House of Many Sorrows (2020)


Produced, Written, Edited, Casted & Directed by: Barry J. Gillis


John Garofalo II .... Arthur Caverly
Samantha Brownlee .... Loni Blake
Betty Maxwell .... Mother

Special Appearance:

Ginger Lynn Allen .... Jocelyn Mathers

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: June 30, 2020




A disturbed and horror fanatic son Arthur Caverly (John Garofalo II) runs a bed and breakfast with his sister Loni Blake (Samantha Brownlee) while their mother is dying. The guests however end up being murdered.


In the story we have a dull discussion between the two siblings Arthur Caverly and Loni Blake which looked extremely wooden and was wondering to myself as to what to expect next since this gave me a good feeling that I was in for a bad horror flick and I was right. During these moments we spot someone digging a crave for a corpse with lame computerised effects for fog as this looked more entertaining to watch.
Arthur of course watches horror films on TV which is one of the more amusing moments in the story but that's not saying alot either. However some of the effects shown on the TV screen looked rather interesting.
Many boring moments with Arthur talking to his dying mother as this disturbed man is supposed to act genuinely twisted or emotional however this doesn't look effective at all. In other words extremely amateurishly done. But then one of the guests Jocelyn Mathers comes into the room and has a liner wondering when Mother will die and the dying woman tells her she's not ready yet or something like that as this looked extremely lame to watch.
Jocelyn sits on her bed flipping through fortune telling cards as this moment was supposed to draw you in and looking mysterious but this doesn't do the trick at all.
Then Arthur has a dispute with Jocelyn as this was an attention grabber I had to admit wondering if this woman will be massacered or not since it leaves you a clue that this may happen especially later on when she plans to have a bath as in horror films this is a perfect target for these situations to happen.
Arthur reveals other situations like when he wears a pigs mask approaching behind Loni but nothing happens which makes me wonder as what's the point to all of this. It was supposed to look creepy but fails miserably.
A landlady comes by the house and scolds Arthur big time which looked completely lame brained instead of things looking intense as to what she was talking about. This scene nearly put me to sleep.
A married couple are stranded in the middle of nowhere after their car breaks down and the scenery looked dark as this I had to admit looked mildly effective even if the performances were terribly amateurish like the rest of the story.
To top it all off there's bible thumpers arriving at the place to preach towards Arthur as I was saying to myself please let this film end.
Of course they go to the bed & breakfast house to try and make a call in which this also leaves a clue for Arthur to do these two away as well.
While we have mother still dying we spot her throwing up which looked totally disgusting to watch this unravel as it was a total time waster within what we spot here. Plus Arthur comes in to action wanting to kill his mother which was laughable in a bad way as this was supposed to be horrifying to watch but terrible isn't the word for this scene.
Arthur decides to tie the rest of his guests up including his sister but this wasn't convincing at all and then later on the filmmakers end the flick which doesn't make any sense while there's a scene that's supposed to unravel and just cutting that off as you will see what I mean if I dare you to watch this clunker.
Bottom line is that this movie was boring, pointless and a total waste of time. A shame as most Canadian films can be very enjoyable but not this one. Skip this and watch Funeral Home instead.

The acting was terrible in every way in which John Garofalo II (Arthur Caverly) was humiliating in every factor as he was supposed to act intense and disturbed but he just speaks his lines and not getting into whatever he did here. He was over the top with his emotional behavior and was lacking in every aspect during other moments. He is not meant for this business whatsoever.
Samantha Brownlee (Loni Blake) was slightly better but not by much as she doesn't get into her part too well either. When she cries or freaks out with her screaming she is of course way too over the top as well. She doesn't even have the right looks or appeal to her part and was a bad choice indeed.
Betty Maxwell (Mother) was better than the rest in which she seemed to do well by acting sick and weak as well as having a nice gravelly voice. She seems to be one of the only one's worth mentioning in this flick.
Former porn queen Ginger Lynn Allen (Jocelyn Mathers) seemed to pull her weight a bit better but didn't seem to keen while doing this flick in which I don't blame her for. Yet she showed off a bit of characteristics for her brief supporting role.

Samantha Brownlee exposes her breasts while about to take a shower as well as in another scene much later while in a shower.
Ginger Lynn Allen shows her breasts as well while taking a bath.

Some violent bloodsheds.
Bloodied looking bodies on a TV screen of a horror flick.

The music had tons of cheesy synthesizer effects as it sounded terribly trashy but the odd times it sounded fun to listen to in which there's during the beginning of the story some corny spooky sounds as I liked that moment the best in this one. Some of it had some fast paced sounds and other spots was a bit annoying as well. However, the music was alot better than the film itself which is saying very little.