What do I have to say about Ginger? She's beautiful and is satisfactory with her roles in films when she plays a nasty girl but not the greatest actress of all time with other roles. However, I think she's too good to be in the adult films industry and is still remembered for her work in it. I could see her in a 'Beverly Hills 90210' type of show. Like Traci Lords she too moved onto low budget acting and gained a reputation in the odd horror flick so not exactly a scream queen just yet. She hasn't gotten her break just yet like Traci Lords has to be noted as mainly a b-film actress but she's working on it.

I had the honour meeting Ginger on October of 2010 at the Weekend of Horrors in Burbank, California as she was a very pleasant lady to know, open minded, patient, friendly and easy to talk to. In fact she was one of my favourite people I met along with Adrienne King, Geretta Geretta and Robert Z'Dar.

Beautiful 5'3 blonde, Ginger was born in Rockford, Illinois on December 14, 1962. Sources of her family background she apparently came from a verbally abusive family. In 1982 she went to California to visit her ill grandfather. She got a job as a manager at a record store in Redlands when she decided to stay in California and lived in a trailer in one of the worst parts of the town there. She answered an ad for figure models which led to her career for modelling in the X-rated 'Penthouse Magazine'.
Soon she followed a career in the porn film industry when at the time pornography had storylines. She acted in the industry credited as Ginger Lynn from 1983 to 1986 and was reigned as the top porn queen by acting in 69 of their films as well as countless re-issues and compilations.
She briefly retired as work stopped being fun and she had very little time off. During that same year she was approached by the FBI to testify on the behalf of Traci Lords, who had just been exposed as having been underage during her years in the adult-film industry. Ginger refused and was arrested for tax evasion spending a few days in jail.

She also dated actor Charlie Sheen for a while and Ginger decided to act in legit films and named herself Ginger Lynn Allen.
Her first notable role in a legit film was playing the role of the stuck-up Holly Wells in the trashy exploited USA Up All Night spoof 'Vice Academy' along with exploited B-film scream queen Linnea Quigley and reprising her role in two sequels.

Then she played the role of Christeenth in her first horror flick titled 'Satan's Storybook' which was a two-part anthology about a serial killer who is executed for his string of murders, the second about a despondent actor who hangs himself and meets a clown on "the other side."
In that film she acted with horror film writer Gary Brandner who wrote the original novel of 'The Howling' and some of it's sequels. Many of the other actors were virtual unknowns but this was a start to her career in horror films.
She continued to act in some other comedies like 'Dr. Alien' and 'Hollywood Boulevard II' but struck gold with another horror flick afterwards titled 'Buried Alive' which was written by horror legend Edgar Allen Poe. She travelled from Los Angeles to South Africa to do the flick.
The flick starred many name actors such as Robert Vaughn, the late Donald Pleasance, Nia Long (In one of her first starring roles), Bill Butler (Playing her boyfriend) and a special appearance by the late horror legend actor John Carradine in one of his last flicks.
Ginger had a good supporting role by playing a nasty juvenile delinquent at Ravencrofts Institute named Debbie who was nothing but demanding and nasty to others. Each client encounters ants crawling around them and then are slayed and sent to a basement room of some sort. Then they are walled up with cement and bricks.
Many fans may be upset towards the quarter ending of the film of what happend to Ginger's character and the character of her boyfriend played by Brandner but it goes to show her what happens to her in the end with all her nastiness.
Although there were a few nude scenes in the film Ginger's wasn't exposed and by no means was 'Buried Alive' a T & A flick.
'Buried Alive' was made on a low budget but carried a similar budget like most top B-horror flicks such as 'Halloween', 'Friday the 13th', 'Demons' and 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ' to name a few. Unfortunately the film never made it to theatre's and went direct-to-video. However, it was one of her most watched flicks.

Ginger was a regular as Crystal Chandler in the cheesy sci-fi TV series 'Super Force' in 1991-92 taking place in the year 2020, an astronaut becomes a vigilante when he returns from a mission to learn his cop brother's been murdered.

