Halloween Kills (2021)


Executive Produced & Directed by: David Gordon Green

Written by:
Scott Teems, Danny McBride & David Gordon Green


Judy Greer .... Karen
Andi Matichak .... Allyson
Anthony Michael Hall .... Tommy Doyle
Dylan Arnold .... Cameron Elam
Jamie Lee Curtis .... Laurie Strode
Robert Longstreet .... Lonnie Elam
Will Patton .... Deputy Frank Hawkins
Kyle Richards .... Lindsey Wallace
Omar J. Dorsey .... Sheriff Barker
Michael Smallwood .... Marcus
Carmela McNeal .... Vanessa
Nancy Stephens .... Marion

Special Appearances:

Charles Cyphers .... Leigh Brackett
Michael McDonald
.... Big John
Nicholas Pryor
.... Morgue Doctor
P.J. Soles .... Lynda

Release Dates:
Venice Film Festival: September 8, 2021; Beyond Fest: October 1, 2021; Sitges Film Festival: October 11, 2021; Theatrical: October 15, 2021; La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival: October 16, 2021





Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) thought she put an end to Michael Myers and is sent to a hospital but he is still very much alive as Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) and his gang of friends try to hunt him down and put an end to his deeds but however this can cause them their lives.


The beginning was for sure an eye catcher on what happened in police headquarters offering something gruesome and then another scene taking place in 1978 which explains as to how Michael Myers ended up back in the psych ward since the previous sequel was a direct one from the original as we all knew that Loomis shot him but managed to get away so it made me wonder as to how this happened and this moment was very important.
Terrific dark scenery in back alley neighborhood's with the police trying to track Michael down which looked very slick as well as a young Lonny (Yes the kid that bullied Tommy Doyle in the original) getting picked on by his phony friends as well as him encountering Michael as all of this looked mighty suspenseful to watch and making you wonder as to what will happen next. Very well done scene's for sure.
The police goes into the Myers house as the makers did their homework well as to what happened there in 1978 along with Dr. Loomis being mysterious in the scenery since the original actor who played him died lifetimes ago so we can only see this character in the darkness when talking to some of the police task force but it was all well done.
While the two police officers look everywhere around the home there's definetely a jumping moment which should please the horror fans along with as to how they managed to capture Myers to send him back to the ward as there's great camera shots inching away in which this looked very similar to the prologue on the 1978 classic with Michael as a child.
Then the story takes place in 2018 which the some of the original characters from the first flick are together at a talent night Halloween party in a pub and boy does it look entertainingly fun as this was a total reunion indeed with great taste too. We can't forget about Tommy Doyle as he makes a speech about what happened in Haddonfield in 1978 which was strongly done as well as introducing his friends. This all seemed necessary for a reunion horror flick. I loved every minute of it.
Between these moments we spot right after on what happened in the previous sequel as well as great fast action shots on Michael Myers killing fire fighters as this indeed looked like a perfect bloodbath.
Terrific situation when Tommy and his gang of friends try to find Michael and one of his friends get in their car and hear some breathing which is a real brain teaser making you wonder if this masked maniac is in the car as well.
Dry humor is added into the story with a gay couple living in the Myers house and some trick or treaters playing a prank on them as it was done in fine taste plus you see the kids wearing the same masks as in the non Myers flick Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Also the fact that someone lives in the Myers home pays a tribute to Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers.
Then the kids go to a playground which had a perfectly dark setting making it look totally gloomy and not wanting to be there along with Lindsey Wallace trying to tell the kids to go home and the kids tell her the boogeyman was playing a game with them. Next you know there's a distance shot on Myers as this was perfect horror timing indeed as well as a great moment later on with Marion telling this maniac something before trying to shoot him as that one liner was a total classic and well written into the film.
Later on in the story the hospital runs amuck with people there going crazy about Michael as they chase after an inmate residing there which leaves a great psycholigcal feel to everything as it shows how crazy people can be to try and track down a serial killer. Things looked perfectly intense indeed.
Then things get rolling when Karen takes off Michael's mask and leading him to Tommy's gang while they were trying to track him down. Sadly we don't see what Michael looks like since it mainly shows the back of his head.
Then everyone tracks Michael down on the street and act crazy by trying to do him away along with a great one liner from Leigh Brackett that he was famous for saying in the original. This was one of my favourite scene's to watch which is a great vengeful scene with the locals here acting insane.
Bottom line is that this was a great sequel and will please the fans big time. A reunion sequel has never been better like this one as well as paying a tribute to the other flicks that weren't affiliated with this one especially with Laurie Strode in a hospital like she was in the very first sequel. The makers deserve great credit for this one and keeping the legacy alive. Another one is to follow a year after this one and can't wait for it.

