This site is for any celebrities who have passed on that have acted in one or more horror films that will always be remembered. They are no longer with us but will still be remembered.

Even some horror fans are hard-pressed to recognize her name. She went by a couple – Robin Rochelle as well as Robin Stille. That said, the Philadelphia born actress (11/24/61) came to Hollywood like so many (More...)

Cheryl “Rainbeaux” Smith was sort of the ultimate girl next door who usually got mixed-up in bad circumstances. She played the role often in films and sadly it was one she would also play in life.  Early in the (More...)

Alexander Godunov was born on Sakhalin Island on the far eastern portion of the former Soviet Union on November 29th 1949. He began dancing at age 9 and rose quickly among the ballet ranks – touring with The Moscow Classical (More...)

Joe Spinell was born Joseph J. Spagnuolo on October 28th 1936 in Manhattan.  After working in theater for a bit and even having a stint as a contracted player at MGM he finally came into his own. His niche was as one of Hollywood's (More...)

David Huffman wasn't famous for his horror films but however fans knew him for his lead role as Harry Caulder in the cult flick 'Blood Beach'. He plays the role of an almost once married to a woman named Catherine Hutton (More...)

Will Sampson is probably best known for his role as Chief Bromden, the Native American who feigns being mute in the Oscar winning picture ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’. Horror fans are probably more (More...)

Jim Siedow will be forever remembered by horror fans as the extremely creepy cook Drayton Sawer in the 1974 groundbreaking horror classic ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and for chewing (More...)

Mike Kellin was born on April 26, 1922. Mike was the son of an English immigrant clothier and then he decided that he wanted to become an actor in the second grade after watching a school production (More...)

Roger Corman star Susan Cabot’s life was every bit as tragic and sensational as her films. She was born Harriet Shapiro on July 9th 1927 in Boston. She grew up shuffled between 8 foster homes. After attending school in Manhattan, Cabot married at 17 perhaps to escape (More...)

Born on October 21st, 1932 little is known of Barboura Morris aka Barboura O’Neill aka Barbara Crane, prior to her graduation from UCLA. (Hmmm…always food for thought when a bio opens that way.) (More...)

She was born February 19th 1955 in Portland Oregon and was named for the famous Bordeaux vineyard Chateau Margaux that supposedly inspired her conception. (Later in life after suffering from (More...)

Cult actress/phenomenon Regina Carrol was born Regina Gelfan in Boston on May 2nd 1943. At the age f 15 her stage mother died, leaving Regina basically on her own. She became a dancer in Las Vegas Because (More...)

Born in Dublin Ireland on May 28th 1970, Glenn Quinn moved along with his mother and two sisters to Long Beach California in 1988. He was certainly proud of his Irish heritage – he had ‘Erin Go Bragh (Ireland Forever) tattooed (More...)

If you’ve seen the incredible Walter Hill movie ‘Spider Baby’ (1964) you will surely recall Jill Banner as the twisted title character, Virginia Merrye. 17-year-old Banner had never acted before when she was cast in the part.  (More...)

The horror world lost an icon when Paul A Partain died on January 27th 2005 at age 58 after along and courageous bout with cancer. Fans knew him as the wheelchair bound Franklin in the original Tobe Hooper classic (More...)

Researching this guy was tough. Very little is known (or available) regarding Simon Scuddamore other than he committed suicide promptly after completing the film ‘Slaughter High’ in 1986. In the movie Scuddamore played the tormented geek (Marty Ratzen) of Doddsville County High School. As anyone who (More...)

When Candice Daly was found dead in a rundown apartment on December 14th, 2004 the cause of death was listed as unknown. There were allegations of drugs. The Globe promptly claimed that Candice had been sacked from her role as vengeance seeking psychotic Veronica Landers (More...)

Eric Fleming is best known today for his role on the CBS western series ‘Rawhide’ with Clint Eastwood. For 5 seasons, from 1959-65, he played trail boss Gil Favor on the hit series. When he left the show it was under somewhat (More...)

Born Jack Chowder in Miami on November 15th 1939, Thalmus Rasulala was a superb actor. He holds a place forever in my heart for his portrayal of Dr. Gordon Thomas in ‘Blacula’ (1972) that successfully mixed the horror and blaxploitation markets. In this classic flick interior decorators (More...)

You definitely know this guy. Even if you are unfamiliar with the name, you’ve seen his face countless times on television shows. He was the “recurring” priest on ‘Friends’, Milos the Janitor on ‘NewsRadio’, and Barney on ‘Married with Children’. He also appeared on most everything else – over 100 (More...)

