Greg has been designing this site as well as reviewing movies, interviewing people, host the internet talk show and became out number 1 horror film critic for the years he's been on here. He is also an actor in horror films too.
Owen is the founder here at racks and razors as he has interviewed tons of people for this site as well as reviewing actor's bio's and did a memorial on them. He also works as a writer and has a book out More Starz. He flew the coop due to other commitments
Brian and Owen decided to work as a team for this site and contributed a great amount too. He reviewed his own page called Terrible TV Terrors. A place where he talked about TV movies that he watched. Some were horror some weren't. He also interviewed many actors and directors too along with Owen and Greg. He also flew the coop due to other commitments

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Name: Carlos Santurio - Occupation: Actor

Carlos was once an actor in Spain as he had the main supporting role in the obscure 1985 cheesy werewolf flick 'Monster Dog' which starred shock rock legend Alice Cooper in which he portrays a crew member to him and going to a mansion to film a music video since the Coop himself portrays a famlus rock star. He was attacked in the end by a bunch of dogs .... (More...)

Name: Bea Urzaiz - Occupation: Actress

Bea is a foreign actress in Spain where alot of horror flicks are produced in which she has alot of fans from there seeing her perform in them and will be starring in the upcoming 'Lady of the Damned Forest' and 'Streaming' which are horror films so she hasn't been fully spotted in horror flicks just yet but this seems like a start so far as she talks about working .... (More...)

Name: Matthew Solomon - Occupation: Writer/Director

Matthew is a promising filmmaker in which he just has a new horror flick riding in festivals and awaiting distribution titled 'Chatter' which is not a found footage flick but showing people talking on skype and their homes being haunted in which seems to have similar elements in the 'Paranormal Activity' legacy.
It's a total trip out flick and very well made in which he
... (More...)

Name: Denise D - Occupation: Actress

Denise D is relatively new to the Indy acting scene, having little formal acting training herself and with a reputation better known for writing commercials for small businesses for you tube and the like. Sheconsiders herself a writer more than an actress, but nonetheless has had her share of parts .... (More...)

Name: Alexandre Michaud- Occupation: Director/Writer/Producer/Actor

Alexandre is a French Canadian filmmaker as he produces, directs, writes and edits his own horror films as some of them are titled 'Urban Flesh', 'Clean' and 'Gargoyles: The Holy Terror' in which he has his own production company called Helltime Studio. He even had some of his movies . .... (More...)

Name: Jose Prendes - Occupation: Director/Writer/Producer/Actor

Jose is an aspiring filmmaker as he writes, directs, produces and even acts in many of his independent films by Asylum Entertainment mainly starting off with 'The Monster Man' and then took the bull by it's horns with 'Corpses Are Forever' in 2003 and kept plugging away. .... (More...)

Name: Jsu Garcia - Occupation: Actor

Millions of you will remember this guy as he played the bad ass teen Rod Lane in the Wes Craven blockbuster slasher flick 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' in which he loved to party, cause trouble and have a great romp with his girlfriend Tina whom has been having horrible nightmares cause .... (More...)

Name: Lou Simon - Occupation: Director/Producer/Writer

Lou Simon is a new and upcoming director/writer and producer of two horror films titled 'HazMat' and 'The Awakened' in which she seemed to be gaining some good exposure for both of them as they rode some film festivals especially 'HazMat' which is ..... (More...)

Name: Armand Mastrioanni - Occupation: Director/Producer/Writer

Armand has been directing in big time shows started out working in cult horror films such as his first feature, starring a struggling actor the time Tom Hanks, in 'He Knows You're Alone' released by MGM as well as the classic 'Cameron's Closet', 'The Supernaturals' and then ..... (More...)

Name: Jeff Stoll - Occupation: Producer/Director

Jeff Stohl has been a photographer as well as a producer and director for many independent short and feature horror films since 2006 with shows like 'The Monster Within', 'The Horror Vault' trilogy, 'Slasher House', 'Haunred II' and lots more to come which he is a very busy guy and has . ..... (More...)

Name: Sergio Molina - Occupation: Actor

Son of Spanish filmmaker Paul Naschy, Sergio has carved himself with a couple of co-starring roles in a few foreign horror flicks most notably 'Howl of the Devil' as the role of Adrianas we get the nitty gritty detail on his experience in this 1987 flick that may interest US viewers to watch and check ..... (More...)

Name: Joe Pilato - Occupation: Actor

Millions of horror fans will remember Joe in the George A. Romero classic 'Day of the Dead' as the cold blooded Captain Rhodes in which he brilliantly portrayed and had the goriest death of all that fans will always remember with him being torn apart in which it shows that karma is a bitch. ..... (More...)


Name: Marilyn Burns - Occupation: Actress

For anyone who remembers Marilyn Burnswill know her from the 1974 cult classic slasher flick 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre' as the lead role of Sally Hardesty in which no one else could portray a truly believeable freaked out vicitim to a family of cannibals as well as being chased by the chainsaw wielder ..... (More...)

Name: Jimmy Steele - Occupation: Actor

Jimmy Steele aka Tom Candela is not a household name by any means but yet he had a real effective supporting role in the 1982 independent cult slasher flick 'Madman' as a wise ass teen named Richie who seemed to have summoned up a bloodthirsty axe murderer named Madman ..... (More...)

Name: Larry Laverty - Occupation: Actor

Larry Laverty has been acting at a later age as a young adult and has been steadily working ever since in which he spent alot of time on the stage by doing Shakespeare and Broadway musicals plus was a regular performing in small scene's for the 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' as well as having ..... (More...)

Name: John Charles Meyer - Occupation: Actor

John Charles Meyer is a working veteran actor in which he has been heavily involved with regional theatre in his mainland of Hollywood, California in which he cherishes doing but has recently been heavily involved with film, TV, commercials, music videos and even internet web ..... (More...)


Name: Duane Whitaker - Occupation: Actor

Duane Whitaker was born in Lubbock, Texas but moved to Hollywood, California to start off his career like many people in the industry. He began writing and directing plays as well as working in film and television.
He was acting in many low ..
... (More...)

Name: Andras Jones - Occupation: Actor

Andras Jones is definetely a cult icon in the low budget horror film industry and got his start there too.
His fiorst acting gig was a lead role by playing frat nerd named Calvin in the David DeCoteau comedy/horror spoof 1988 flick 'Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl ..
... (More...)


Name: David Sherbrook - Occupation: Writer/Director

I met David at the Weekend of Horrors in Burbank, California as he seemed to be quite an enthusiastic filmmaker as he made some horror shorts that went to film festivals titled 'Theodore' and 'The Morning After'
He also did a horror anthology..
... (More...)


Name: Geretta Geretta - Occupation: Actress

Geretta is certainly a cult item in the Italian horror film industry in which she was famous for her role as a bad ass tomboy named Chocolate in the 1984 strange sci-fi/horror flick 'Rats' in which the poster art was quite an attention grabber and was the best out of the whole cast in her performance.... (More...)


Name: Chuck Williams - Occupation: Actor

Chuck Williams is a hard working actor and working continually in independent horror flicks in which we know him best in his supporting role as the goofball named Tommy in the 1990 flick 'Soultaker' which also starred Joe Estevez and Robert Z'Dar whom he has worked with them ..... (More...)