Apparently Ginger had a tough battle with drugs and alcohol and went into rehab in 1992.
Close to that same year, she worked again with 'Vice Academy' writer, director, producer Rick Sloane and played Brenda in his exploited horror film 'Mind, Body And Soul' which also starred B-film actor Wings Hauser. The film focused on her nudity during some scenes and she played a victim to a couple of satan worshippers.

A year later she starred as a troubled bisexual woman named Leslie in a dark comedy/thriller that also showed some of her nudity titled 'Bound & Gagged: A Love Story'.
The film was well publicised in video stores and she gained many fans with the film plus it did focus on her as a serious actress as well as a good message in the film.

She did have a bit of a break by guest starring in a top crime-drama TV show called 'NYPD Blue' with a year following that known as 'Silk Stalkings'.
She also made an appearance in Metallica's rock video 'Turn the Page' and did the voice-over's for 'Wing Commander' computer games but still she was waiting for a major break that hasn't come yet.

She carried on starring in b-films as well as special appearance's in bigger motion pictures. However, she realised that she missed the porn industry and returned to it before the new millenium started. She also wrote and produced her own adult films.

In 2002, she still pursued more legit acting work. She was in a short comedy blended with animation titled 'Save Virgil' which rode the film festival circuit and helped her get noticed too.

Then she travelled to Montreal, Quebec, Canada to play a supporting role named Pandora in the gory shocking horror flick 'Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain' as she was playing an Irish woman.
The film also features a special appearance by '21 Jump Street' former TV star Richard Grieco and a few other porn stars like Jenna Jameson.

She recently had a special appearance as a hooker named Fanny in a Rob Zombie film known as 'The Devil's Rejects' which is a sequel to his cult hit 'House of 1000 Corpses'! The film went to theatre's so we can see her on the big screen and became a bigger box office and a 'Grindhouse' type of flick too!

She was also remembered for her special appearance as a Nurse Sanders in 'American Pie Presents Band Camp' during the same time period which she got just as much exposure too.

But no doubt with the horror films that was mentioned she was in, this nearly marks her as a b-film scream queen! She is also a single mother with a son named Sterling who was born on March 31, 1996.


Wild Man . 1989 Ginger has one of the main supporting roles in this one as she portrays a nice and innocent but lustful secretary named Dawn Hall in which she acts attractive to the title character named Eric Wilde (Played by Don Scribner) who's an ex-commando trying to stop a psychotic drug dealer in which she then appears in other scene's with himand hooking up with him as they get it on with one another. She speaks smoothly and kind of sexy too which worked for her but however has a hard time pulling off her character in certain parts of the film coming off as a bit rough.
Of course she take off her top and has a sex scene with him although this moment wasn't convincing at all but yet it looked relaxing to watch and fairly silent.
She breezes in other scene's as there's a shocking situation where she gets emotional in which she is a bit rough at doing.
Plus she has a long workout scene with sexpot scream queen Michelle Bauer as a news reporter named Trisha Collins who helps Wilde into trying to track this criminal down. The two fo them are having a discussion as it looked like Ginger had a dispute with her before the shoot and was forced to have a decent conversation with her as there's alot of close up shots on their various workout machines which is supposed to be a turn on for the lustful fans of hers. Then after her workout she is nearly strangled in her vehicle with a thug behind her and Trisha catches him in the act with a good emotional moment after she is rescued which looked pretty convincing. Then she is never seen again and Bauer's character steals the rest of the scene's with Scribner's character.
This fairly exploited crime action film has a ton of bad acting and a bad movie in general as there's a ton of corny scene's that tries to add humor to some elements but they look incredibly embarrassing and some scene's that were trying to look disturbing but those one's were way too off the wall and amateurishly done as well.
This flick went straight to video along with terrible computerised special effects due to the lack of a budget it was carrying including a fake window being shattered after a thug is thrown out of a window or close to the end when a building explodes.
A kind of ripoff combo on 'Shaft' (Except for a white cast), 'Miami Vice' or other types of old school shows in this same vein. It's also overly long and dragging too.

