Hansel & Gretel (2013)


Directed by: Anthony C. Ferrante

Written by: Jose Prendes


.... Gretal Grimm
.... Hansel Grimm
.... Lilith
Jasper Cole .... John
.... Bobby
Steve Hanks .... Brandon Grimm
.... Jane
Clark Perry .... Kevin

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: January 8, 2013



Gretal Grimm (Stephanie Greco) works at a store called the Gingerbread House run by Lilith (Dee Wallace) as business does well there but then she chases after her brother Hansel (Brent Lydic) after running away from his parent in the deep dark woods.
His foot got caught in abear trap and try to go for help as they spot a house which was surprisingly the home of Lilith in which she invites them in only to realise that they are in for a terror of their life.


The beginning of this story sure looked creepy and intense with a victim in some sort of a dungeon being tortured to death as well as having herbs put on her and an apple in her mouth before being put into an oven as this is a great touch to the story that we all remembered as children but this is for a more mature audience and a horror tale of it.
After the opening credits things look very uplifting with a gingerbread shop owned by Lilith as she talks sweetly to the customers there with some help of Gretal working for her as it made me wonder if Lilith was a witch since she looked wholesome but that's what makes a horror film look clever is that she is deceiving.
When night hits Hansel has a falling out with his parents and runs away as this seemed to look fairly decent to watch as he goes into the deep dark woods with his sister which looked effective and creepy by how it was all set as well as him getting his foot caught in a bear trap leaving clues that he might become a victim to anyone that set it there.
Then they enter Lilith's home for help and surprised that she resides there which makes things become more interesting for the story as she welcomes them in and acts sympathetic which all looked well done along with her giving Hansel something to eat. Plus we see plates of gingerbread men etc. as anyone who has a sweet tooth like myself would want to have all of this.
After Hansel falls asleep made me wonder if his food was drugged as well as Gretal getting some tea as this made me suspicious that she will be drugged too as this was a nicely focused moment in the story.
Suddenly a while after we spot Hansel in the dungeon that we saw during the beginning as well as other victims locked in there. Plus some goons bringing junkfood to these victims like donuts and gingerbread men which looked delicious to watch but then we see as to what they do to one of their victims by baking them in the oven as this didn't look pretty to watch at all. These moments certainly left a good psychological feel to all of this as well as mysterious wonder as to how Hansel got there. We find out later on in the story of course.
A carefully done moment is when Lilith wants Gretal to sign a contract to take over her gingerbread house store which drew me in wondering if she should do such a thing.
Then when Gretal sweeps up something she spots a bloodied fingernail as well as revealing as to where her brother is which changes Lilith into showing her true colours as things look genuinely twisted.
Gretal is trapped in the home as Lilith introduces two of her hulking goons that we saw during the beginning of the story. Suddenly lunch is served as we all know what it is and she refuses to eat it with Lilith going ballistic against her and trying to force her to eat something which looked intense to watch.
Hansel and the other victims manage to get away as the fun gets going greatly as to how they are hunted down which was done in good style.
A deputy enters Lilith's home to ask her on things as it made me wonder if she will kill him that this scene was nicely put into the story.
While we go back to the scene with these people trying to escape there's real effective situations like candy stuck on someone's arm and he tries to bite them off with gruseome results or another one tries to go through a string of deadly wires.
But the near ending worked out perfectly since we know as to how it goes with the wtich getting her just desserts. The effects looked mildly cheesy but not terribly done at all.
Bottom line is when I saw that the story was a modern day story with these siblings as americans and not foreign like the story is set out I wondered as to if this will be a good tale but it actually is and nicely done all the way through. This horror tale is definetely not made to watch for children whatsoever.

The acting is well performed but only certain one's worth mentioning as (Gretal Grimm) seemed to breeze through well with her soft spoken and mellow attitude into all that she did here as well as doing a good job with her screaming and emotional fears whenever something horrifying happens. Does well with her characterisations indeed!
(Hansel Grimm) knew his part quite well as an aggressive type and really lets it out big time when having a fight with his parents. Reacts well to when his foot is caught in a bear trap adding good intensity. Plus does a nice job stuffing his face with a meal making it believeable to what he was eating. Also does a nice job showing great adreanaline when trying to get away from the terror that surrounds him. A gold star for this fellow.
(Lilith) stole the show with her performance as she was always a very talented lady within all that I saw her in. She does well with her deceivingly sweet and welcoming attitude. Does nicely with her mellow behavior. Then she knows on how to turn this around greatly lashing out or acting insane or showing her intense aggressions. However when she charges for the kill it needed a bit more inspiration but not terrible by any means.
Steve Hanks (Brandon Grimm) does well by portraying a family man with his features as well as having a good strong type of speaking. He showed off nice energy and enthusiasm into all that he did in his supporting role.
Clark Perry (Kevin) does well as a victim in which he added alot of spunk and fast acting moments as to what he had to be this way throughout his performance. He certainly got into his character quite well and was on the ball with stuff. Showed a great presence too which was another plus.

Victims burned in an oven
Body parts are revealed in a room
Arrow is shot in the back of someone as well as later on he is bloodied after getting hit by a car
Woman is cut by wires
Flesh is bitten off a persons arm
A deputy is bloodily whacked in the head by a rolling pin
Throat is bloodily slit by a machette and another one brutally stabbed by a pitchfork
Lots of violent bloodsheds

A woman is burned to a crisp in the oven

Alan Howarth did the music for this film with hissing sounds and silent synthesizer music which didn't do much for me but it improved later on in the story as there's icy high pitched sounds as well as string pluckings. Plus there's lots of dark sounds here and there which sounded well done along with some synthesizer classical music as this worked in well too.

[after Gretel has stumbled upon the secret dungeon]
Lilith: Well, that's unfortunate.