Good Golly Miss Hollie: Talking With Hollie Winnard by Owen Keehnen

She may be a newbie on the horror scene but former Playboy model Hollie Winnard has the spirit and love of the genre to succeed in this business…not to mention the bodacious beauty of an awesome scream queen. She’s breaking into the business by starring in ‘Reaps’ for Jason Liquori at Hocus Focus Productions – part of the ‘Death Plots’ film quartet. She’s also making horror convention appearances (at shows like Megacon and The Halloween Horror Picture Show) and she is winning fans and admirers everywhere she goes. Can more horror flicks be far behind?


Okay Hollie, let's start off with a visual for the readers - can you give a quick description of the room where you are answering these questions?

The room I’m answering these questions in would be of course my computer room...which is typical. Desk, comfy black computer chair and bookcases on every wall...I love to read...lets see. One is full of personal journals, (I write short stories and poems.)  Edgar Allan Poe books.... and of course Harry Potter books...I’m obsessed...the other bookcase has my collection of Dragon Ball Z Anime. And my little Chihuahua puppy, LOKI is sleeping on my lap...

Tell me about your work in the upcoming Hocus Focus Production 'Death Plots'.  How did that come about?

I ended up making "Death Plots" through a mutual friend who introduced me to Jason Liquori...we met at Starbucks and I told him he looked like an Italian mafia porn director...I guess he thought that was funny because a year later I was starring in his movie ‘Reaps’.

My most vivid memory of that movie was freezing my naked butt off in a tub full of cranberry juice...LOL... but the other actors were talented and funny...they made the cranberry ice bath livable...

In the horror realm you've had trial by fire and already done the Horror Convention thing --appearing at the Enigma Films' Halloween Horror Picture Show in Tampa -- what was that experience like and what was your impression of the horror fans?  

I’ve been to a few horror conventions. My fave is Megacon, which I’ll be at in Feb.  I have been to both with Jason Liquori and his production company ”Hocus Focus Productions”. I love conventions because you get to meet the coolest people...I love it when everyone dresses up. It shows how loyal they are. And I feel at home because I’m a fellow geek who obsesses with all things Anime, Horror, and Sci-Fi. Horror movie fans are the most loyal. They don’t care if you have a blockbuster movie. They love the real thing. It doesn’t matter if you have a 2,000-dollar movie or a 2 million. I hate the Hollywood hype of making over budget horror flicks that are just not scary...and true horror movie fans don’t fall for that glitz and glamour crap...they love low budget gore...

Do you have any idea where you hope his newfound horror career takes you or do you just plan to sit back and enjoy the ride?

I have no idea what this horror industry has in store for me but its fun to sit back and go for a wild ride.

On a different note -- Was it always a fantasy/dream of yours to be a Playboy Model?  How did that entire lucrative side career come about?

Of course the Playboy question. LOL. PB was a wonderful experience...It happened by accident...they saw some pictures I had of me on my website and contacted me so of course I was like "Hell Yeah!!!! "  Who wouldn’t want to pose for PB?  LOL.

Playboy has to be a great means of promoting your work in these films?  Are you comfortable with the films being promoted that way or do you want to keep the two careers separate?  As in do you or do you want to be featured in films as "Starring Playboy's own Hollie Winnard" or that sort of thing?

To be completely honest PB has helped and hurt me...its great to promote a movie, but I actually have acting talent. I’ve been an actor long before PB model, people forget that and it sucks that some movie directors think just because I’m a PB model that I’m going to get naked for their movie...I don’t want to be known as "PB model Hollie Winnard'...Just "Hollie Winnard "is fine

I also know you're a HUGE proponent of animal rights and have even recently done the Superior Mutts Doggie Rescue Fundraising poster with such 12 other horror ladies including Debbie Rochon, Julie Strain, Brinke Stevens and Linnea Quigley.  You've also done work to help raise funds for Safari Sanctuary in Oklahoma.  Have animal rights always been a passion of yours?

Good question. I love talking about animals. Yes, I am a huge animal rights fan. I love animals more then people...they have an essence about them that makes them pure and innocent...I love helping them and making there lives easier...Its not right for people to abuse them or disregard them as inferior beings...well I could go on about all that. Moving on…

So Hollie, film wise - what does it for you...what horror fan category do you fall into and why? Vampires, werewolves, aliens, creatures, witches, ghouls, psychos, zombies, casting directors, telemarketers...

LOL. I do not want to fall into a horror fan category...of course I have my a witch really considered a horror category?  I used to be Wiccan and I don’t think I was very scary...LOL. Ok so my fave would have to be Vampires, there sexy and passionate, I wouldn’t mind getting bit by one. LOL.

Okay - we are pulling the car into the Hollie Winnard Drive In.  What three horror movies are on the triple bill and what goodies are they going to be serving at the concession stand?

Ok so if I had my own drive in I would be playing three very different horror movies because you should always have variety. We would start off w/ the classic "Dracula”. Because it will remind you of what true horror really is and you will be grateful for the beauty and elegance of old school horror...the next movie will be "The Exorcist" because it is the scariest movie of all time...and the last movie would be a funny horror movie - "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" because you should always end with a laugh and that movie is so cheesy its brilliant...of course I wish I could put "The Devils Rejects" in there. You have to admire a horror movie that makes you love the bad guys. But I could only have at this theater we will supplying you with my fave munchies...Gummie worms, Cadbury Eggs, and Apples with peanut butter caramel. Yum, now I’m hungry.

Do you have any other upcoming projects you would like to promote, brag about, or inform the readers about?

So of course I will be at Megacon in Feb. and FX in Jan.   I also have another movie coming out comedy called "Hotdog Haven” by Breaking  It’s hilarious...You can also check me out on Sirens of

What's something that makes you go psycho in real life?

Ok last two questions and they’re taking me the longest to answer...what makes me go psycho?  Everything...I have a short temper...I’m a true Pisces. LOL – bipolar and very moody...

What's something that scares you in real life?

And what scares me...Republicans...they are the real scary monsters that are hiding under our beds.  LOL. I’m serious....

Thanks Hollie, you’ve been great all the best to you.

Thanks for the interview it was fun.