Boyish tough guy actor Christopher George was born to Greek immigrants in Royal Oak Michigan on February 25th 1929. Young George quit high school to join the Marines and after his tour of duty headed to New York where he found work in (More...)

She was born Janet Neilson Horsburgh in Blackpool, Lancashire, England on September 28th 1934 …the same day as Brigitte Bardot came into the world in France. However, Janet Munro’s screen persona was quite different – she was known primarily as a rosy cheeked and plucky Disney heroine (More...)

Dwight Frye was born in Salina, Kansas on February 22nd 1922. The youngster was raised a Christian Scientist. Early on he received training in voice and piano and was originally moving towards a goal in music. However (More...)

She was born Mary Eileen “Mimi” Chesterson in St. Paul, Minnesota on December 20th, 1949 – though I have seen sources name her birthplace as Milwaukee and as Evanston. As I understand it, soon after her (More...)

She began as Britain’s answer to Marilyn Monroe but with a decided difference -- -whereas Marilyn and Jayne Mansfield were unattainable and basically goddesses – Diana Dors was undeniably common and endearing. (More...)

James Pickett was born on December 17th 1949 in Kentucky and made a name for himself in the horror community for his roles in three of William Girdler’s Louisville filmed flicks. He was an actor in local theater when he was first cast (More...)

Tough voiced, thick necked, and husky tough guy Aldo Ray was born Aldo DaRe in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania on September 25th 1926, to a family of five brothers and one sister. Aldo Ray entered the Navy at the age of 18. (More...)

He always said he would die at 30. It made sense. His grandfather had died at 50 and his father passed away at 40. The grim prediction made perfect sense. Maybe that’s why he was so feverishly determined to accomplish (More...)

Angelique Pettyjohn was never a big star, but she certain had all the qualities that Hollywood craves. She was gorgeous, blonde, and big busted – unfortunately it was those very attributes that made casting directors blind (More...)

Allison Hayes was a Pisces, but she was no cold fish. She was born Mary Jane Hayes on March 3, 1930 in Charleston, West Virginia. At the age of 19 she represented Washington DC in the Miss America pageant. The visibility the contest (More...)

She was a gorgeous platinum blonde in the tradition of Monroe, Mansfield, and Van Doren but she was nowhere near as popular. Joi Lansing was born Joyce Wassmandorff to Mormon parents in Salt Lake City Utah on April 6, 1929.(More...)

The hulking menace of low-grade 50s horror flicks was born in October 19th 1903 in Sweden. At 6’3” and tipping the scales at close to 300 lbs he took the wrestling world by storm. In 1928 he traveled to the California before (More...)

She was born in Charleston, South Carolina on February 1st 1906. Her well to do parents bred racehorses and then moved to New York and got into the jewelry business. Her educated and artistic parents wanted to pass their (More...)

She was sometimes referred to as “The Countess of Cleavage” and was known more through her tabloid visibility and for looking glamorous while attending premieres and parties than for her indelible mark on several B-films films of the early 70s. (More...)

Tall, handsome, hulking character British supporting actor Francis DeWolff was born in Essex England on January 7, 1913. He was often typecast playing intimidating characters throughout his career. He started (More...)

Donald Pleasance was born on October 5, 1919 in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England, UK as he started acting on stage in 1939 and became one of the busiest actors in the entertainment field ever since. (More...)

Corey was a Canadian actor who was born on December 23, 1971 in Toronto, Ontario he travelled to New Jersey to co-star in his first acting gig which was adramathriller about being caught in a 1984 family (More...)

Lilyan Chauvan to me I remembered well along with many other horror fans playing the incredibly ruthless and cold blooded Mother Superior in the 1984 cult classic slasher flick 'Silent Night Deadly Night'. The movie was released shortly after 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'. Yes the  (More...)

If you don't know who Bela Lugosi is by now then you aren't into horror film history as he is starred in the very first 'Dracula' film produced at Universal Studio's in 1931 but beforehand was in a Broadway stage   (More...)

Robert was the father of the legendary James Earl Jones and although he wasn't a name like his son he had many brief supporting roles in TV and film including his role as one of the camp's cook's in the 1983 cult classic slasher flick 'Sleepaway Camp'.    (More...)

Lon Chaney Jr. is a living legend and in many horror flicks that became remakes or influenced future one's to have similar themes. His father the late silent film star Lon Chaney portrayed horror characters himself like the Phantom so his son followed in his footsteps (More...)

I first met Bill in 2007 down in San Diego with Rick Roessler for a little reunion with the two of them as well I did a phone interview with Bill beforehand for my site on his work in horror films. 
Him and I struck a friendship and I visited  (More...)