Gutterballs (2008)

Executive Produced, Written & Directed by: Ryan Nicholson


Alastair Gamble .... Steve
Mihola Terzic .... Sarah
Nathan Witte .... Jamie
Wade Gibb .... Joey
Candice Lewald .... Lisa
Jeremy Beland .... Ben
Trevor Gemma .... Patrick
Nathan Dashwood .... AJ
Dan Ellis .... The Janitor

Release Date: Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors: January 18, 2008 (Premiere); Insomnifest Festival: February 23, 2008; Weekend De La Peur Festival: September 27, 2008; Gorezones Weekend of Horrors: October 18, 2008 (UK)

*Images courtesy at www.ohmygore.com




During after hours at a midnight disco bowl-a-rama, two teams are up against one another but the other team seems to do better which enrages the other team lead by a delinquent named Steve (Alastair Gamble) as he beats up one of the players named Jamie (Nathan Witte) and then while one of the caretakers isn't watching Steve and his gang brutally rape one of the players named Lisa (Candice Lewald) in many painful and perverted ways as their follwer named Patrick (Trevor Gemma) doesn't like this but Steve tries to force him to rape Lisa with a bowling pin.
Then during their next tournament the same night one by one people are being slayed in perverted ways by a killer in a strange disguise as if Lisa is possibly out for revenge on all this and they notice a grim reaper type of score on the score board whenever someone is killed.


This is probably the best splatter film I've ever seen and it does make you cringe like crazy wondering what is the most painful death you can have while being killed as Ryan Nicholson really portrays that. I mean there are disturbing movies like Saw which is hard to watch and this one shows original disturbing horror too with great bloody effects and the sex scene's look very real too. Very close to being pornographic. It's controversial but in a well done way.
Also most Canadian films are Americanised but Nicholson made sure this one never was which can make viewers think that Canadian film are great the way they are.
The rape scene is extremely disturbing wondering if this woman will survive or not and more graphic than in I Spit on Your Grave or Last House on the Left put together. It's a nice revenge flick too as you wonder who the killer really is showing a good disguise like you've never seen in a horror flick before.
It's very interesting to watch killings in a bowling area even if flicks like Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl O Rama has doen it too but again that film was way too cheesy and undisturbing in every way making it only watchable for hot looking women taking off their clothes and it's got nothing on this one.
Do you really think you can sit through and watch a horror film not being disturbed by it? I dare you to watch this one.

The acting is nicely performed and tongue in cheek too which was intended as lead actor Alastair Gamble played a perfect nasty bad ass bowler and rapist in the film as he shows nice evil expressions as well playing a perfect one to be a victim for the killer due to his nasty and evil deeds.
Mihola Terzic
really brought her frightening reactions very well to the camera as well as her energy too showing good intensity.
Nathan Witte
seemed to be quite energetic as the hero in the film trying to save the day and bringing nice character to his part as the nice guy in the film. I can see him getting work in future films due to his role in this one.
Wade Gibb
showed good expressionless bad ass attitude like he was a stoner of some sort and someone not to be around with in which he made it clear with that with his whole performance in the film.
Candice Lewald
knew how to do act shocked and disturbed by playing the victim in the film getting raped and showed a good silent attitude to her part as if she's the one killing everyone for revenge.
Jeremy Belland
had a great look looking like a 70's type of pothead and knew how to act goofy and being full of life too.
Trevor Gemma
really knew how to play an insecure preppy type in the film showing nice disturbed actions with the crowd he's involved with and acting wimpy too. He really brought out his innocence terrifically and playing a good follower in the film.
Nathan Dashwood
showed a nice arrogant and juvenile delinquent attiude to his part and really bringing it out by being a complete goofball who acts like a rebel without a cause. He was great with his expressions and his blocking too.
Dan Ellis
had a great supporting role as the janitor as the bowling area showing a good slapstick type of behavior in the film along with his firm actions portraying the perfect suspect for the show

Alot of pornographic type of nudity in the film
Candice Lewald
is stripped down on a pool table while being raped half to death revelaing her breasts as well as her butt for a long period of time
Danielle Munro
does a 69'er with a guy in a washroom butt fully open as well as her breasts too
Stephanie Schacter
takes off her top fully breasted while making out with one of the guy's.

