From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (1999)

Directed by: Scott Spiegal

Written by: Scott Spiegal & Duane Whitaker

Story by:
Scott Spiegal & Boaz Yakin


Robert Patrick .... Buck
Bo Hopkins .... Sheriff Lawson
Duane Whitaker .... Luther
Muse Watson .... C.W.
Brett Harrelson .... Ray Bob
Raymond Cruz .... Jesus
Danny Trejo .... Razor Eddie
James Parks .... Deputy McGraw
Maria Checa .... Lupe

Special Appearances:

Bruce Campbell .... Barry
Tiffani Amber Thiessen .... Pam

Release Dates: Limited Theatrical: July 1, 1999 (Spijkenisse, Netherlands); July 30, 1999 (Spain); September 8, 1999 (Davao, Phillipines); March 30, 2000 (Hungary); August 4, 2000 (Italy); Tokyo International Fantastic Film Festival: October 27, 2000; Tokyo Theatrical: April 28, 2001; Spain Theatrical re-release: September 11, 2003

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A former gang member named Buck (Robert Patrick) spots that his leader Luther (Duane Whitaker) has escaped from prison and gets Buck to try and round up his gang.
When this happens Sheriff Lawson (Bo Hopkins) isn't happy and tries to forcefully question Buck about any information on him.

Afterwards, Buck meets up with his other partner named Jesus (Raymond Cruz) to tell him the news of their leader to try and get the gang going again and so they inform the rest Luther tries to get the gang to meet them at the El Coyote Motel in Mexico but while Luther is on his way there his car is hit by a big bat and won't start so he walks to the Titty Twister to try to get some help where he meets up with the bartender Razor Eddie (Danny Trejo) and gets a ride from him. However, when Razor Eddie finds out about the bat that Luther hit, he turns back. The bat is actually his friend Victor. Victor and Razor Eddie eventually subdue Luther and turn him into a vampire.

Meanwhile at the motel with all of them watching porn, Luther eventually makes it to there but he has changed in some way that Jesus has noticed and is attacked.
The five of them head off to Bravos to rob the Banco Bravos. One by one the gang gets bitten and turned into vampires themselves except for Buck who becomes allies with Lawson to try and battle it out with the gang until sunrise


The beginning of the story seemed to almost do the trick with the two characters Barry and Pam by having a discussion together in an elevator. There is a good shot on Barry looking up from above the roof of an elevator and a nice shot on some bats flying down. The shots in the elevator looked suspenseful when the bats start to invade it.
We have a scene with Sheriff Lawson smacking Buck around trying to get answers from him but it looks a little lacking.
A perfect outside conversation between Buck and Jesus by discussing their leaders return and forming their gang again which looked quite believeable.
The setting at the motel with the gang watching porn on TV all looked natural with their mocking comments.
There is a nice shot on Luther driving at night in the desert. A nice shot on him trying to look at the front of his car engine to see what is wrong as well as a great jumping moment when a bat is about to attack him.
We spot a nice battle scene between Luther against a couple of vampires which was packed with a bit of action and suspense as well as a great shot on a vehicle turning around in circles during the end of this scene.
There's a nice shot on a woman taking a shower and then a bat attacks her. There's a good shot on the shower curtain with her behind it while being attacked as well as afterwards when she is about to collapse in pain.
A nice shot on Jesus close up in a bathroom and then Lupe rising from the bathtub about to attack on her prey.
There's a nice scene between C.W. Niles and Luther at a bank planning to rob it. A good shot on C.W. opening the door to a safe as well as the camera spinning on him while trying to open it. A nice surprise coming from Luther when he about to reveal towards C.W. as to who he is now.
A perfect shot on all four characters Luther, Jesus, C.W. and Ray Bob by pointing their guns and rifles out in front of the bank and firing with menacing vampire looks to them as well as great shots on police cars exploding and the policemen flying in the air.
A good look with Luther and Jesus by having a showdown with Buck and Lawson.
A perfect discussion between Lawson and Buck during the end of the movie about why the vampires would rob a bank etc.
Bottom line: Although this sequel doesn't meet up to the original it's still alot of fun to watch with good cheesy action involved in it. It's taken in a different direction alltogether with a different type of scheme but so what??? Some people diss it cause it has to do with vampires robbing a bank but I found it was done in good taste alltogether. It has some good performances by some familiar faces and some descent special effects too.

The acting is in good taste if I don't say so myself. Robert Patrick (Buck) seems to show alot of effort on his part as one of the head gang members trying to surivive being bitten by a vampire as he proves worthy as a character actor than just his role in Terminator 2.
However this time, Bo Hopkins (Sheriff Lawson) didn't seem to impress me with his role as a tough sheriff as he seemed to have lost his touch.
Duane Whitaker
(Luther) lived to play the head gang member turned into a vampire as he struts his stuff wonderfully as well as adding the odd wit and some terror too. He stood out the most in the film showing perfect charcteristic's too. He reacts greatly in a scene when something hits a window with him driving in his vehicle. He's great panicking while a bat is attacking him and trying to get his gun out. Does well surpsrising somebody with his appearance at the hotel and there are many shots on him in scene's showing his vampire expressions ready to attack.
Raymond Cruz
(Jesus) is another good one showing rough expressions as one of the gang members and brings his point across wonderfully with his words.
Of course we have a good cameo appearance during the beginning of the film by Bruce Campbell (Barry) who is quite charming in his part.
Tiffany Amber Thiessen
(Pam) however seemed to have lacked a bit in her role and it looks a little embarrassing and lacked with her screaming when bats came flying around her.

There's the odd stripper in a club are topless dancing.
There is a brief breast and butt shot performed by Playboy playmate Maria Checa during a lustful scene as well as walking in a shower.

A corpse in an elevator is badly bitten
Bloody gun shots
People being bitten
Vampires start to melt with their eyes popping out and skin shrivelling up
A decapitated head flies out onto the road of police cars.
Vampires being stabbed in the heart or stabbed by sharp objects

The music composed by Joseph Williams has some adventurous violing playing and other sorts but however it isn't too noticeable.

We do get a great soundtrack by artist Dick Dale in which his music was also used in many Tarrantino flicks giving each one that was used a perfect touch.