The House on Pine Street (2015)


Co-Produced & Directed by:  Aaron & Austin Keeling 

Written by: Natalie Jones Aaron & Austin Keeling


Emily Gross .... Jennifer 
Taylor Bottles .... Luke 
Cathy Barnett .... Meredith 
 .... Walter 

Release Dates: Cinequest Film Festival: February 28, 2015; Fargo Film Festival: March 4, 2015; Sonoma International Film Festival: March 27, 2015; International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival: March 28, 2015; FANT, Bilbao Fantasy Festival: May 8, 2015; Nocturna Madrid International Fantastic Film Festival: May 25, 2015; Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival: July 23, 2015; Lost Episode Festival Toronto: August 9, 2015; Macabro FICH: August 22, 2015; New Orleans Horror Film Festival: September 26, 2015; Calgary International Film Festival: September 29, 2015; South Dakota Film Festival: October 3, 2015; Kansas International Film Festival: November 6, 2015; Festival de Cine de Terror de Molins de Rei: November 10, 2015









A young woman Jennifer (Emily Gross) coping with an unwanted pregnancy moves into a new home with her husband Luke (Taylor Bottles) but the house is haunted yet no one seems to believe her thinking that she's delusional and tries to find out information on the place from her neighbors who seem just as creepy.


A nice dysfunctional moment between Jennifer with her mother Meredith and how verbally abusive that this parent is behaving towards her which looked powerfully done as it leaves a nice impression to a story that's about to go wrong. Certainly leaves a nice tension towards everything.
Things seem fairly bland afterwards for a bit with the situations between Jennifer and her husband Luke along with a moment on an open house party when a strange fellow Walter introduced himself to her and basically tells her future child with a good shocked moment on this as well as him discussing that he's psychic on stuff which looked awfully weird to watch. I was guessing that it was supposed to leave a mysterious feel to the story but it didn't work on me as it lacked inspiration.
A good mysterious moment when Jennifer is taking a shower and we spot a figure coming in the shower as it seems like her husband joining her but we don't see his face as this leaves a creepy impression that it's a haunting for sure. 
Also there's moments when she hears knocking sounds on doors but no one is there which didn't seem as spooky as it was intended to be since this has been done before and needed a bit of a darker feel to everything to make that actually happen.
A good moment with a neighbor Marlene bringing some cookies but acting strangely when the discussions occur as her looking strangely which makes you wonder as to why she's behaving this way.
Yet a near impressive moment when her friend Lauren comes over with her little boy and Jennifer spots him talking to nothing and he tells her he sees ghosts but yet this didn't leave a chill down my spine as things looked a little too obvious but still seemed to be necessary for a horror story of this kind about to unravel.
Perfect silent moment between Lauren and Jennifer lighting a candle and trying to contact the spirit world as of course this looked a little bit campy as we all kinda know that nothing is going to happen. 
A good moment though when Jennifer is spotting the little boy in the middle of the night out in the hall as he isn't tired and some suspenseful moments occur as well as this child hurt by something which does the trick quite well.
Nice powerful moments with sometimes the door opening and then the door breaking open which of course adds nice suspense as to what is going on there. 
Perfect dysfunctional moments between Jennifer and Luke on what she's discussing with their home being haunted as things look powerful and she thinks she's losing it.
Another good moment is when Meredith comes over with Luke to tell Jennifer she's going to see a psychiatrist until the baby is born which is a good psychological feel to everything making out that Jennifer is just making up about the hauntings and stuff like that. Definetely looked mildly twisted on a mother turning against her daughter.
A good silent and strong discussion with Jennifer talking to her neighbor Marlene asking if the previous residents experienced any hauntings at the home as the moments looked truly mysterious as to what the answers were but yet she talks about her twin daughters as it made me wonder what it had to do with what Jennifer was talking about but again this seemed to make me think that they know about the situations. 
Perfect moment when Jennifer sees her husband turned with his back in a room of the home and he doesn't answer which looked cleverly mysterious and getting a feeling that this moment is yet another haunting.
Nice moment with Jennifer having a discussion with Walter on trying to help the situations on the hauntings and him telling her he made up about being psychic as well as some intense anger with her demanding him to leave as well as something happening and then she asks him what he sensed but he freaks out with fear which of course seemed impressive to watch showing the tension between the two of them. 
A good moment with Jennifer having anxiety attacks outside of her home as well as looking like she's going to be in labor along with her banging on Marlene's door and the twin daughters answering along with them not saying anything which looked twisted and her getting aggressive and they slam the door on her which for sure looked unnormal. This seemed to be a nice add into the story.
Some impressive suspenseful situations with a force dragging Jennifer up and down the stairs and her crashing or being dragged which made me gasp wondering if her baby will cause a miscarriage. Definetely leaves another psychological feel to everything. 
Plus more great moments when Jennifer gets demanding to the spirits talking to nothing in the house asking what they want from her as well as teasing moments on what seems to be Luke but yet she's being tricked once again.
An impressive situation when she hears the noises and tells Luke about it all and he doesn't hear anything nor do anyone else that's in the house which offers more powerful psychological moments into the story.
Perfect intimidating situations is when Jennifer tries to talk to Walter at his home and he reacts wicked towards her making out she hated her family or going to the home as this worked in perfectly wondering as to why he would say such a thing like the whole residentual area is under an evil spell or something. One of the best scene's that was in this story. 
Bottom line is the story is a little too long and at times bland as this has been done before but yet there's some interesting twists and blending with paranormal and psychological moments into the film so it's well done in other spots. But if you're in the mood for scares and shocks this one isn't for you.

The acting is very good as we get a strong performance by Emily Gross (Jennifer) in which she seemed to do well with her wide eyed and shocked expressions as she shines off well by doing all of this. Plus does a good job acting timid and nervous during certain spots of the story too. She shows off a great emotional and upsetting attitude in other aspects of the story like showing her anger or frusterations here and there just letting everything out intensely since she really studied her role incredibly well with all that she had to do. 
Taylor Bottles (Luke) shows it off well as the husband in which he seems to offer a somewhat passive attitude and having a nice appeal to whatever he did into his performance. Had the right guy next door looks to him since he was a great choice for the role. Plus shows off great frusterations and aggressions and coming off as dysfunctional and confused with stuff. Shows off great energy into all of this.
Cathy Barnett (Meredith) had the most effective part in the story in which she does greatly as a dysfunctional parent. Shows off a perfect coldness to what she's talking about getting believeably nasty as well as perfectly closed minded. Offers a good versatality acting a little odd and calm in other spots and acting very strange. She for sure drew her part in nicely. 
 (Walter) perfectly knew his crafty as someone who's an oddball with an eccentric attitude. He has a good motive as to someone whom seems too friendly at first and saying the wrong things. Plus does a great job freaking out and wanting to get out of a situation bringing this energy to a hype. His best performance was near the end of his role as he brings off a perfect coldness to his speaking bringing a great psychological feel to what he is talking about. He definetely made this moment realistic reminding you of someone whom makes you uncomfortable.

The composing by Nathan Matthew David & Jeremy Lamb seems to work itself well as we hear alot of windy and hissing sounds which sounds right for the paranormal events that occur as well as quiverring violin music and at times sounds low and gloomy which worked in cleverely. Alot of deep dark sounds and other effects work in well too having a total haunting feel to everything.