Cloverfield (2008)

Directed by: Matt Reeves

Written by: Drew Goddard


Lizzy Caplan .... Marlene Diamond
Jessica Lucas .... Lily Ford
T.J. Miller .... Hud Platt
Michael Stahl-David .... Rob Hawkins
Mike Vogel .... Jason Hawkins
Odette Yustman .... Beth McIntire


Anjul Nigam .... Bodega Cashier
Brian Klugman .... Charlie

Release Date: Theatrical: January 16, 2008; Gerardmer Film Festival: January 23, 2008

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A group of five young New Yorkers throw a going-away party to a friend by the name of Rob Hawkins (Michael Stahl-David) as one of his friends named Hud Platt (T.J. Miller) decides to doument this special event since all of this is happening in their building.
Suddenly they feel what seems to be an Earthquake but discover buildings being torn apart as well as the statue of liberty devoured by a gigantic creature along with some parasites attacking others in the city so Hud and everyone else flee for their lives and this time they are documenting their survival against this creature as one by one they are being devoured as they still can't figure where this beast came from.
Also, Rob's girlfriend named Beth McIntire (Odette Yustman) is trapped in her building as they try to rescue her as well.


This film was a mocumentary flick like the Blair Witch Project but with a much bigger budget, scripted and special effects that look dynamic.
We also have a touch of Godzilla and Aliens involved too and many moments will keep you hanging from your seat while watching this.
The camera jiggles alot as you wonder why this camcorder hasn;t been damaged like everything else surrounding it.
I'd recommend you to watch this as it is a horror film even if it's credited as a sci-fi action and you will see what I mean once you check this neat motion picture out as it's for sure the horror film of the year.
It's very imaginative that suddenly you are partying out and then you have to flee for your life from a giant beast devouring everything along with little parasites.

The acting is excellent as we have a good and strong solid performances by many cast members.
Michael Stahl-David
really strutted his stuff well as the guy that was supposed to have a nice surprise as he shows nice reactions to everything that is going on and probably the best actor out of all of them.
T.J. Miller's
performance as an idiot in the film was nicely touched as he looked right for it and played it off believeably.
It's hard to explain the rest of the actors as this was a mockumentary but all of them showed great energy throughout the film with their parts involved.

There are bloody bite marks on a woman by a parasite
A woman's arm is stabbed through by a sharp metal object in her building.

The directing by Matt Reeves looked great as he tried to make it look as Blair Witch as possible but unfortunately the scene's looked acted out but of course in Blair Witch it was all improv and this was scripted.
We have an impressive beginning with Mike Vogel videoptaping everyone at the party as we have some funny shots on people's actions and it almost looked natural.
There's a nice happy expression on
Michael Stahl-David's face when he enters the suite with people's cheering for him as it looks like he's enjoying himself.
The party scene looked a little too long as we hope the terror will happen and then it suddenly does when we hear a big thumping sound with the ground shaking and everyone reacted well to it.
There's a good setting shot with the camcorder shooting outside to see what is happening and we see some nice explosions of the city.
It was great seeing everyone run out of the building to go outside and spot a head of the statue of liberty crashing down with a good close up shot at it as well as the people in shock in the city.
It was really scary looking with the monster tearing up the Brooklyn bridge everyone was trying to get away from as you wonder if these partygoers will make it safe.
Michael Stahl-David
looked good crying on his cell phone in a subway station when he tells his Mom some devastating news.
There's a nice shot of all of them walking in a tunnel of a subway path and then we have a funny moment with T.J. Miller when he says inappropriate stuff about what is going on which seems quite funny.
There's suddenly a good nightshot on the camcorder when it focuses on the little parasites following them about to attack and it looks very suspenseful with the camera jiggling around when these people are trying to kill them off and running away from them.
There's a nice zombielike reaction to Lizzy Caplan when she stands up and is bleeding telling everyone that she is not feeling so good and everyone goes in a frenzy with the camera going wild trying to see what is going on.
There was a nice shot on a building looking crooked and then Stahl-David, Jessica Lucas and Miller climbing on the building to rescue someone with keep you in suspense wondering if they will survive all of this.
It looked good with the camcorder placed on the ground when they all try to help Odette Yusmann's character up and then they film the monster approaching near the building as it looked intense and Stahl-David answers her questions of what it is and he sais it's something terrible as he does it well panicking but trying to stay calm at the same time. There's also a good shot on a parasite lurking in the hallway of the building too.
There's a nice camera shot looking down at the city in a helicopter and then the monster lunges up and grabs the helicopter with the camera flying around which makes you think this is the end for them.
There's a good shot on the ground scene outside with the monster looking at the camera and then snapping whoever is filming it up and throwing him to the ground which is Miller of course.
focuses himself well with the camera underneath a bridge in Central Park as he looked good crying on set and saying his speech of what is happening.

Hud: [repeated line] I'm documenting.

Hud: Look, all I'm saying is that this thing coulda have come from anywhere! It could have come from outer space!
Marlena Diamond: Like Superman?
Hud: Yeah! Wait... you know who Superman is?
Marlena Diamond: [sarcastically] Wait, you know Superman? Are you aware of Garfield?

Marlena Diamond: [as rats run through her feet in the subway] Oh god, this is nasty. This is disgusting.
Hud: They're all running in the same direction
Rob: Ya, like they're running away...
Lily Ford: From what?

Marlena Diamond: [a sound, as if caused by an insect's fluttering wings] What was that?
Hud: Run! Run! Run! Run!

Marlena Diamond: Guys? I don't feel so good.

Hud: [during a very stressful run up stairs] So, anyone know what that thing is?
Rob: I don't know, Hud, let's not talk about it right now.
Hud: Well, I need to talk about something or I'm going to actually shit my pants in this stairwell.

Beth McIntyre: [sees monster] What is that?
Hud: I don't know. Something Terrible.
[while trying to get to a flight of stairs, Rob encounters a parasite and kills it]
Beth McIntyre: Oh my God! What is that?
Hud: I don't know! Something different! Something also terrible!

Rob: [into shaky camera] My name is Robert Hawkins. Approximately seven hours ago some *thing* attacked the city. If you found this, if you're watching this then you probably know more about it than I do.