The acting was terrific as we get a great performance by Judy Greer (Karen) in which she brought out her emotions very well along with doing a nice job by talking kindly to an inmate in the flick in which she knew on how to sound gentle while beaving like this. Plus she does good with her energy trying to stop the people for not going crazy. Also does a nice job by taunting the Michael Myers character with his mask. She brought this versatality to life big time.
Andi Matichak (Allyson) who plays her daughter really brought a seriousness to her personality as well as having a no bullshit type of behavior too. Was great with being alert to the terror that happens and really studied her part very well.
Anthony Michael Hall (Tommy Doyle
) was probably one of the best out of the whole cast. Sadly it wasn't the same actor from the 1978 reprising his role but this fellow really did a bang up job in which he does a great speech at a pub discussing the Michael Myers incident in which he drew in a great type of entertaining attitude. Also does a great job leading the others to track down this serial killer as well as going at a full thrust when trying to kill this maniac. A great character actor indeed.
Jamie Lee Curtis
(Laurie Strode) has the main supporting role in the flick this time and is a natural talent as always in which she does well crying to others to keep the house on fire while being taken away in an ambulance. Does well sounding exhausted while in the hospital and then being alert when trying to get into action to try an snuff this Myers monster. She shows a nice versatality within all of this.
Robert Longstreet (Lonnie Elam) was great with his charming attitude and being perfectly outgoing within everything that he does. He offered some great spunk in his role and had the right motives for whatever he had to do. Yet another actor not played by the same person in 1978 but still did the job regardless.
Will Patton (Deputy Frank Hawkins) does a nice job as a patient in the hospital in which he does well by showing guilt on what he did in the past as well as speaking perfectly serious and got into a good discussion and not letting an ounce of energy down.
Kyle Richards (Lindsey Wallace) reprised her role from the 1978 flick and it's great to see her back in action again. She does a great job by calling out to some kids in a playground to go home in which she drove her intenisty to the limit as this was great to see. Also she does well with her emotional attitude when she is being attacked. Hats off to her as I always wondered as to what happened to this character.
Nancy Stephens (Marion) was another one reprising her role as now a retired nurse from the sanitarium in which she added some great pizzaz to what she says especially when pointing a gun towards the Michael Myers character which can be fondly remembered.
Charles Cyphers (Leigh Brackett) is back as well which was awesome to see in which he shows off a perfect vengeful attitude as well as speaking his lines which was remembered from the first film towards Michael. He was perfectly sarcastic which was great to see in which you will know what I mean when you watch this flick.

This flick was a toal bloodbath.
Slaughtered corpse is imapaled by a sharp object on a fence.
Slaughtered body is found on the ground.
Michael slaughters fire fighters with their weapons in the face.
Bloody gunshots.
Fingers are plucked into someone's eyes as well as his head crushed.
Decapitated head is revealed with a mask on it.
People are slaughtered in a playground.
Inmates head is splattered open after falling off a hospital building.
Lots of bloodied stabbings.

The music was composed by three different artists as there's a great variety of taste in this. It was of course done by John Carpenter as well as his son Cody along with Daniel A. Davies in which they used the same formula sounding similar to the original flick but making it sound more upgraded to today's standards especially when it shows a scene taking place in 1978. I loved it. Also there's some sharp dark sounds too as this sounded awesome. The music sounded spooky during the dark moments adding terrific chemistry as to what will unravel.

[the trio are horrified when emergency vehicles head toward the burning house that Michael is trapped in]
[panicking] No, no, no, no, no, no!
Laurie Strode: Let him burn! Let him burn!


Marion: Hey, Michael! This is for Dr. Loomis!

Karen: [to Michael Myers] You want your mask, come and get it!

Leigh Brackett: Hey Michael! It's Halloween. Everyone's entitled to a one good scare!