Hellraiser: Judgment (2018)


Associate Produced, Written & Directed by: Gary J. Tunnicliffe


.... Sean Carter
.... David Carter
.... Christine Egerton
.... Alison Carter
.... The Auditor
.... Pinhead

Release Date: Prime Video: February 18, 2018



Detectives Sean (Damon Carney) and David Carter (Randy Wayne)vare on the case to find a gruesome serial killer terrorizing the city. Joining forces with Detective Christine Egerton (Alexandra Harris), they dig deeper into a spiraling maze of horror that may not be of this world.


Please let this one be the last of the series as we have an overly long beginning on someone whom is trapped and dealing with a Cennobite known as the Auditor discussing on what he had done as well as seeing gross out twisted moments on three scarred women as well as a guy eating paper and vomitting which was revolting to watch and then what happens to this man. This scene dragged big time and made me wonder if this will be the whole story but thankfully it wasn't. Yet more dull and pointless moments to come.
Next up two brother detectives Sean and David Carter goes on a search for deadly events that is taking place but they are no Hardy boys by any means and there's even a situation when they see a dog tearing out of a corpses stomach which was sick and twisted to watch.
Plus numerous dull moments with them and
Christine Egerton trying to crack open a case as well as spotting a gruseome situation in a backyard park from a rough area of apartment buildings. This didn't make sense to me whatsoever.
Later on Sean is confronted by the Auditor and strapped down as well along with this freak showing him the puzzle box as this was well shot and focused plus some women feeling him over as well as seemingly torturing him as none of this looked impressive at all.
Yet there's a nice dark effective brief moment when the Auditor confronts Pinhead on a situation as I was hoping more and more of these situations to happen but they don't sadly.
A good dream sequence with Sean being tortured by Cennobites as this was well focused but still not enough to save this clunker from bombing.
Quarter way through we spot a shocking moment as to what Sean does as well as manipulating both David and his wife Alison Carter to open up the puzzle box and finally we are introduced to the Cennobites world with chains and other torture devices. It's pretty much the only scene worth watching but I couldn't wait till this flick ended at the same time.
Bottom line is that this was the most boring one out of the whole series. The first 3 flicks were great to watch and then is started to drag and made too many sequels and running out of good ideas which is a fact to anyone that sat through all of these flicks. I hope this is the final one cause word has it there's going to be a remake and it's got to be alot better than this heap of trash. Plus this was like a ripoff between the Saw and Hostel flicks.

The acting is mediocre like the previous flick in which we have (Sean Carter) as the lead role with his scruffy tough guy looks and appeal in which he seems to do okay in his role and going with the punches as well as doing a great job by acting crazy quarter way through his role and getting demanding which he brought this to life in an okay manner.
(David Carter) seemed quite energetic as the kid brother and does a nice job on acting alerted whenever he needed to be this way. He seemed to work hard on his role as you could tell here and not letting an ounce of energy down. Not the best actor but he still passes his job nicely.
(Christine Egerton) was mediocre in her role but shows off a nice calmness to her role as well as doing okay by getting into a serious discussion as well. She didn't have the right appeal to this role I found but she didn't do a bad job at all.
(The Auditor) seemed to have the most effective supporting role of them all as a Cennobite drawing a great wicked and mysterious attitude towards others making you wonder as to how he is involved within everything. Does well with his words and presence too.
(Pinhead) offered a nice presence to this title role in which he seemed to show off good aggressions and a dark presence to what he does in the story. Yet he is no Doug Bradley whom refused the second time to portray this role as I don't blame him at all.

Bare breasted scarred faced women are revealed.

Flesh is torn off a person.
Scarred faced women are exposed.
Cut off hands and eyeball is revealed in a park.
Woman is chained up and flesh is torn off.

Deron Johnson composed the music for this trashy flick and let me tell you there's nothing too memorable about it and it's dull as there's airy synthesizr music, boomings and the odd hissing and echoey type of music that we've heard in many other horror films that was done a whole lot better.