend alone in the safe, comfortable surroundings of the family house is just what the Doctor ordered…but that's not all the doctor ordered!
Comments: A perfectly spooky flick for the Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge
as the story starts off nicely with this Audrey character entring a hopuse alone and there's the odd sounds which of course is nice for someone alone to be afraid of thinking they're not in the house alone.
Also she listens to her parents speak on the tape recorder which sounds phony as you can tell they're in the room using their voices but yet it does into the scene with them recording it so it works out well. Also a nice mysterious moments on the parents discussing about their daughters past and what had happened by keeping everything a secret as this really draws your attention big time.
The excitment and suspense happens big time when she is trying to sleep and hears some sounds and she checks out what is happening and hears a cold sounding voice which was perfect for this horror short and really leaves a chill down your spine. Plus there's great music for the film too in order to add to the creepiness. Basically a well written film done in 48 hours.


Torched . 2004
Plotline: A beautiful young nurse named Deanna (Michelle Boback) is raped after work which leaves her scarred for life. Yet she is aware that the rapist knows where she lives so she is prepared for his next attack. She ties him up and then tortures and mames him to death which makes her go even crazier making her go on a killing spree on the people she knows after being tormented by her nightmares thinking that they are after her as well.
Comments: Oh god I was glad the short was over. It was over the top terrible but yet the story will bear in your mind of how crazy it is with the going ons.
It's definetely controversial with the rapist seeking revenge which can teach other rapists a lesson on who they're messing with. It would appeal to some others but not me.

The acting is .... to be blunt.... awful but after a while its so bad you can really laugh about it.
This film marks the directorial debut of Canadian make up effects Ryan Nicholson who is not bad on his work in the film.
The film had alot of shocking gore effects with tons of blood in it. Pretty much a rip off to 'I Spit on Your Grave' but alot more perverted scenes.


Treevenge . 2008
Plotline: Lumberjacks rip trees from their forest to be sold for the holiday season but seek revenge against the people that buy them by slaughtering them all.
Comments: Well I have to admit that the story was extremely campy as well with the acting too. I was laughing my ass off watching this unravel and boy it made me feel sorry for these trees by how they were talking pleading not to be pulled out making out that they're in torture. It was funny on how they react to stuff like having ornaments put on them.
Impressive camera shots on the lumberjacks bringing out their weapons like an axe or a chainsaw to cut them down which leaves a nice deadly feeling to it all.
The horror comes into to it big time when these trees attack as it looked bloody and graphic. It was still funny to watch all of this unravel.
All in all this story was well done and got a kick out of it all. It's for sure fun to watch and not meant to be taken seriously by any means.


Unbound . 2011
Plotline: A young woman (Katie Takefman) recounts to police a harrowing dark ritual forced upon her by her own family.
Comments: The film starts off with the main actress having a blood curdling scream what looks like a room for a sacrifice and then a perfect silent moment with the detective questioning this person since it was nicely set.
There's also perfect caera shots on a cult ceremony with the creepy looking props as well as this girl tied up in which alot of this was supposed to have looked intense but was a tiny bit weak. Still everyone tried their best.
We even spot a plucked chicken with blood being dripped on her which was impressive for a gothic horror short.
There's also good shots on this gal getting violent and seeking revenge by pushing her fingers in a guy's eyeballs which can make you cringe a little.
The ending looked a bit impressive too when she is questioned about the last incident that happened and we spot her eye's glowing red.
Another flick done for the Bloodshots 2011 Canada 48 Hour Horror Filmmaking Challenge in which is amazing what filmmakers come up for that short length of time. The person who did the set for all of this deserved a good pat on the back.


We All Fall Down . 2005
Plotline: A drunken bunch of college kids decide to have fun going on a joyride and accidently runs over a schoolgirl but are too afraid to report it so they dismember her body and dump it at a remote abandoned building.
Five years later they discover that it will be torn down and all agree to find her corpse before antyone else does. The girl may be dead but her angry soul is residing there seeking revenge.
Comments: This flick another winner for Fangoria's BLOOD DRIVE II DVD is a real winner with a great camera behind it and a good budget too along with terrific acting. In fact it looks very mainstream like while watching this. However it looks slightly off with how the car will hit this girl since they were parked not too far from her and any idiot can stop to notice this no matter how drunk they are.
It is impressive when they have no choice but to recover the body years later with some emotional scared reactions on all of this in which seems to be a traditional horror moment when someone has a dark secret that they can't reveal.
Also it was creepy for sure when the main character named Amanda enters the building to try and find her friends with good effects on the dark looking spirit of this school girl in which has nice special effects as well as good flashback sequences on what these people did to her which looked shocking and unpleasant but not too horror graphic for anyone who has a strong stomach. There's a real tense feeling spotting this child suffocating in a plastic bag in which was perfectly shot.
Just watching this main character in the dark abandoned building and being haunted looked terrific reminding you of one of those haunted horror flicks that you'd watch on the big screen in theatre's with the lighting and everything else surrounding her.


Working Stiff . 2005
Plotline: An unsatisfied employee can't stand the surroundings of his job and working for someone else but one time leaving an elevator and drawn into the bowels of the corporate world, and quickly learns the he's truly in a 'dead-end' job.
Comments: The film was done in a nice style showing a comic strip following into the story like you'd spot in Creepshow or Tales from the Crypt type of fashion. There's even a moment with the main character digging out a comic saying Tales from the Cube. Alot what went on in the work area looked extremely tongue in cheek comedy making you think that this may very well be a plain comedy with horror elements in it but the horror comes into the story later on when he leaves an elevator which looks like the bowels of hell.
The setting looked perfectly grubby looking like a perfect place in hell as well as the extra's in it as the undead in which was great to watch too which has the horror in it big time.
Then the comedy and horror combines into one when this dude has to have a final confrontation with his employer from hell showing great intensity when this happens as well as a person with barb wire wrapped around his face forced to be a chair whenever someone needs a seat which seemed pretty corny. Alot of horror intensity with the dialogues going on here adding dark comedy into it too.
A very well done short which was another winner for Fangoria's BLOOD DRIVE II DVD in which the fans of the DVD will get a kick out of this one.