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Zombie House Productions needs you to help fund their movie The House that Zombies Built as there's 19 days left!!!
Plotline: Zombies have overrun the earth, and young Scott's the last to learn about it - so he can't be too picky when it comes to choosing his safe haven. And as it goes with all crisis like this one, they can bring out the best in humans - or the worst. So when Scott's confronted with the other survivors in the farmhouse he's found refuge at he's quick to learn that the living can be just as dangerous as the undead, and staying put until help arrives could seriously shorten his lifespan …
The House That Zombies Built, starring horror icons Laurence R. Harvey and Dani Thompson and directed by zombie specialist Jason Wright - the zombie film that genre fans have long waited for!!!
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If you remember R.L. Stine's young adult horror novels of Fear Street well a 3 part trilogy is coming out and part 1 is available to watch on Netflix as last year it was going to have a theatrical release but due to the pandemic it was shelved. Well the pandemic is coming to an end and so what a better way to celebrate it is to watch this flick. Check our review on it.

Another great way to celebrate the end of this bloody pandemic is that Halloween Kills will be out in theatre's October 15th of this year as Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as well as some other characters from the original 1978 classic!!!!








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A great page to see fans with horror celebrities as well as pics of horror art or anything horror including autographed pics and signed movie covers. Just email us your stuff and we will gladly post it on this page


Dale Pierce, Owen Keehnen, Brian Kirst and Greg Russell Tiderington have interviewed various entertainers in the horror film industry which involves actors, directors, writers, composers and even make up artitsts.

The interviews range from new starters like Scarlet Salem to some name actors like Dee Wallace Stone and Robert Englund as well as gory filmmakers such as Herschell Gordon Lewis and Andreas Schnaas.

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Greg Russell Tiderington is a horror film critic other than being an actor and he mainly reviewed the horror films he saw on here rating from a bomb to 4 bats. He reviews the plots, says his comments, discusses the acting abilities as well as the music scores along with any nudity or gore.

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