House of the Dead (2003)


Produced & Directed by: Uwe Boll

Written by: Dave Parker & Mark A. Altman

Story by:
Mark A. Altman & Dan Bates


Jonathan Cherry .... Rudy
Tyron Leitso .... Simon
Ona Grauer .... Alicia
Will Sanderson .... Greg
Enuka Okuma .... Karma
Kira Clavell .... Liberty
Sonya Salomaa .... Cynthia
Michael Eklund .... Hugh
Ellie Cornell .... Casper
.... Kirk
Clint Howard .... Salish
David Palffy .... Castillo

Release Dates: San Francisco Independent Film Festival: February 15, 2003); (Fantastic Film Festiva: April 11, 2003 (Netherlands); Cannes Film Market: May 20, 2003 (France). Quick Theatrical: October 10, 2003







A group of college students travel to an island coast of Florida for a techno Sega game party competition.
However many strange people in charge of the boat going there warns them about the dangers there.
When they arrive they are being attacked by intelligent zombies on the ground and in the water so their game begins to see who will survive on that island.


The beginning shows a wild party outdoors with a concert but however this seemed a little too planned out and not natural enough.
Also there's situations with the other college students boarding a boat and both Salish and Kirk tell the people about the island as it's supposed to leave a chill down your spine that they're in for some terror but these situations seem too campy but yet it was fun and entertaining to watch all of this.
Another rough moment is when a girl goes skinny dipping into the ocean and tries to get her boyfriend to join which also looked too set out but there's a good moment when she looks for him in the forest and finds a hut and then terror strikes her as there's interesting effects with xzombies invading her as it looked cheesy but once again fun to watch too.
Nice settings when the students arrive on the island and find the party deserted and wondering where everyone went to which is a good horror feel to it all but them still being full of life with the beer lying around and so fourth.
A rushed moment with both Hugh and Lena about to get it on in a tent and then he has to go to the otuhouse when things were supposed to get exciting as this looked stale to watch and too rushed. But a nice moment when she is alone in the tent and suddenly sees creepy shadows which was impressive to watch in a horror flick.
Impressive moments on the rest of them finding the hut and plan on going to check things out along with the bright one Karma not liking the idea and reminds them on watching Scooby Doo cartoons on looking for dangerous situations as this added a nice slapstcik moment to the horror story.
Great moment with both Rudy and Greg showing the others on what they caught on their camcorder as well as discussing the George Romero flicks. It's impressive that they showed them the zombies attacking and what their plans will be to survive which was a nice start off to what will happen later on with the zombie attacks.
We spot a moment with Lena appearing out of her tent and going to attack as this didn't look impressive with the make up on her that she turned but the fast actions looked not too bad as well as Casper shooting her as this was good fast thinking action.
Impressive setting with a bubbly lagoon and the people walking over it and with the camera shots leaves an impression that the terror will strike and it does just that as well as everyone fighting for their lives and good movements on the zombies doing their moves and so fourth. Good gun shooting as well as karate kicking action too. Plus nice round camera shots on the people fighting with a good pause to make it look like a video game.
Plus some nice underwater segments on zombies trying to swim up on the boat and Kirk blowing them away with a gun. Nice moment with Kirk keeping himself in a shack with the others but hears some whistling sounds by Salish which sounded mildly spooky and him going to to see if he's alright as this leaves a chill down your spine and giving the story a perfect touch.
A touching brief discussion between Simon and Karma as this seemed to grab your attention and memorable on his emotional attitude too.
More perfect struggling and battling sequences with the survivors fighting for their lives in a mine tunnell as this adds more great formula to a zombie flick. Also looks good for a video game type movie since this motion picture was trying to be exactly that way.
Then we have the final moments with the head zombie CVastillo doing battles against Rudy as this wasn't too thrilling to find out who's behind all of this but nice action sequences on their sword fights as well as a moment with this zombie being headless and still battling in which borrows heavily from those Re-Animator flicks.
Bottom line is that many viewers and critics have bombed this film but it's not that terrible. Sure it isn't that great. I found this kinda like a tribute to George A Romeros' zombie flicks but the zombies are more intelligent. This film was of course based on the popular Sega video game by the same name and it seems to pull well together. Not much of a strong plot but it was basically a film full of zombie battles as this was of course the total drawing card of the film.

