October 23, 2021 - Happy Halloween with lots of great news by Young Productions, what's up with the podcast show and funding for a new webseries!!!!

The podcast show has been on hold due to working on building a channel for Roku and Fire TV so we can do video interviews and reviews so we are going to have a video show instead of a podcast.
We will also be uploading the audio's for those who enjoyed listening to the podcasts which will include the very first one's as well as the podcast plays.
This will all happen most likely at the beginning of 2022.

Young Productions films are almost to completion such as on the long awaited film that rode some festival's as well as at conventions Psychotic State is close captioned and finally getting it released on DVD and streaming
Everything is finished for Family Property 2: More Blood as the filmmakers await for the theme song which will be done by John Altyn who did tracks for Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3. It is being mastered by Gene Paul the son of Les Paul.
The film will be finished by the end of this year for a 2022 release.
Editing on the Wright Family is almost done and will be headed soon to sound editing be on the lookout for it in 2022.
Filming for Total Lockdown which is a horror flick on the lockdown that occured because of a pandemic that leads to the zombie apocalypse. Filming for this piece will be finished in early 2022.

Funding is needed for a another living dead flick which is a sequel to Zombie with a Shotgun and a new monthly web series at www.patreon.com/HiltonArielRuiz.
Watch the original full film on YouTube -please watch, rewatch and PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.








Click on the above image to listen to our monthly talk show as it involves movie reviews, interview and a newsbreak!!!!

A great page to see fans with horror celebrities as well as pics of horror art or anything horror including autographed pics and signed movie covers. Just email us your stuff and we will gladly post it on this page


Dale Pierce, Owen Keehnen, Brian Kirst and Greg Russell Tiderington have interviewed various entertainers in the horror film industry which involves actors, directors, writers, composers and even make up artitsts.

The interviews range from new starters like Scarlet Salem to some name actors like Dee Wallace Stone and Robert Englund as well as gory filmmakers such as Herschell Gordon Lewis and Andreas Schnaas.

Check it out >>>

Greg Russell Tiderington is a horror film critic other than being an actor and he mainly reviewed the horror films he saw on here rating from a bomb to 4 bats. He reviews the plots, says his comments, discusses the acting abilities as well as the music scores along with any nudity or gore.

Check it out>>>