Dr. Alien. 1989 Ginger has a supporting role in this film with Linnea Quigley. They both play rocker chicks to a nerd named Wesley played by Billy Jacoby who has a hard time getting a girl to go out with him and a substitute teacher who is an alien played by cult icon Judy Landers that gives him a tracking device on his head that makes girls sexually aroused towards him.
Ginger and Linnea are Wesley's lustful images that go to each event he's at. Ginger is also topless with Linnea in one scene of the film after Judy Landers' character does an experiment with him so that should please all of her fans.
This was a comedy spoof on sci-fi shows and was directed by exploited direct-to-video icon David DeCoteau.

Cleo/Leo. 1989 Ginger has a good supporting role in this one named Karen in which she portrays a nice girl in the flick and was quite passable by pulling off her character here. It features a few porn stars but this is not a porn flick but another exploited sex comedy that aired in USA Up All Night along with it being shown at the Cannes Film Festival before going to VHS.
She travelled to Toronto, Ontario in Canada for this one and some of the dialogues can come across as one of those porn flicks due to some cheesiness by what we spot here.

She is seen
in the first bit of the film working in an office for a male chauvinist who's name is Leo Blockman (Scott Baker) who treats his women employees as sex object and then one day a prostitute teaches him a lesson by nearly shooting him as he falls into a river and comes out as a woman and has a butch attitude at first but realises that she has to live everyday as a female and spotting on other male's hitting on her in a bad way. She has to tell everyone that her name is Cleo Clock (Veronica Hart) since Leo is rumored to have drowned in the river.
Ginger comes in as someone who is friendly to her and offers Cleo to stay with her as things look intersting when they go to her suite in which she comes out of the shower and fully nude top to bottom asking Cleo if she can help dry her off. There's almost suggested lesbian moments while we watch this as it is a bit of a teaser.
She breezes through many other scene's eventually putting her foot down to men making chauvinist remarks towards her too as there's good messages here on how to treat a lady with respect and imagining if you were in that situation.
Alot of the performances here were challenging pieces and some of these people seemed to pull through okay even if at time it was slightly cheesy.
Tons of gratitious nudity on dressing and undressing and an average flick. It's a cheesy flick but a good message to it.

Vice Academy. 1989 If you remember 'Police Academy' which was a spoof on crime drama shows of people training to be officer's this film was like a trashy version on that one with a Z-grade budget and a thinner plot.
Ginger plays a stuck-up character at the training Academy named Holly Wells, who's daddy was a police officer that worked there so she was the little pet there and expected everyone to kiss up to her.
According to sex-pot scream queen Linnea Quigley, who starred with her in this one too, that she was always showing up late on set, hung over and very demanding but meeting her myself I found her to be the total opposite.
I found Ginger to be the best actress in that film as the plot was very stale and average and her performance spiced it up.
She was also in part 2 & 3 and does a good job in those one's too but an actress from part 3 named Darcy DeMoss refused to have her name uncredited in the film as there were rumors that the two of them clashed and even walked off set during their last takes on part 3.
But again that is gossip which shouldn't be spread unless it's a proven fact.
Yet she had a falling out with the filmmaker Rick Sloane after part 3 and never returned to reprise any of the other 3 sequels that were made afterwards in which those one's became obscure probably due to her fans enjoying her work in the first three alltogether.

Satan's Storybook . 1989 Ginger had the lead role in this horror antholoy which is the wraparound story to two chapters told in this flick. It's not someone introducing a story like you'd picture in most of the types as she portrays a warriror named Christeeth who kidnaps Queen Elonite () whom belongs to Satan (Ray Robert) whom is upset by all of this by his Jester
The acting in this cheaply budgeted made-for-video flick is pretty bad and Ginger seems to struggle in her performance when she tries to speak powerfully like a warrior should. However this doesn't seem to do the trick at all. Yet she stands out nicely in her part. Also does some battling with some demonic monsters which looked enjoyable to watch.
There's no nudity whatsoever so this may disappoint her fans and the actors are full of virutal unknowns with a couple of them who mainly worked as writers that took a shot for the first time acting yet failed to perform well.
The film can be a fun trip to watch with a group of friends especially on a Halloween night but if you're in the mood for a higher quality flick then this one is not for you.

