House II: The Second Story (1987)


Written & Directed by: Ethan Wiley

Story by: Fred Dekker


.... Jesse
.... Charlie
.... Gramps
.... John
.... Kate
.... Lana

Special Appearance:

.... Bill
Kane Hodder .... Gorilla

Release Dates: Theatrical: May 14, 1987 (West Germany); May 15, 1987 (UK); Paris Festival of Fantastic Films: June, 1987; Theatrical: July 10, 1987 (Ireland); July 23, 1987 (Australia); July 24, 1987 (Sweden); August 20, 1987 (Italy); August 28, 1987 (U.S.A.); Fantasporto Film Festival: February, 1989




The new owner of a sinister house gets involved with reanimated corpses and demons searching for an ancient Aztec skull with magic powers.


This sequel starts off with a prologue taking place decades ago in the house with a baby being taken away and so fourth as well as a shadowy figure speaking coldly to the parents on what he wants as this left a mildly creepy type of effect while watching this but then it slopes later on when it takes place present day.
Things looked dull when some of the people such as Jesse and Kate move into the house which didn't seem to do much for me but the story tried to be humoress when their friend Charlie and Lana arrives as well trying to act like a goof but this didn't tickle my fancy either and nothing too memorable with all of them expolring the house and it's belongings.
Then things become mildly effective when Jesse with his help from Charlie digging up his great great grandfathers grave as it has a humoress dark feel to all of this in which I got the impression that the corpse will come to life and attack but later on while I watched this I was in for a disappointment later on when things looked spooky and then turned into slapstick comedy as I was wondering if this was actually a horror film apart from it being a comedy.
Lame moments with Gramps cruising with Jesse and so fourth which looked utterly stupid and pointless to watch all of this unravel.
Afterwards they throw a Halloween party which looked totally uninspired but yet some of the odd horror comes in when we see the display of the skull lighting up and a muscular cave man enters from a room and tries to wreck havoc as this was watchable but nothing too special.
But then both Jesse and Charlie enters a room in the house and find that they're in a prehistoric jungle as I thought this would be exciting after all which saved this piece from bombing as there's fun special effects with a pterodactyl swooping over to get the skull and take it to feed her babies with Jesse trying to reach for the nest to get it back and fighting against one of the baby one's to get it as I had to admit this was pretty hilarious. Plus more funny moments when the baby arrives in the house and things get chaotic.
Things slope again when the two of them along with an inspector going into a wall that was smashed open of the home and spots what looks like a cult sacrifice and they battle these evil people in order to save the woman from doing their ceremony as this looked stupid to watch.
The story gets cute when everyone is at the dinner table including the baby pterodactyl which seemed to add a nice comedic touch with all that happens here and one of them is about to lift up the lid of where the meal takes place and something terrifying happens as the horror kicks in big time with all the action that takes place here. It did look entertaining when the gang tries to struggle against what happens here for the rest of the time as well as a real touching moment between Gramps and Jesse which is a nice emotional dramatic moment that takes place here. Still the movie is a real stinker and a dull one too just showing special effects and fantasy moments but we've seen it before in other horror films with a better plot of course.
Bottom line is that this flick doesn't seem to bear any relationship to the original one and has a hard time deciding whether it was more of a comedy, fantasy or a horror as it's just plain confusing to make up on what type of genre it is. It just passes as a horror. The only thing that it got going for it was some of the odd funny moments as well as the special effects. Otherwise you're not missing out on much if you haven't checked it out.

The acting is in okay shape but yet nothing that great either in which (Jesse) seemed to pull his weight in a mediocre fashion as the person investing the home showing some fair characteristics as well as showing decent energy towards what goes on along with having a fair serious attitude too. Does well with his emotional attitude in a certain scene. He can do the job fine but he's nothing too special or memorable either.
(Charlie) was convincingly annoying as his goofball friend in which he knew on how to spring into action and not take anything seriously within whatever he does here. He shows some average spunk and was quite energetic within his surroundings. Almost had the right appeal for all of this but is missing something that I can't explain as to what.
(Gramps) was a natural ham and probably the best in the cast as someone returning from the grave and wanting to have a good time. He was on the ball with his witty behavior as well as coming across as someone whom is lighthearted. Seemed to show great timing as well as doing well acting weak near the end of his performance which he seemed realistic while doing so.
(John) had a knack for his role in this one as I often found him quite a character within whatever I've seen him in showing a good lighthearted and outgoing behavior. He really knew on how to interact with others within the scene's that he was involved with.
Surprise, surpise we have (Kate) whom was famous for her role in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood in which she did a better job in that one. She wasn't terrible in this one by any means but didn't seem to stand out in her role. She was just an okay performer but yet knew on how to act upset and so fourth showing some okay adrenaline here.
A memorable cameo from TV Cheers cast member (Bill) whom was another natural ham as he shows a nice spunky behavior and knows on how to get into the act of things. He is a true character actor and has a knack for comedy. Presented himself greatly in this one for sure.

Harry Manfredini is back at it again as he does well with his scoring. He uses the same kind of composing that he used in Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives with the deep trombone playing and thumps too. He uses some original stuff too as well for alot of the comedic moments that we spot here with some string pluckings as well having some rodeo type violin music near the end of the film as well as using these elements for the closing credits which is for sure very different than what I've seen him do in a flick. Hats off to this fellow!

Jesse: Jessie! It's me! I'm your great-great grandson. They named me after you. My name is Jessie too.
Gramps: [Gramps slowly removes mask, Jessie and Charlie wimper] My great-great grandson? What year is it?
Jesse: I don't know.
Gramps: Now don't you mess with me boy!
Jesse: Uhh! October 30, 1986!
Gramps: Well goddamn. I've been waitin' over 70 years for some jackass to get the scent to come dig me up. Thank you, boy.

Gramps: Don't call me sir! I ain't no politician!

Gramps: [Crying] Look at me. I'm a 170-year-old fart. I'm a goddamn zombie.

Charlie: [referring to a potential human sacrifice] Is she really a virgin? Because I've never seen one before.

Charlie: [laughs at Jessie] I think she likes you.
Jesse: Come on, Charlie.
Charlie: No, really.
[Turns to Virgin]
Charlie: Who do you like better: me or him? Me: Charlie, crazy, yet fun, huh, or him.
[Jessie throws a food at Charlie's face]
Charlie: I rest my case.
[Virin throws something at Charlie]
Charlie: OWWW!

High Priest: Give me the skull!