Sometimes you simply have to state the facts. Here is one - I love Tawny Moyer! Not only did she give a kick ass performance as Nurse Jill in 'Halloween 2', but the number of episodics she has appeared on is legendary. I, also, defy you to argue with the woman who played the Warrior Housewife- long before Terri Hatcher and Marcia Cross- in 'Looker'. Not only was this model beauty originally a Pre-Med student, she, also, is an amazing artist with all of her wares on display at www.tawnymoyer.com . It was truly my honor and something I will always remember - particularly every October 31st - to have this brief moment in time with her.


  Brian: Was acting something that you always wanted to do or was it just a natural progression from your career as a model?

Tawny: My plan was to be a dentist! I kind of just fell into modeling and found it was a great way to pay the bills. But, the moment I tried acting I knew I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. So, I left UCLA, pre-med, and committed full time to acting. I moved to New York to study. I found HB Studios and studied with William Hickey. I modeled only to support my acting. In those days I never even told people I was a model, but now I am more than proud of my modeling career and I want to do that for the rest of my life too!

Brian: You are officially one of my favorite people in the world because you appeared on 'Barnaby Jones'. That was my ultimate favorite show as a kid. Do you have any fond recollections from your experiences on that set?

Tawny: I remember that the food was really good and Buddy Ebsen was very tall!

Brian: I love the strength and professionalism that you displayed as Nurse Jill. Although I adore Ana Alicia and Pamela Susan Shoop, I definitely thought that yours was the most believable portrayal. You also played "Warrior Housewive" in 'Looker' another one of my childhood favorites. Do you find you specialize in playing strong women? And - any neat thoughts about your 'Looker' experience?

Tawny: Thanks for the compliment; however, I don't usually approach a character as strong or not strong. I am concerned with being truthful to the story and finding the reality of my character through the circumstances she is in. 'Looker' wasn't my first movie, but many things were still new to me. I drove onto the lot and was directed to the sound stage. As I approached the big door of the stage, I was feeling a little intimidated because everything was already in full swing with the shoot and there were people, busy people, everywhere! Suddenly, from seemingly nowhere, a really nice security guard appeared and asked me if I needed some help. I said that I was looking for the assistant director to check in. He took me by the hand and said, right this way, young lady. He delivered me to the right place and with a nod to the AD and a twinkle in his eye, he left me there. Later, I realized it wasn't the studio guard who had rescued me, but, Albert Finney in his guard costume for the chase scene! What a fun, sweet man!

Brian: I find 'Halloween 2' to be creepy and incredibly well photographed. The set-ups to the killings are thought out and spooky, also. It is perhaps not the classic that the original was, but I still feel it is a strong entry in the horror movie sweepstakes. Yet - it has been thoroughly panned by many. Do you have any thoughts about or responses to that?

Tawny: I can't give it a critique. I'm way too close to it! I'm just happy people still enjoy it!

Brian: I am sure that you have answered questions about 'Halloween 2' until you were blue in the face. Is there anything that you would like to say about your involvement in the series that hasn't been touched on a lot or would you, simply, like to offer your feelings on its incredible popularity, in general?

Tawny: Well, I feel blessed to have been a part of it. None of us had any idea what would become of our little project, but I know we are all humbled by the endurance of its popularity, despite the march of time and jaundiced eye of the critic.

Brian: You've done a lot of episodic work and have appeared in a handful of films. Do you have a favorite role among the many that you have done?

Tawny: I loved playing the journalist in 'Sports Night.'

Brian: A silly one! If someone could give you the perfect gift - what would it be?

Tawny: I know it's asking a lot, but the perfect gift would be the power to heal people and animals. Or, maybe, a nice bottle of Merlot!

Brian: Finally, any last thoughts or future plans that you would like your fans to know about?

Tawny: I invite my fans to check out my paintings. I've got cards, mugs, posters, and clothing and lots more, all with my art. They can find my paintings, among other info and photos from Hall 2 on my website, www.TawnyMoyer.com . I want my fans to know that I appreciate and feel blessed by them. Though they may be in the dark, in their seats, and I may be up on the screen, with Michael Myers, I hope and trust that we will all share many, many more scary, Halloween nights together!