February 18, 2020 - US Theatrical Premiere of Into the Void hits the Chinese Theatre February 27th!!!!!

The Golden State Film Festival will be showing Into the Void this February 27th at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood at 6925 Hollywood Blvd. R&R moderator Greg Russell Tiderington has a special appearance in the flick plus there's possible good news on a distribution deal.

will be having their event from May 8-10th at the Pasadena Convention Centre 300 E. Green Street which is also in California in which celebrities from The Craft, The Shining and Halloween will be attending at the autograph panels along with many others in which this one of the biggest horror conventions in Los Angeles.
On the Saturday there's an afterlife party which involves hard rocking live music, two bars and special guests. Check it out you won't be disappointed!!!!

Guess who’s going to be the life of the party? On March 24, 2020, Scream Factory brings the fan-favorite 1980s mystery slasher April Fool’s Day to Blu-ray™ for the first time!
This Collector’s Edition release includes a number of brand-new bonus features including new interviews with director Fred Walton, actress Deborah Goodrich Royce, actor Clayton Rohner, composer Charles Bernstein, and cinematographer Charles Minsky, and more!
Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting ShoutFactory.com

Some of you may wonder if we will have a podcast show in the new year as on the 22nd of this month we plan to record our next show as both Greg Tiderington and Derek Young have been busy doing other stuff but don't worry the show is still alive so stay tuned!








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A great page to see fans with horror celebrities as well as pics of horror art or anything horror including autographed pics and signed movie covers. Just email us your stuff and we will gladly post it on this page


Dale Pierce, Owen Keehnen, Brian Kirst and Greg Russell Tiderington have interviewed various entertainers in the horror film industry which involves actors, directors, writers, composers and even make up artitsts.

The interviews range from new starters like Scarlet Salem to some name actors like Dee Wallace Stone and Robert Englund as well as gory filmmakers such as Herschell Gordon Lewis and Andreas Schnaas.

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Greg Russell Tiderington is a horror film critic other than being an actor and he mainly reviewed the horror films he saw on here rating from a bomb to 4 bats. He reviews the plots, says his comments, discusses the acting abilities as well as the music scores along with any nudity or gore.

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