Most of the acting seems to stand out quite well and not too badly performed as we have Jonathan Cherry (Rudy) in which he seemed dead on with his performance and was well alert with stuff. Plus was sharp with his speaking and seemed to come off strongly in his personality too. Plus was good with his blocking like doing a battling scene as we wasn't too rusty within whatever he did here.
Tyron Leitso (Simon) seemed to stand out well himself as he looked dorky but yet showed off as a bright type within his personality. Also shows great energy when getting anxious or being emotional. He for sure came off as a sort of heroic type by all that he did here and a decent character actor.
Ona Grauer (Alicia) stood out strongly and had the right looks for her part in the story. She seemed to be the wisest out of the bunch and delivered her lines quite well along with acting convincingly courageous by all that she did here. However she seemed a little rough when she is grieving a death as it's hard to make any of that convincing onto the screen. Otherwise does a fine job here.
Will Sanderson (Greg) expresses a perfect hyped up attitude whenever he explains something especially describing the zombie attacks and gets into this superbly. He seemed to study his role very well and adds alot of great spunk into his role. Does well with his anxieties on when the suspense and action happens. Seemed powerful in every format.
Enuka Okuma (Karma) showed alot of great spunk and pizzaz in her role and is the type whom is cautious on stuff and making these situations believeable. She adds alot of energy into all that she did here and was solid in her performance. I always enjoyed her work in TV shows and now she's on the big screen. Way to go as she deserves to be seen in a motion picture.
Michael Eklund
(Hugh) has a good presence to his role as he can be fondly remembered in what he does here as well as coming across as someone whom is dimwitted. Also knows how to act dumb on many situations which he seemed to be a bit of a ham while doing so. Also was good with his adrenaline and aggressions to bringing all of this to a fair hype.
Ellie Cornell (Casper) was probably the best out of the whole cast in which she does a great job as a secret agent and knew on how to fire a weapon and being on the spot of things. Had a convinving serious and no nonsense attitude into all that she did here. Was sharp within her speaking too. She was a true force of nature as well.
(Kirk) was perfect as a captain of his boat in which he draws a good serious and darkness in his speaking. Also does well being alert from zombies and shows it off snuffing them too. He seemed to come off perfectly onto the camera and had a good middle age looks to his role. Has a nice gruffness to his words too.
Clint Howard (Salish) however was a bit too over the top as a strange type in the film but he tried his best he needed to tone his hpyer behavior down just a little bit as we figure he's one of those odd types knowing about the terror that will happen at the island. He seemed to have had a hard time relating to his role and needed a bit of inspiration into doing this role since he's often played oddball roles in horror flicks.
David Palffy (Castillo) showed it off not too shabbily as the head zombie in which he offers nice coldness to his staring as well as his speaking too and is on the ball with fighting his weapons towards others. He was a powerful force and knew on how to play such a nice dark type of character.

A woman takes off her top to go skinny dipping in the ocean wearing nothing but her tight underwear.
There's another topless woman in a blue skirt in the boat going to the island where the zombies live.

A zombies hand plunges through a guy's chest.
Many zombies die in gruesome ways having their heads blown off
Arms and legs cut off and blood splurting out.
A woman officer is cut in half.
There are body parts in a lab on the island.
The head zombie is decapitated and then his head is stepped on with his brains splattering out.
Gorehounds may enjoy all of this.

The music was composed by Reinhard Besser and Oliver Leib which is none other than techno music which I hate with a passion but it suits the film since video games you see today have techno music in it. Also there's score of classical violin having high tones for the necessary moments especially during the dark sequences and other playing which isn't that great of a deal but I dug it for the kind of film it was made on and suits on what goes on too.

We also have an interesting soundtrack by artists like Codetrasher, Rey Thomas, Black Tiger, Okio and The Horror Boogies which was played all through the film as well.

Greg: [pointing on a zombie in the water] Shoot it!
Capt. Victor Kirk: What do you think I am trying to do, you fucking moron?

Salish: No cap'n, we must not go there! It's eeeeevil!

Simon: We got to the boat but it wasn't there.

Greg: This book, it's pretty old. Maybe it'll help us.

[after being attacked by Castillo]
Alicia: Isn't it nice to know someone wants you for you body?
Rudy: Yeah. Depending on what they want.

Alicia: You did all this to become immortal. Why?
Castillo: To live forever!