April 6, 2017 - Slaughterhouse plays the New Beverly Cinema and is out on a new blu ray by Vinegar Syndrome

Several weeks ago, the 1987 cult slasher flick 'Slaughterhouse' was premiered in 35mm at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood to a packed house. The manager told the writer/director Rick Roessler he hadn't previously filled the house for a horror film.
A number of the cast and crew were there to talk about the making of the movie.
Rick put together a video of the premiere and put it on youtube.  The star of the movie Sherry Bendorf was interviewed and Rick said that she was as great and lively as she was 30 years ago when she was screaming her head off in the old slaughterhouse. The interview is part of the new Blu-ray release by Vinegar Syndrome. In Rick's word he said "It is amazing! The quality is the best transfer from our Interpositive that I have ever seen. It is extremely sharp and no dirt."
The sound track was taken off the 35mm magnetic master track and the new release has the original surround track on it.
Vinegar Syndrome
is well regarded as the premiere lab for restoration from old motion picture elements.  The 88 Films release several years ago was an embarrassment, it was so dirty.  
The company transferred the 35mm interpositive to 2K and then to 1080p, making it the sharpest picture seen since it was released in the theaters.

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