Hot Tub Party Massacre (2016)

Produced, Written, Cinematographed, Edited & Directed by: Chris Greenaway


.... Bethenny
Jynx Vandersteen .... Brandi
Amanda Nickels .... Lisa
Sarah Foster .... LuAnn
Danny Warren .... Ken
Ken Wright .... Jeff

Special Appearance:

Brinke Stevens .... Jane Jensen (Voice)

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 28, 2016 (Canada)



A group of sorority sisters win a night at a spa but realise that no one is at attendance. Worst of all a maniac who escape an asylum is doing them in one by one.


The beginning at first is a little confusing as we spot a news report with what a news show opens with but then I got as to why this happened. It looked slightly off with a reporter often looking down as to what he was reading to his announcements in which most professionals don't need to do that so much. Plus there's another reporter that is off synch which looked trashy to watch.
Then it shows an employee at a salon watching this news which looked mildly clever as well as her hearing something and silently walking in a hallway wondering if anyone is there which looked cheesily suspenseful to watch.
But then it shows a hottub and the opening credits which took way too long pretty much crediting every cast member in it. This was a bit of a time waster.
Plenty of stupid moments with co-ed students goofing off or getting aggressive with someone else and phony moments like that as well as them hoping to win going to the spa as this looked totally kookie to watch this unravel.
The killings are the most amateurish as this maniac comes into the picture and the victim has time to get away but doesn't as well as reacting to the slayings which was totally off big time.
When the winning group of girls enter the spa they take it off which seems to be a drawing card as well as a couple of their boyfriends crashing the party and one of them plays a game of strip pool and then later on fornicates one of them at a pool table which looked phoney to watch as well as this moment taking way too long.
Their hot tub doesn't work and try to call front desk to fix it which they get an answering machine which was supposed to give you the chills that the killer did this person in and is watching them but not the least bit chilling.
The maniac goes on a killing spree when catching some of these people fornicating but nothing too graphic due to a lack of a budget as you could tell the makers couldn't afford these types of effects.
Then when the revealing moment occur it does look slightly dark but not enough to being entertained with a good horror type of fashion with all of this unravelling.
Bottom line is that this didn't carry much of a plot at all as I had a hard time reviewing it at all. It looked like it was a student film while watching all of this and they can be fun to watch but not this one. It was over an hour long but even that by watching all of this was a drag big time. I mean the killer uses a garden fork hoe to do in his victims which was lame to watch. Not even close to being compared to the Slumber Party Massacre as that one was bad but in a fun way. This one wasn't at all. This one was a waste of time and effort.

The acting was terrible and full of unknowns with only certain one's worth mentioning. My guess was they were friends of the filmmakers such as (Bethenny) as she couldn't get into her role at all whatsoever. Her energy was very low and her screaming or crying was god awful. She got on my nerves as she needs to have a new career. She was not meant to be in this type of business at all.
Amanda Nickels (Lisa) added a wee bit of spunk into her role but nothing to brag about either. She was better than most of the cast in this picture as she seemed to pick up the pace at times and tried to add wit to her role although the story wasn't the least bit funny.
Sarah Foster (LuAnn) showed some mild pizzaz in her speaking and to what she was doing in which she grabbed my attention but again she dragged in her performance whenever she had to act anxious or scared as she couldn't pull it off too well at all.

Danny Warren (Ken) had the brawny looks and appeal to his role but couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag. WHen he acts tough or aggressive he lacks majorly by behaving this way. It didn't look like he took his work too seriously while doing all of this.

Bunch of girls take it off top to bottom after entering the spa to take a shower and so fourth.
A couple are fornicating on a pool table with butts revealed and the woman's breasts too.
Another nude one lying on a bed.

The gore is very bad in which there's bloody marks on a garden tool slashing someone here and there
A couple are stabbed by a pool table stick
Eyes are pushed in and bloodied but nothing too graphic

The music was composed by three different artists in which there was a versatality in the cheap music which explains why some sounded different. Some of the synthesizer music had a somewhat entertaining 80's type of pop influence which is what I like in a film. Some others had cheesy dark horror sounds. Some of it was effective some of it was off. Also other spots sounded rather irritating with screechy sounds. All of this was put together by Dave Stanley, Chan Walrus and Jeff Wenger.