Greg's Artwork Gallery
  Artwork on Music

Greg originally started out as a sketch artist and did so before he learned how to talk. Here's some pics that he made. The recent one's he made were a couple lifetimes ago but will plan to make more when he has the spare time which isn't often. Most of his art were from movies or music as well as actors too. This first page is about the music groups.

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones #2

Mick Jagger - Wandering Spirit

Aerosmith - Pump

Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood

Vince Neil - Exposed

Guns N Roses

Joan Jett - The Hit List

Kiss - Revenge

Ozzy - The Ultimate Sin

Dio - Lock Up the Wolves

Randy Rhoades

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits

Alice Cooper - Constrictor

Alice Cooper - Classicks

Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry

Osmonds - Phase III


Donny & Marie - New Season

Shaun Cassidy -Under Wraps

Shaun Cassidy - Wasp




















John Travolta