I first met Bill in 2007 down in San Diego with Rick Roessler for a little reunion with the two of them as well I did a phone interview with Bill beforehand for my site on his work in horror films.
Him and I struck a friendship and I visited him a couple times whenever I visited Los Angeles and talked to him on facebook and on the phone between those times as well.

Many of you may remember him for his effective supporting role as Tom Sanford in the 1987 cult teen slasher flick 'Slaughterhouse' playing an aggressive businessman threatening to close down a disturbed man's slaughterhouse who happens to be Lester Bacon (Played by Don Barrett) in which makes him even more insane on losing his business which gives him an idea to set his burly rotund and powerful retarded son Buddy (Played by Joe Barton) to kill off the people responsible for his bankruptcy after finding out that he killed two teenage trespassers beforehand.
Boy does Sanford get the most grueosme murder of all as Buddy plunges him into a meatgrinder on the ground of the slaughterhouse which looked good and graphic as he had a few good scene's in the film before he got killed off.
To most viewers who saw him in a horror film this was the one he was mostly noted to be in.

During that same year he had a bit part in a John Saxon flick titled 'Zombie Death House' having no lines but briefly seen as a gang leader wannabe named John Lazzaza who gets shot to death by another mob of people. The film was a zombie flick in a prison where prisoners are getting infected and turning into the undead.

A year later he had another bit part in a horror anthology that was originally shot as a student film which he played the father to one of the main character's in the story as he had a scene talking to his sons in a kitchen and having dinner but his role was a little bigger till it was edited down in the cutting room floor. The film was called 'Terrorgram' which went direct-to-video.

In 2001 he was in a short horror flick titled 'The Screaming Place' with actor Frederick Lopez that went to film festivals and there was a black and white project 'Gothic West' where he was a werewolf man in the old west which was another short horror flick mixed as a western type of genre too.

His last film performance was in a 2011 horror film titled 'Millenium Bug' as he had a good sized role in it playing an elder type of family member to a bunch of backwoods maniacs as the role of Uncle Hibby.
I found this one to be the best our of his whole work in acting gigs. It was an independent feature shot inside a big garage set out to look like a wooded area which was shot cleverly making it look like a true wooded area. Bill plays an eccentric coot of a hermit.
He for sure shows a good growly and gruff type of speaking into his role and knew on how to come across as somewhat intimidating. He was one of the best actors here and made his supporting role increidbly effective too. He still had what it took to be a character actor.
The story was about a family celebrating New Years Eve to camp out and celebrate the countdown but then are terrorised by a demented backwoods family who abducts all of them and one of the backwoods family members named Billa Crawford (Played by John Charles Meyer) forces the Haskins daughter Clarissa (Played by Christine Haeberman) to marry him but the others must try and fight against them to survive their demented ways even if it means killing them or being killed.
Both parties have much bigger worries that night as a giant monster is about to rise from the ground to wreck havoc and eats these people one by one along with breeding baby monsters as well.
Due to the fact this film was non S.A.G. he had to credit himself as Trek Loneman and a sequel was planned to arise and Bill was possibly going to reprise his role in it. Sadly, he never saw the light of day to do so.
The film rode in many film festivals and got good raves and recently went to DVD.

Bill has acted in tons of non horror films in which he had one of the lead roles in a cheesy action flick in the same vein as Iron Eagle titled 'Warbirds' as well as co-starring in an award winning docu-drama TV play for PBS 'The Lemon Grove Incident'
He has many minor roles in other TV and filmwork but he fondly remembered working as a stand-in for Jack Nicholson in the flick 'The Witches of Eastwick' remembering having a good time working with him.

Alot of his acting background has been starring in many regional theatre productions in the 80's such as ''Mornings At Seven', 'Of Mice and Men', 'Harvey' and 'Southwest Corner'

He also studied acting at a school taught by legendary actor Clu Gulagher as this is where he got his start from.

Bill started doing alot of street performances in his area of San Diego and then moved up to Los Angeles for a while living with his son Justin while doing street performances on Hollywood Blvd as he was called the Mime Cowboy Statue.
Then he moved back to Maryland to reside his parents old farmland. He had a difficult time with weakness and side effects, that went away after his surgery Mid March of 2013. He was recovering well, and was renewed with life and the optimism of getting stronger and healthier.
Yet he died of complication's related to a brain tumor and passed suddenly on the a.m of April 10, 2013. He was 74 years of age.
He is survived by his son Justin, daughter Joie Riddle as well as being a grandfather to her kids. He loved his children tremendously and loved his friends and extended family.

I was shocked and saddened to find out his passing when I tried to give him a call one time and found out his phone was out of service and saw on his facebook page that he passed on. He was the first person in the 'Slaughterhouse' flick that I got in touch with and will always remember that day when I got in touch with him for the first time.