Lots of well done gore effects
A bowling pin is shoved in a drag queens mouth and then his cock is sliced
Eyes are stabbed by two broken bowling pins carved in a sphere object with lots of blood gushing out
A face is melted in a bowling ball cleaner with lots of blood gushing out and then showing the results with half his head sliced off
A bloody stabbing in a person's butt and then his face constantly bashed with a bowling ball
More eyes stabbed out with throats cut open and sliced
There's a decapitated head but it looks a bit phony
A persons insides are torn out
A person's neck is slit open and then his head falls off showing a headless corpse
A man's head is blown off by a shotgun showing it three times blowing off with tons of blood gushing out and my favourite gore scene

Ryan Nicholson really makes his work extremely intense and psychological. It's really that disturbing with what he did and really brings his work across very well.
There's good slapstick direction with the cast bowling as well as a good shot on a few other cast members like Nathan Witte entering the doorways to the bowling arena with supporting actor Dan Ellis as the Janitor shaking up a can to shine some shoes.
There's many good quick shots on the cast fighting as well as a good shot looking up on Alastair Gamble getting nasty and pounding his fists on Witte.
We spot many disturbing shots on the cast like Gamble, Nathan Dashwood and Wade Gibb brutally raping Candice Lewald in many painful and perverted ways like doggystyle etc which good shots on all of them taking turns as well as a good shot on her on the ground crawling and nearly sobbing which was hard to watch. We see a nice shot on Gamble trying to manipulate Trevor Gemma into raping her with a bowling pin and him not wanting to which looked believeably directed with a bully onto someone who is insecure. There's a good close up shot on the pin having intercourse with her which looked very real thanks to Nicholson's coaching on it.
We've got a good moment between Lewald and Gemma in an elevator with him actring nervous trying to talk to her about what happened and not wanting to do what they told him to do with her going in a rage and grabbing his neck. It leaves a good impression that the horror is about to begin.
We have some close up shots on both Scott Alonzo and Danielle Munro doing a 69 in the washroom as it looked real pornographic and then a good shot on the killers feet about to do something.
We spot a good shot on Jimmy Blais in a washroom acting nervous with a knife knowing someone dangerous is in the john and then the killers hands grabbing him under and sliding him in and then a good shot on a bowling ball shooting a strike in a bowling alley. Next, there's a good moment with Blais in the john acting like a wimp trembling by holding his knife to the killer along with a great shot on the killer plunging a bowling pin in his mouth and him choking to death.
We have good shots like Gamble and Witte looking at the score board noticing some scores on the board in a grim reaper type fashion wondering what is going on.
There's a good aggressive moment with Gibb towards Ellis complaining his bowling ball is wrecked and wants a new one with Ellis acting ignorant about it and Gibb getting more aggressive.
There's a good moment with Dashwood towards Ellis about getting the bowling ball cleaner fixed and Ellis talking about a situation which looked creepy like and leaving an impression that he's a suspect for the killings.
There's a good shot looking up on Dashwood looking at the ball cleaner and acting like a goof with suddenly the killers hands pushing his head in and then a nice shot on blood gushing out.
There's a hard to watch moment with the killers hands holding a broken spiked bowling pin and then about to stab Gamble in a private part of his body and a good weak and painful reaction on Gamble pleading the killer to just kill him which looked good and disturbing.
We have a good shot on the killer constantly whacking a bowling ball on Gamble's face which looked believeably painful.
There's a good shot on a corpse hung with Witte and Mihola Terzic freaking out as well as good shots on them running around the bowling area trying to get out but the doors are locked. There's also nice close up shots on the rest of the corpses lying around as well as Ellis acting crazy and holding a shotgun and other struggling moments which involved a catfight between Terzic and Lewald showing nice intense and fast shots on them and looking quite deadly.

The music was composed by Patrick Coble and Gianna Rossi which is only the odd twnkling keyboard sound mainly showing the scoreboard with the deadly reaper signs showing on it and sometimes the high pitched screeching sounds for the killer doing in the people.
There are retro songtracks by Canadian groups like
with "We're Here for a Good Time" and "Raise a Little Hell"
Chilliwack with "My Girl", "Baby Blue", "Communication Breakdown" and "Whatcha Gonna Do"
Loverboy with "Working for the Weekend" etc which was really cool but the songs were way too overplayed for throughout the whole story. However "Raise a Little Hell" was also used in the closing credts which is perfect.