In the beginning Greg was too terrified to watch horror films and grossed out by gore but yet some of his cousins would watch them on TV at his Grandma's home and was also curious as to what the stories were about and would ask from time to time.
Slowly while growing up he would watch the odd one but get scared easily.
At the age of 18 he wanted to watch them nonstop and loved the slasher genre the most at the time.
Also he saw movie guides and wanted to do the same thing by being a critic but never had the chance in doing so as the internet wasn't revealed to the public just yet.
He always went to his local video store where there was a deal to rent videos for 5 dollars for 5 days and most of what he rented were you're right horror!!!!
He wanted to make a collection of owning movies and did so when video stores were closing their doors and buying the movies that he wanted to own as well as going to flea markets.
He also learned the craft at making his own websites and Owen Keehnen spotted him and asked him to design Racks & Razors and the rest is history.
Plus Greg started owning horror merchandise as well as having a storage room with many of his movies he owned making it look somewhat a video store with mainly horror flicks.