Back in 1996, I rented the flick 'The Evil Dead' and at first I didn't like it but I grew to enjoy it. For some reason Bruce really grabbed my attention and I rented his other movies like 'Maniac Cop' and 'Tornado'. He is a natural talent and has a string of b-films including horror that crowned him as a scream king.

Bruce was born on June 22, 1958 in Royal Oak Michigan and was the youngest of three brothers. He was a fan of the series Lost in Space as a child and also dressed up as Zorro running around pretending to be like him. At the age of 8 he was bitten by the acting bug and he watched his father act in local community theatre plays. When Bruce was 14 years of age he acted in the musical stage production of the 'King and I'. He then acted in several other community theatre productions including 'South Pacific'.

Bruce was also interested in directing and directed super 8 films with his neighborhood friend. In 1975 he was classmates with Sam Raimi in a drama class during highschool. Along with Sam and other highschool friends they shot 50 super 8 films together.

During the summer of 1976, he was an apprentice in northern Michigan at Traverse City's Cherry County Playhouse, a summer-stock company and worked 18 hours a day putting up sets, being assistant stage manager, doing errands, etc.This was also voluntarily work too.

He attended Western Michigan University and took theater courses. Bruce became a production assistant for a company that made commercials in Detroit. In the early part of 1979, with buddy Sam Raimi, he decided to become a pro filmmaker. Armed with a super-8 horror film 'Within the Woods' which they showed potential investors, they raised $350,000 to make 'The Evil Dead' which Bruce co-produced and starred in as Ash. It was made on a very low budget, extremely gory with a thin plot but it became a nationwide cult classic. After it's theatrical showing and years of hard work it became the best-selling video in England during the year of 1983 and New Line Cinema got it a US release.

He then got married with a family of 2 kids. Also, Bruce and Raimi raised 10 times as much cash to make a sequel the the 'Evil Dead' but instead of it's darkness in the first one this one was a horror flick with tongue in cheek and was out in 1987. A year later 'Evil Dead 2' writer Scott Spiegal was working on a graphic slasher flick titled the Intruder and hired some people involved including a supporting role by Sam Raimi. Scott also cast Bruce in it as a cameo during the ending of the film as a redneck cop. He also played the lead character as another cop named Jack Forrest in the action/horror film 'Maniac Cop' (With a cameo by Raimi) as well as it's sequel due to his fame in the 'Evil Dead' films.

Bruce eventually moved to Los Angeles where the movie business was really happening and starred in the sci-fi 'Mindwarp' playing the role of Stover. His marriage to his first wife had dissolved during this time but met his second wife Ida Gearon who was the costume designer for this film.

A year later he played Robert Van Helsing in a tongue-incheek horror-western Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat as well John Loftmore in Waxwork II: Lost in Time.

Then Bruce rejoined with Raimi to reprise his role as Ash for the third 'Evil Dead' film titled 'Army of Darkness'. This film had more effects in it and less gore plus it had more tongue in cheek than in the second one. During this time Campbell was riding his scream king famedom.

He had parts in many non-horror films and TV shows too but still did the odd horror flick like in Bubba Ho-tep and a movie coming out titled the Woods.

He was remembered as a regular in the short-lived TV series Jack of All Trades which was a spinoff from his recurring guest roles in Hercules :The Legendary Journeys and Xena: The Warrior Princess (Both shows he produced and directed some episodes too). He also works as a director and producer for other shows too from time to time and is a regular in many TV specials on his career as a b-film actor mainly talking about his Evil Dead days. Plus there is news that he will be in another Evil Dead sequel as well as a possible remake which he plans to produce both films if they see the light of day.

He also has two books out titled 'If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor' and 'Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way'.

Evil Dead 1982. I didn't like this film at first as the dialogue was very thin, badly acted and it really jumped into the terror as I wanted to follow a good storyline but again this film was very artsy psychedelic like. Years later I enjoyed it for what it was and I found it to be an original zombie flick. It grew me interested in Bruce Campbell and now I think the plot was amazing and spooky. It was very gory too as some of it I didn't find that necessary but that's just me. This film was a leap to Campbell's stardom in B-films and him and the others made the short flick Within the Woods to see if they can get funding to do this film and they did. Check this one out as he really stands out in this one as the almost sane survivor Ash. Ash and his friends go to a cabin for a vacation but evil is summoned up in the forest and kills Ash's friends by turning them into possessed zombies. George A. Romero eat your heart out.

Thou Shalt Not Kill... Except 1985. Campbell has an uncredited cameo in this one as a newscaster. I don't remember this one too well but I knew it co-starred Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi as a cult leader along with his brother Ted who is killing people in his area thinking he is Jesus Christ and doing sacrifices but a bunch of Viet Nam veterans put a stop to it. Some other people involved with the Evil Dead movies were involved with this one too. This film was not all that good but not awful either.

Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn 1987.The sequel that really had nothing to do with the first one as it seemed like a spoof remake on the first one in fact. It does show what happened to Bruce's character after the ending of the first one as the evil temorarily possesses him but he's brought back to life again. His hand however is possessed so he cut's it off and replaces it later with a chainsaw. This one was nowhere near as good but it had better acting in it and made on a bigger budget with better effects. There were many funny moments in it too.

