Racks and Razors founding member, writer, and interviewer Owen Keehnen is pleased to announce the release of his bloody new horror novel 'Doorway Unto Darkness'
(Dancing Moon Press, $15). 
'Doorway Unto Darkness' is a psychological slaughterhouse of horror – a grisly tale of possession, murder and vengeance that transcends time.
This is the story of Michael Rogers, whose dull life grows suddenly complicated when a spirit – Mel, a merciless killer – takes up residence in his body. After each carnage, Mel vanishes and Michael returns to face the grisly scene. Told in journal format, the novel traces Michael’s mental and moral deterioration.
His world is one of confusion and dread.
As the plot unfolds and the body count rises, clues emerge that reveal Michael’s ancestral history with Mel. Doorway Unto Darkness is a gripping, brutal, gore-choked read that is sure to have you looking over your shoulder, checking the locks on the doors, and looking a bit closer in the mirror….
For more info join the Doorway Unto Darkness page on Facebook or shoot Owen an email at
ojkeehnen@aol.com .
The book is available now through Owen and FB and will be coming soon to Amazon and select bookstores.