Buried Alive. 1990 I found this to be Ginger's best performance yet! She plays a nasty girl in this one named Debbie! It was a good supporting role and should've won an award for best supporting actress.
The film was written by a legendary horror writer known as Edgar Allen Poe.
People at the Ravencrofts Institute are missing one by one as a killer takes them to a basement and buries them with a wall of bricks along with infested ants.
Ginger got to act with a few well known celebrity actors like Robert Vaughn (I remembered him well as a villain in 'Superman 3'), the late Donald Pleasance and Nia Long.
There are some adult situations and a bit of nudity. However, Ginger isn't exposed as this may disappoint some fans. She is in a shower scene with the other girl clients but the steam from the hot shower water doesn't show her full body. This was a film that showed her talents.
Too bad it never made it to theatre's but direct-to-video does better as more people rent them at their local video store.
Ginger does scream in this one and does well but her fans might be upset to what happens to her towards the end of the film. This was one of her first horror flicks to credit her as a scream queen.

Apparently the film was shot around 1987 which was John Carradine's last appearance before his death and seemed like it was shelved and then went to video stores 3 years later. This was probably Ginger's first legit acting gig.

Young Guns II. 1990 You will only see a glimpse of Ginger in this film as a hooker in a whore house so look carefully. Emilio Estevez was in the scene at the whorehouse and Ginger dated his brother Charlie.
I am not a big fan of western flicks but really enjoyed this one as it was well acted with a good storyline.
Jon Bon Jovi did a great music score with his hit "Blaze of Glory", plus he had an uncredited cameo in the film.

Whore. 1991 Ginger only has a special appearance in this comedy-drama as a wounded prositute who's stomach was slit and the lead character played by Theresa Russell tries to helo her in a girls washroom.
Ginger is not nude in her role, sorry fans! I wasn't wild over this flick but apparently it did go to theatre's.
Ginger's scene is shown on the back of the box when it went to video stores after it's release in cinema's.

Leather Jackets. 1992 Ginger has a 5 minute supporting role playing a sleazy lady named Bree who does a threesome act with another girl towards one of the lead actors in this film.
Later they are all at a bar. The fans may get a kick out of her here.
Her name is credited in the opening too and it went to theatre's but again this film wasn't a favourite of mine. Some good acting though.

Mind, Body & Soul. 1992 Ginger was the lead role as a victim named Brenda in this exploited horror flick by the same guy who did 'Vice Academy'
A badly acted one too and Ginger was low on energy with her performance in this one which is mainly due to the poorly direction with Sloane himself since I often liked her work in other shows.
However she is topless in many scenes. She is an innocent victim who was thrown in jail because her ex-boyfriend was running a cult ceremony and she attended to one of them. She is raped by the prison guard when she is free from prison and is ready to leave as he rips her top off, also there is a fashback scene where her shirt is unbuttoned exposing her breasts when she was making out with her ex-boyfriend and she is also the same with a guy who tries to help her who acted with her in 'Vice Academy' known as former cheesy b-film scream king Ken Abraham.
The fans may enjoy those scenes with her in this one.

Bound & Gagged: A Love Story. 1993 Ginger was the lead in this one too as a bisexual troubled woman named Leslie who is kidnapped by her lover to get her away from her abusive husband.
Alot of nude scenes involving Ginger Lynn Allen when she has a topless sex scene with her boyfriend Steve (Chris Mulkey). Ginger also is topless in a van tied up and kidnapped by her lesbian lover Elizabeth (Elizabeth Saltarrelli).
This was hard to tell whether it was a dark comedy or a thriller. It was very twisted that's for sure but it did focus on Ginger as a serious actress but the film at times was incredibly boring however, it does pick up at times.
There is a good message in the film apart from all the nudity telling abused people of other lovers that if someone treats you badly they don't love you like they say they do.
This film was well adored by fans of Ginger's. Ginger said that this film was her favourite role along with her guest starring role in 'NYPD Blue'. Karen Black also has a special appearance and a great dialogue with Ginger which is the best scene of all in this one.

