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AMC this weekend postponed the premiere date for the third Walking Dead spinoff, The Walking Dead: World Beyond.
The starting date has been shifted from Sunday, April 12 to “later this year,” according to the franchise’s Twitter account.
The show is just the latest in a series cancellations and postponements due to the Coronavirus pandemic that has been sweeping the world.
Though the season finished filming before the production shutdowns, several of the season’s episodes reportedly have post-production work that remain unfinished.
AMC also has suspended production on its other Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, as well as pre-production on the upcoming 11th season of the show.
As reported, The Walking Dead: World Beyond revolves around the first generation raised in a post-apocalyptic world. The series, which is expected to be a two-season limited event, follows two sisters who brave dangers–living and undead–on a daring quest.

Don't worry folks this is not the apocalypse as we need to wait till this virus passes. We're scared ourselves. Lots of things are on hold.






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A great page to see fans with horror celebrities as well as pics of horror art or anything horror including autographed pics and signed movie covers. Just email us your stuff and we will gladly post it on this page


Dale Pierce, Owen Keehnen, Brian Kirst and Greg Russell Tiderington have interviewed various entertainers in the horror film industry which involves actors, directors, writers, composers and even make up artitsts.

The interviews range from new starters like Scarlet Salem to some name actors like Dee Wallace Stone and Robert Englund as well as gory filmmakers such as Herschell Gordon Lewis and Andreas Schnaas.

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Greg Russell Tiderington is a horror film critic other than being an actor and he mainly reviewed the horror films he saw on here rating from a bomb to 4 bats. He reviews the plots, says his comments, discusses the acting abilities as well as the music scores along with any nudity or gore.

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