Hanger (2009)


Produced & Directed by: Ryan Nicholson

Written by:
Patrick Coble & Ryan Nicholson


Dan Ellis .... The John
Nathan Dashwood .... Hanger
Ronald Patrick Thompson .... Leroy
Wade Gibb .... Russell
Alastair Gamble .... Phil
Candice Lewald .... Nicole

Special Appearances:

Debbie Rochon .... Rose
Lloyd Kaufman .... Melvina the Tranny

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: June 25, 2009 (Germany)




A pregnant hooker named Rose (Debbie Rochon) is constantly being beaten by her pimp named Leroy (Ronald Patrick Thompson) telling her many times to have an abortion since he was responsible for getting her pregant and has her abortion in a back alley but the baby survives and 18 years later this person whom was aborted but survived named Hanger (Nathan Dashwood) is a deformed freak living under bridges until his godfather who is a bum as well named the John (Dan Ellis) takes to to work at a garbage dump where there are other deformed employees as well as seeking revenge on Leroy's hookers since John wants to track him down and kill him while Leroy want to kill his biological son.


Ryan Nicholson seemed to have a good start on the film. A good shot on Rose looking pregnant and feeling herself with a camera shooting up on her. There's also a great menacing discussion between her and her pimp and slapping her around. It looked very intense as well as her deperately trying to sell her body towards The John in his truck sometimes making it hard to watch to see what she does.
Then we spot good camera shots on Hanger and a bum underneath a bridge having a goofy discussion as well as The John taking Hanger to his vehicle and having a discussion with him while he's driving which looked not too shabby.
Then we've got some good shots on Smashy taking it off and then trying to come on strong with Hanger along with a good close up shot on him when he reveals his face and monstrous teeth in which she ends up screaming and running out of the vehicle with The John grabbing her and forcing her towards Hanger. This is about one of the only horror moments in this film at all.
Then we spot many pointless discussions between Hanger and Russell working in a garbage dump as well at their home watching pornography ho hum.
There's also good conversation between The John in his vehicle with another hooker having a business discussion about her pimp and tracking him down.
We spot a good shot on The John in his vehicle with a gun pointed at his head and then the camera goes towards LeRoy showing good sneering expressions.
Next we have a good close up shot on The John in a room with his head down and then brings his head up with Leroy getting demanding with him and smacking him along with supporting actress Trashy acting sleazy towards The John from behind.
We also spot a good close up shot on Nicole placing candles on a bed top and then lying down and doing a striptease masturbating as this wastes the story for an excuse to make it longer as this was incredibly lame to watch. C'mon Nicholson are we watching a horror film or a porn flick as you focused way too much on these sleazy moments and can come across offensive to some viewers. This scene was inappropriate and beyond skanky.
We have a good shot on supporting actor Phil pointing a blade towards Hanger and forcing him to kneel down and then a good close up shot on Hanger's monstrous teeth with Phil getting anxious and backing up.
We also spot some good shots on Hanger and Russell beating up on Phil.
We have a good moment with Leroy pointing a gun at Nicole and pulling down her top forcing her to call one of the employees at the garbage dump which showed some energetic moments.
There's some cheesy shots between Leroy and The John in the dump having a gun to gun showdown shooting one another.
Bottom line is that I enjoyed Ryan Nicholson's flick Gutterballs and I was hoping for another trashy flick of his to enjoy and boy this film was total trash and in a bad way. I mean it looked more like a crime comedy than a horror but I guess it can pass as a horror with the main deformed character Hanger but there's really only one horror scene that he does in the film. It did start off as exciting and on a descent budget for an independent film but after 15 minutes of it the flick is a total flop. The film was poinntless and boring offering plenty of skin which is the film's drawing cards. You'll wanna throw this one in the dump long before the closing credits.

The acting is fairly terrible for the most part but let's start off with the good one's. Dan Ellis (The John) seemed to be a bit of a character as a stepfather bum in the film showing an interesting charm to his role but sometimes he tries way too hard and looked very comedic. Again, sometimes that can be a good drawing card to a story like this.
Nathan Dashwood
(Hanger) really showed a versatality to his role since he often plays tough guys and now he plays a deformed person. He does well speaking softly and tried his best for what he had to do with his role. We spot a good blocking shot on him placing his hands on the TV screen noticing one of the porn stars as his mother and staring very closely. Personally I found him to be too good for a piece of junk like this flick.
Ronald Patrick Thompson
(Leroy) is passable with his part as a nasty pimp in the film and sometimes does well with being violent but sometimes he looks like he's just acting it out and performing very obvious to what he was doing to others.
Scream queen Debbie Rochon (Rose) doesn't have a big part in this film but knew how to act intense as a hooker and brought out her anxiety perfectly well along with her troubled attitude too. She was by far the best actress in this film.
Now for the terrible actors: Wade Gibb (Russell) was terribly melodramatic as one of the freaks working at the garbage dump and looked like he came fresh out of an amateurish zany cartoon character acting class and not being natural at all. He tried way too hard.
Alastair Gamble
(Phil) was very dull as the other freak at the dump. He didn't pull his weight too well and seemed very lazy with his lines.

Debbie Rochon pulls down her top in a vehicle desperately wanting to be seduced bare breated and squeezing her breasts too.
Nadia Grey takes off her top fully breasted in a vehicle and then runs out topless.
Candice Lewald
lied on a bed top doing a strip tease ahowing her breast and vagina and masturbating for a long time. There's another moment where someone pulls down her top at the front desk of a garbage dump.
Stephanie Walker
plays another prostittude topless while someone is being tortured in a chair.

Many distorted faces on the freaky characters in this film especially Hanger
There's a brief bloodshed from a murder on a hooker
We have some blood splattered on a persons face.

The music is mainly by other bands but we get the odd jazz sounding music composed by Patrick Coble which was used in Live Feed and Gutterballs so really he didn't work on any new stuff as you can tell.

Russell: What's the matter Phil? Cat got your tongue???

The John: Your stepfather was a bum and now he;s as flat as a pancake with strawberry syrup!