Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)

Directed by: Bruce Pittman

Written by: Ron Oliver


Michael Ironside .... Bill Nordham
Wendy Lyon .... Vicki Carpenter
Justin Louis .... Craig Nordham
Lisa Schrage .... Mary Lou Maloney
Richard Monette .... Father Cooper
Terri Hawkes .... Kelly Hennenlotter
Brock Simpson .... Josh
Beverley Hendry .... Monica Waters
Wendell Smith .... Walt Carpenter
Judy Mehbey .... Virginia Carpenter

Release Date: Theatrical: October, 1987





In 1957 a graduating teen named Bill Nordham (Michael Ironside) takes her sleazy troublemaking girlfriend named Mary Lou Maloney (Lisa Schrage) go to their prom at Hamilton High but she uses him and makes out with another guy there.
Mary Lou is voted Prom Queen and while she is on stage Bill tries to drop a stinkbomb on her but her dress is on fire and she is burned to death.

It is now present day and Bill is now a father as well as the principal of Hamilton High. His son Craig (Justin Louis) is preparing his prom night with his girfriend Vicki (Wendy Lyon).
However the highschool seems to be possessed by Mary Lou as her soul was kept in a trunk down in the highschool cellar that someone opened releasing her and Mary Lou goes on a killing spree with her song playing each time she is about to do so.
First she kills a troubled teen named Jess (Beth Gondeck) making out like she hung herself as if it was a suicide.
But Mary Lou also possesses Vicki to do more killings and Vicki also encounters nightmares of being Mary Lou as well as experiencing hallucinations.

Mary Lou tries to seek revenge on Bill during this years prom night after what he did to her.


An impressive beginning showing the outside of a highschool as well as shots of the hallways and then a trunk opening up.
Great close up shot on
Mary Lou Maloney entering a cathedral looking innocent. There is a nicely set speech on her confessing her sins to a priest as he shows nice tense expressions during this moment anda good ending on her speech which came across well as someone skanky and trying to cause trouble.
A good set at the 1957 prom with good close up shots on Mary Lou and Young Billy Nordham dancing.
Both Mary Lou and Young Buddy Cooper look good by making out and acting sleazy.
A nice shot on the fire scene as well as Mary Lou screaming in flames and looking at Billy from above a stand looking terrified by his accidental prank which looked impressive.
We have a nice conversation between Vicki Carpenter and Jess Browning alone together discussing an issue in a washroom as it looks very natural.
Perfect argumentive conversation between Virginia and Vicki during a dinner table.
There's a good scene in a gymnasium with Kelly by heaving a volleyball towards Vicki's head as she falls down quite well.
Nice dream sequence with Vicki in a ghostly like gymnasium with a perfect shot on the zombie like people charging at her saying her name and a great shot on her being tangled in a fake web and screaming as well as hollering when this happens which looked like a perfect nightmare sequence.
A good strong discussion between Bill and Father Cooper as it looked believeably aggressive about Mary Lou returning.
A perfect and suspenseful moment with hands coming out of a blackboard and grabbing Vicki.
There's a perfect close up shot on Vicki possessed with great evil like attitude in a cellar of the highschool.
A good shot on Vicki's feet walking in the hallway of the school and then strutting her stuff.
Good shot on her slowly walking into a shower and kissing
Kelly as the setting does seem strange and creepy.
A good shot on Vicki's barefeet slowly walking as well as her walking by some lockers and staring at one to do her deadly spell.
A good shot on her standing in the principal office with her icy voice and Bill Nordham in present day by acting confused and scared.
The settings and going on's at the prom looked extremely cheesy.
A good shot on Mary Lou on the top step leading to the cellar with a bright light from behind her and a perfect close up shot on her approaching for her prey.
Bottom line is that this film bears no relationship on the first film but there is a memorable line that was used in both of these films. Very much like the original A Nightmare On Elm Street (Especially the ending) before the dark comedy in the sequels with Krueger doing people away with his jokes. Clever and well done but the story is a little rusty. Check it out if you like this kind of teen horror flicks.

The acting is well done for it's time. Wendy Lyon (Vicki Carpenter) has great timing for her character as the posessed one which she shows perfect raging anger and evil like expressions. She shows a great caring behavior beforehand especially showing sympathy towards an outsider as she brings this to life big time. She performs terrifically intense in another scene during a hallway by turning at a school snob and cussing her out with wide eyed and angered expressions. Was good at a diner acting emotional wondering what is happening to her. She really knew how to have a snappy like attitude. Does well by acting terrified after hands from a blackboard starts grabbing at her. Also does well by acting demanding at the gymnasium to the other onscreen students by decorating it for the prom. She's great by behaving lustfully vicious and violent towards her fellow actor.
Also Michael Ironside (Bill Nordham) knows his stuff very well in this one as the school principal and disturbed about what happened at his prom showing good expressions and emotions too.
Does well in a dream sequence with a bloody head screaming for his onscreen son in the dark hallway. He does well by striking his onscreen son on the head. Perfect blocking with him by crowning the Mary Lou character and then kissing her. Does well near the end of his performance by speaking coldly and darkly as he got into the horror of things.
Justin Louis (Craig Nordham) is great by getting freaked out when someone gets possessively lustful towards him. Also screaming for his life in the car withthe Mary Lou character in it.
I also liked the highschool bitch played by Terri Hawkes (Kelly Hennenlotter) as she does well acting whiney and smart alecky. Knew on how to act like a school snob.
She does well being getting spooked after someone acts too affectionate towards her in a changeroom as she reacts very natural towards all of this.
isa Schrage (Mary Lou Maloney) shows a nice sleazy and evil presence to her part and knows how to grab the viewers attention. She does well by saying she loved every minute of her sins acting like a typical troublemaker.

Wendy Lyon is full nude when her character is possessed by Mary Lou in a change room as she tracks down one of her victims (who was nuse in a shower) singing Tutti Frutti.

Mary Lou gets scarred from the burning.
Someone is crushed inside a locker and some guts splurt out.
Blood drips from Billy's head in a nightmare.
A guy is electrocuted causing his face to burn off.
Mary Lou's gruesome corpse crawls out of Vicky's chest.

Paul Zaza composed the music and does a terrific job with iit as it's a perfect touch for an 80's horror flick as well as some good windy howling and moaning sound effects too.
There are also a couple of oldie hits like "Tutti Frutti" and of course "Hello Mary Lou".

Mary Lou Maloney: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been three months since my last confession. I've disobeyed my parents many times. I've taken the Lord's name in vain many times. I've had sinful relations, with boys at my school. Many boys, many times.
Priest: My child, these are great sins. You must prepare yourself for the consequences.
Mary Lou Maloney: Father, there's just one more thing.
Priest: What is it, my poor child?
Mary Lou Maloney: I loved every minute of it.

Josh: Life's a joke, then you croak.

Vicki Carpenter: [possessed by Mary Lou] BE GONE! COME ON!! There's no God, Buddy!! And there is no Heaven, and do you know what pissed me off the most?!! NO FUCKING WINGS!!!

Vicki Carpenter: Places to go, people to kill!

Kelly: Who won?
Josh: I'm not supposed to tell, IT WASN'T YOU.