Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)


Co-Produced & Directed by: Victor Garcia

Written by: Gary J. Tunnicliffe


.... Steven Craven
.... Emma Craven
.... Ross Craven
.... Sarah Craven
Jay Gillespie
.... Peter Bradley
.... Pinhead

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 18, 2011



Two college friends Steven (Nick Everson) and Nico (Jay Gillespie) run away from home to party out in Mexico and get laid but is met by a homeless man who gives them a puzzle box in which they unleash Pinhead (Stephan Smith Collins) and his Cenobites as Steven is forced to do deadly deeds in order to look human again.


At first I thought this flick was a found footage type of horror flick as we have two friends Steven and Nico on a drive and one is videotaping in which I thought would be intresting in the outcome of all of this. Alot of this didn't look natural at all as well as what was found when one of the family members spot this and see Pinhead talking monstrous to these kids as this looked nowhere near as dark like it used to with the early flicks.
However, there's a situation with Steven's sister Emma looking at the puzzle box with well focused moments on her toying with it which leaves a creepy impression that something could happen and all is still with someone approaching behind her as this is a nice near jumping moment. Still doesn't save this golden turkey from bombing.
Then Steven is found bloodied but isn't overly effective as this goes into his story on what was happening between him and Nico. There's situations with Pinhead and his people in Hellworld doing stuff like putting pins in someone's head etc. as this doesn't look pretty to watch but not too gruesome at the same time.
With the tales told and flashback sequences we have Steven picking up prostitute's to murder and try to resurrect Nico back again as he turned evil. If you saw the first flick you would get what I am talking about but none of this looked nearly as effective.
Also with Steven and Nico at a bar spots a beggar offering them the puzzle box which reminds me of that creepy bum from the first flick in which I kinda felt this was the big idea that this creepy person is back but like the rest it looked cheesily done.
Steven is tormented in his nightmares as to what Pinhead's people did to him as I must admit this didn't look pretty to watch and one of the only effective moments in this flick.
Nice mysterious discussions with Steven talking to his sister and other moments like that as this nearly drew me in as to what will happen later on.
A nice dark shot on the front of the house with this beggar standing there and Peter Bradley trying to shoot him and this beggar does something terrifying to him as this worked in well making up for how over the top things were beforehand.
Steven arrives with a shotgun in his hand talking towards the people in his home and boy is there a real surprising moment as to what he does which boggled me as to why he did what he did as well as disturbing situations with him taunting the other people and being forceful towards them all. This was a nearly strongly drawn in situation but it goes nowhere like the rest of the story. But the Cenobites approaches them with the puzzle box being active and then Pinhead does his nasty deeeds even if the performances looked cheesy the tortures didn't which the effects looked pretty shocking and decent.
Bottom line is that this is the worst one out of the series as they're running out of good ideas. Too many sequels on this is the problem as at first they started out great but after the first few it started to slope more and more. It's best to put this to rest but a sequel after this one came afterwards so we have to sit though it again.

The acting was is done in mediocre style and I do mean this in every aspect in which (Steven Craven) tried his best to pull off his role with his disturbed and troublesome attitude. The energy is there but at times he's a bit over the top. Tried his best later on with his sneering and cold behavior but yet he needed a bit more coaching to make this at full circle to prove to be a worthy character actor. Yet his mysterious attitude in the middle of the film looked convincing.
(Emma Craven) however showed off some nice characteristics into what she had to do by acting emotional in which this was brought out nicely as well as her energetic behavior in other spots. Had the nice girl looks too.
(Ross Craven) was the best out fo the cast with his serious attitude as he drew in greatly and had a nice presence within whatever he did here. Also does well with his aggressions whenever he needed to behave this way. Also reacts well to beeing in pain near the end of his performance.
(Sarah Craven) showed off a great calmness to everything as well as doing fairly well with her emotional and upsetting behavior by what she spots. She has the perfect looks and appeal to her role as she was a nice choice.
Jay Gillespie ) breezed through not too badly with his anxious and aggressive behavior. When he becomes wicked and evil he seems to do fairly okay but needed a bit of a push to really bring it out as that was my only criticism on him.
(Peter Bradley) was pretty wooden in his role. He wasn't terrible but needed some improvements in certain spots of the story like when he points a shotgun screaming at someone as this wasn't convincing at all. He really needed some acting lessons.

A hooker takes off her top and breasts fully revealed.

Pins are prodded in someone's head.
Skinless person is revealed.
Flesh is being prodded on hooks.
Face torn off.
Face is sliced.
Neck torn off.
Bloodied dead body is revealed.
Hooks are stabbed in arms and legs.

Frederik Wiedmann composes the music for this piece and it was stale and weakly inspired. Sure there's odd synthesizer classical trombone and violin music but we've heard it play before in other films as these moments needed a bit more of a punch and he didn't deliver that at all as well as odd banging and hissing sounds but this was used many times before in other horror films. I'm sorry but this person didn't cut it at all.

Pinhead: [to Nico] We are the light in the darkness, and paths to higher sensation. Guardians of ultimate experience. And now you will come with us.

Dr. Ross Craven: [after shooting Nico] No one gets to kill you but me, you little fuck.
Nico Bradley: Thank you.
Pinhead: Fool. We had all we desired. Our appetite was sated. And the eternity of suffering he would've experienced at our hands, would've been more vengeance for you then you can possibly imagine. But your actions have denied us. Denied us that exquisite joy. Now there is a deficit of flesh. Debt is outstanding. And we seek payment.
Dr. Ross Craven: No. No, please take me.
Pinhead: No. What few moments that you have remaining will be spent in agony that the indulgence of your own foolish vanity has cursed your wife to unparalleled terrors at the hands of others.