The Stranger . 1995 A stale action flick which tries to focus more on a steady and simple plot offering no skin which is a good thing as Ginger had the main supporting role playing a redneck named Sally Womack as she plays a nasty one and acts like a bully but yet I've seen her other work which was a bit more convincing than in this one.
Most of the acting is pretty mediocre which involves an outcast named Stranger (Kathy Long)
whom is a tough and manly type of biker riding into a desert town to seek revenge on "Angel" (Andrew Divoff) and his ruthless gang of violent bikers. She tries to find her homeless little sister in which people torment her including the character Sally herself as well as the gang trying to make Stranger unwelcome in the town but falls in love with one of the locals there in which Sally gets jealous and tries to find some way on wooing him with her wicked charm.
The sheriff and deputies act like pussies in this film and there's a brief sex scene with brief nudity involving the Stranger but this is by no means a T&A film. More of a film to be taken seriously but it is a little lagging and uninspired as there needed to be something to make it more entertaining than what it was.
Quarter way through Ginger's character as well as the rest of the locals abandon the town since Angel and his gang arrives but Stranger battles these goons which looked highly entertaining when these moments start to happen.
The film has the odd bloody gunshots and the picture looks fairly decent for a direct-to-video low budgeter. Plus some nice peaceful moments involving Strange helping out her long lost sister too which has some nice focused discussions.

Evil Breed: The Legend of Samhain. 2003 A film shot in Montreal, Quebec, Canada about a legend of a cult on a family of cannibals that were reportedly extinct but one survives down in the woods of Ireland as a bunch of university students from the US travel there.
Ginger has a supporting role named Pandora who is an Irish local and has only 3 scenes in the film. Her first scene is a good length as she introduces herself to a couple of the students along with a relative of hers played by a Canadian local named Simon Peacock who is a disturbed woodman and afraid of the legend there in the woods.
She does perform an Irish accent but she sounds like an American actress doing an accent but it isn't overly bad.
Her next scene is when Peacock's character runs into tthe house to vomit after seeing a decapitation and the surviving cannibal kills him then she has a brief battle with this monster by doing karate kicks etc. which looks amusing.
The film is an awful gore flick with lots of perverted graphic violence like you'd see in an Andreas Schnaas flick.
It rode the Kingston Canadian Film Festival on March 1, 2003 and then went to DVD in 2005.
The film featured special appearance's by other porn stars like Jenna Jameson, Chasey Lain and Taylor Hayes.

The Devil's Rejects. 2005 Ginger only has a 2 minute or so special appearance in this one as she plays a prostitute named Fanny in a dream by Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig) as she fornicates with him plus her breasts are revealed.
Then she points a gun at him and tells him to call her a "Fucking whore" and is vicious at telling him that. She did get some reviews for her small part in it as it made it to the big screen.
Devils Rejects is of course the sequel to the other awful blockbuster House of 1000 Corpses both of these flicks written and directed by shock rocker Rob Zombie.
The demented Firefly family abandon their farmhouse and are on the road kidnapping, torturing and killing other innocent people.
There were tons of other special appearance's by other familiar faces in the b-film industry like P.J. Soles, Steve Railsback and Duane Whittaker.

The film was exciting and very disturbing to watch and a total grindhouse type of flick since the story takes place in somewhere like 1977 as the environment totally looks that way. Although a sequel to a horror film this one is a crime flick and not a horror one at all although horror fans of the original will enjoy this one too.

31. 2016 Another Rob Zombie flick that she had a cameo in but it wasn't as effective as in 'Devil's Rejects' in which the story takes place in the 70's about a group of people that work for a carnival and are travelling to their next desitnation but are kidnapped by demented looking clowns that torture and kill these people as Ginger is in quarter way through the flick acting opposite of supporting actor Richard Brake as one of the demented killer Doom HEad in which he has sex with her doggystyle and later on have a brief dialogue as she acts turned off by him.
Ginger's character is Cherry Bomb but I don't recall her name being mentioned. She was a bit hard to notice in this one but the film looked grindhouse as I like that in a story although it didn't do much for me. However there's gore, canniballism as well as clowns with chainsaws as this looked like what you'd see in a funhouse as well as a nice soundtrack by 70's artists but of course Zombie often uses that type of music in his flicks since he's a retro type of filmmaker.
Received a very limited theatrical release as well as going to the odd film festival.