Maniac Cop 1988. I browsed this movie at the video rental store and saw that Bruce Campbell was in after remembering him in Evil Dead it so I rented it. It was an okay film. I expected it to be an action film and it was but it was a horror as well so a cross of both. He does a good job in this one I must say and got some exposure for it. He plays a cop trying to put a stop on this demented excop who was arrested for murder and broke out of jail and is killing people who are doing crimes. Bruce reprises his role in the sequel halfway through and then gets killed off.

Intruder 1989. The makers of Evil Dead 2 made this god awful slasher flick with Evil Dead 2 director Sam Raimi having a supporting role along with his brother Ted and Danny Hicks (Both who starred in the film). Bruce has a cameo during the ending of the movie as an aggressive redneck cop. The film is just as gory as Evil Dead 2 but apart from it this film really bites as it takes place in a supermarket that's closing down and the employees are getting butchered one by one. I doubt that this one made it to theatre's plus it was banned for a while in some places like Canada due to it's graphic violence.

Mindwarp 1991. This was a terrible film indeed. Bruce was good in it and so was his co-star Marta Alicia as the story takes place in the future as the land is wasted after a nuclear disaster has just about destroyed the Earth, the planet's remaining dwellers retreat to Inworld, an enclosed biosphere where computers control all aspects of life. But a beautiful young woman rebels against the Inworld's pre-fabricated existence and demands the right to experience "real" life. So the biosphere's System Operator exiles Judy to the mutant-ridden outside world. Once there, she is kidnapped by deformed cannibals who want her to breed with their evil leader. Will Judy be able to escape the horrors of this futuristic, toxic wasteland? This movie was hard to watch as Bruce's character Stover was being tortured at one point and I found the movie itself extreme torture.

Waxwork II: Lost in Time 1992. The original was good but this one sucked about the two teenage survivors from the first flick travelling through time to look for evidence on a murder that someone is framed for due to a cut off hand that caused this from a waxwork museum as the film seemed like a horror anthology while we keep watching as there's a different story each time they enter a dimension as Bruce's character comes in as a paranormal investigator for a haunted house as his scene's were done in black and white as it paid a tirbute to those haunted house flicks as well as the Hitchcock classic Psycho. He seemed to have a good sharp behavior and showed off nice comedic timing even if the film wasn't funny itself. There's a scene where his skin is stripped off showing his skeletal remains and is tied up along with one of his assistants suddenly being possessed and things are accidentally thrown at him hitting him in the head which he shows off some nice slapstick dizzy expressions for this.
The film paid alot of tributes to other classic horror and sci-fi flicks including 'Evil Dead 2' in which Bruce's role was almost a pay off to his character Ash.

Army of Darkness 1993. The third and final part of the Evil Dead trilogy. This was the biggest budget of them all with lots of great effects which was focused more than on the gore. This one was the funniest of them all too and it was leaning towards the comedy side than on the horror side. Bruce Campbell's character as Ash goes back in time and the evil follows him but he has a plan to put a stop to it. The acting is good and kookie. Bruce also plays some different characters in this one. One he plays an evil side of his character and is extremely goofy in it. Great stuff Bruce.

Tornado 1996. Alot of critics put this one down by saying it was a Twister ripoff but quite frankly I don't care for movie critics as I'm my own critic and enjoyed this one very much. Bruce plays a storm chaser named Jake whose friend Dr. Branson has developed a machine that can help detect tornados and provide earlier warnings. Samantha 'Sam' Callen is an auditor who has come to evaluate the project and decide whether more research should be conducted or not. Jake must try and make the machine work and also convince Sam not to shut down the research. They must also dodge tornados in the meantime. Bruce is marvellous in his role as this was a made for TV movie and TV movies are alot of fun to watch. This was my first non horror film I watched with him in it.

From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money 1999. Evil Dead 2 writer Scott Spiegal wrote the screenplay and directed this one too and cast Bruce Campbell for the first bit of this film based on the original one by Quentin Tarrantino but unfortunately this one never made it to theatre's like the original one did. Bruce plays a lawyer in the film that's attacked by bats. There are also special appearances by known actors in this one too like Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Danny Trejo with a starring cast of familiar people as well like Robert Patrick and Bo Hopkins.

Spider-Man 2002. Well Evil Dead master and Campbell buddy Sam Raimi directed this action-sci-fi flick baes after the classic Marvel comicbook hero and how Spider-Man came to be. Bruce has a comedic part in the film as a Wrestling Ring Announcer as Spider-Man aka Peter Parker challenges another wrestler and it's a good part too. The story of course goes of a nerdy highschool student named Peter Parker who gets bitten by a radioactive spider then he has these special spider powers and the rest is history. Parker battles an evil scientist named Norman Austin who was responsible for killing Parkers uncle and Austin turns himself into the Green Goblin. Campbell returns to the sequel as snooty theatre usher who wouldn't let Parker into the theatre cause of his late arrival and his date is already in the theatre. Both films are true classics like the comic book series.

Bubba Ho Tep 2002. This film probably notes Campbell worthy as a character actor and his best performance to date ever as he makes his features very different than what he really looks like in person so well that you think it's another actor playing this role. It's a dark comedy and a horror. He plays an Elvis impersonator who awakens after a long coma in a nursing home along with JFK. He sees hallucinations of goofy looking bugs as well as seeing his opast life. Plus, he battles an ancient egyptian mummy. The film had some interesting effects and was well adored by fans of Campbell's and had a successful release at film festivals nationwide as well as a limited theatrical run. However, the film didn't do much for me.