Angelique Pettyjohn was never a big star, but she certain had all the qualities that Hollywood craves. She was gorgeous, blonde, and big busted – unfortunately it was those very attributes that made casting directors blind to her innate flair as an actress and comedienne. Sadly, this talented woman was seen and labeled a sex bomb…and not much more.

She was born on March 10th 1943 in Los Angeles and studied dance and acting as a girl. The stunning young woman was soon discovered and put before the cameras. She photographed beautifully. In 1965 she began getting some notice, primarily for her role as Agent Charlie Watkins (a master of disguise -- supposedly a man undercover as a woman) in several ‘Get Smart’ episodes. Additional roles came in the ‘Batman’ TV series, the 1967 Elvis Presley movie ‘Clambake’ (as Gloria), ‘Felony Squad’, ‘The Girl From U.N.C.L.E., ‘Mr. Terrific’, and ‘Where Were You When The Lights Went Out’ (1968).

During this time Angelique’s biggest career impact came with her role as Shahna in the 1966 ‘Star Trek’ episode ‘The Gamesters of Triskelion’. In this very popular episode Kirk, Uhura, and Chekhov are captured on a planet where they are forced to perform for an alien crowd in gladiator-like arena games. Angelique (as Shahna) is assigned to help train Captain Kirk and (of course) falls in love with him. The popularity of the episode helped Angelique sustain her fame later in life -- she would frequently appear at autograph and Star Trek conventions in her Shahna regalia where the outgoing actress was always a big hit with fans.

In 1967 the actress suffered a major disappointment when she narrowly missed being cast as Nova in ‘The Planet of the Apes’. However, the following year Ms. Pettyjohn made a couple low budget gems that helped insure her to cult status. First off she had the lead role as Sheila Willard in the Philippines filmed scare flick ‘The Mad Doctor of Blood Island’ (which also goes under the titles ‘Tomb of the Living Dead’, ‘Blood Doctor’, ‘and ‘Grave Desires’). The cheesy movie (so bad it was even featured on Elvira’s, Mistress of the Dark, theatre macabre) starred the late Beach Party alumni John Ashley as Dr. Lorca, a man who in his quest to find a cure for leukemia (a good thing) instead creates a green chlorophyll blooded mutant monster (a very bad thing). Later in life about the only positive thing Angelique would say about the movie was “the scenery is gorgeous in it”. The ummm “greenery” was gorgeous but was still no match for Angelique’s beauty which makes the film infinitely more watchable. The same year she also filmed the campy motorcycle gang opus ‘Hell’s Belles’. “They stole my bike and now they are gonna pay!” The flick co-starred Jocelyn Lane with Angelique as two biker gals with a serious agenda.

Over the next few years Ms. Pettyjohn didn’t find the stardom she longed for and appeared in one mediocre film after another – despite her talent she was never seen as anything more than a busty bit of ogled scenery or sight gag. She made ‘The Curious Female’ (1970), ‘Up Your Teddy Bear’ (1970) -- with Victor Buono, Wally Cox, and Julie Newmar!, ‘Heaven With a Gun’ (1969), ‘Tell Me You Love Me Junie Moon’ (1970), ‘G.I. Executioner’ (1972) – directed by ‘Blood Sucking Freaks’ director Joel M. Reed, ‘Bordello’ (1974), and of course the obligatory episode of ‘Love American Style’ in 1969.

Her career was going nowhere. In 1982 a seasoned and mature (at 39) but still beautiful Angelique turned to the adult film industry in frustration where she appeared in several hardcore XXX films (‘Stalag 69’, ‘Titillation’, and ‘Body Talk’) under the pseudonyms Heaven St. John, Angel St. John, and Angelique. The experience was not a good one for her. Years later she would claim the films had been the result of a poor self-image combined with drug and alcohol problems.

Soon after her career took another turn. Casting directors may not have been eager to see her – but the fans sure were! The convention route proved a very good one for Angelique who, in conjunction with these appearances, experienced a decided renaissance in the mid-80s. Exploitation flick guru Fred Olen Ray asked her to appear as Lisa in ‘Biohazard’(1984), which she gladly accepted. In addition she had a small role in the cult hit ‘Repo Man’ (Repo Wife #2), as well as ones in ‘Weekend Pass’, ‘Goodbye Cruel World’ (where she is billed as Dancing Nun!!),‘Takin It Off’ (billed as yuk-yuk/get-it Anita Little), and as Whiplash in Jim Wynorski’s ‘The Lost Empire’ (1983). In 1988 she had a good role (or at least a sizeable one) as Dora Belair in Mike Jittlov’s sci-fi fantasy ‘The Wizard of Speed and Time’ (and provided costumes of her own design as well!!) Her final film appearance (where she was billed as Ashley St. John) was in the deliciously titled 1990 film ‘Sorority Girls and the Creature from Hell’.

In 1989 Angelique Pettyjohn accepted an offer to dance as a showgirl/stripper in a Las Vegas review. She was very upbeat about the gig. A born entertainer, she adored performing in front of a live audience. Still gorgeous at 46, Angelique could easily give the younger girls a run for their money when it came to sex appeal. Sadly, this zestful and loving woman died of cervical cancer at age 48 on Valentine’s Day in 1992.