House on Haunted Hill (1999)

Directed by: William Malone

Written by: Dick Beebe


Geoffrey Rush .... Stephen H. Price
Famke Janssen .... Evelyn Stockard-Price
Taye Diggs .... Eddie Baker
Peter Gallagher .... Donald W. Blackburn, M.D.
Chris Kattan .... Watson Pritchett
Ari Larter .... Sara Wolfe
Bridgette Wilson .... Melissa Margaret Marr
Max Perlich .... Carl Schecter
Jeffrey Combs .... Dr. Richard Benjamin Vannacutt

Release Date: Theatrical: October 29, 1999

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A wicked theme park manager named Stephen S. Price, (Geoffrey Rush) who enjoys creating scary rides for people, brings some people to a house by a rocky cliff in which he claims is haunted which was once an insane asylum to spend the night at and anyone who lives wins a million dollars. 
This is also a Birthday bash for his greedy wife Evelyn (Famke Janssen) who will stop at nothing to get that money as well as trying to get rid of her nasty husband for good.
Everyone thinks that they will be rich not believing in ghosts but however some turn up dead by mysterious forces and not only that they are trapped inside the house as even Stephen himself is in danger not realising what's in that house even when he sets some pranks up to scare his guests.
One by one someone drops like a fly during this terrifying 24 hour event as some believe it's by special forces haunting the house or by Stephen himself.


The show starts off with some paramedics  at an operating table as the scenery looks very twisted along with the the mental patients staring from the top of a window and then crashing in to attack which was nicely set.
There's a nice setting at a rollercoaster theme park with Stephen H. Price  suddenly having a crazy stare and a rollercoaster comes zooming along.
There are good camera shots on the rollercoaster and the railing of it like you're part of the ride.
A good camera shot on Watson Pritchett coming from some metal gates and a foggy background introducing everyone to the house they plan to stay in.
There is good blocking between Stephen coming up from behind Evelyn Stockard-Price talking to her and then grabbing the back of her head in a room.
Nice moment with Evelyn walking over saying something vulgar then glass starts to shatter from above coming down which is a good jumping moment.
Good camera shots looking up from a staircase with the people walking down as well as the nice dark cobweb halls etc.
There's a nice discussion between Sara Wolfe and Eddie Baker when they try to find their way in the halls as well as a good spooky moment with Sara when she tries to look for him with her flashlight and the dark creepy settings around her.
There's good flickering light effects in the hallway when everyone tries to find out where it's coming from which is the electroshock room as they all know how to perform with lots of energy for this.
A nice wicked conversation between Donald W. Blackburn, M.D. and Evelyn by discussing the set ups to fool people and about getting the money.
We have a good brawling scene with Eddie trying to get the gun out of Stephen's hand.
There's are great psyched out shots on Stephen locked in some storage device with things spinning around as well as other great effects around him.
A nice limping movement with Stephen approaching towards Sara.
There's a nice shot on Evelyn approaching towards Stephen acting lifeless and good words talking to him about her evil scheme. We have a great jumping moment when he grabs her and throws her around.
Good explosive shots on a floor exploding towards Sara and Eddie when they try to run away.
Perfect ghostly effects towards all Sara, Eddie and Stephen when they try to escape the house.
Bottom line is that this remake at first starts off like the original one but then it turns out to be a totally different story alltogether which is what a remake should be like. I enjoyed this one alot better too. There's great effects and lots of twists with haunting creepiness to this film.  If you like haunted house movies with all kinds of twists and turns you may want to check this one out for sure. It was a solid performance too. There are also elements of Hellraiser type of plotlines too.

The acting is very good as we have an interesting characteristics performed by Geoffrey Rush (Stephen H. Price) as a scumbag host of the house on the hill but he doesn't have that same effect that Vincent Price did in the original yet he can come across well like him at times as well as resembling him quite a bit. He presents himself well coming down some stairs in the mansion introducing himself as it was almost the same style Vincent Price did in the original.
Famke Janssen (Evelyn Stockard-Price) is marvellous as his greedy and evil wife who does well with her words. He reacts well by pointing a gun and acting threatening and shooting it.
Taye Diggs (Eddie Baker) seemed quite energetic with his performance which is one of the films plus. A good ghostly expression on him when he turns to walk to a tank filled with blood.
Chris Kattan (Watson Pritchett) shows nice anger to his role yet he still reminds me of his comedic acting like in Saturday Night Live. Does well screaming and ranting for his money back as well as trying to escape the mansion but yet he looks almost like he's performing a comedy which he is used to doing throughout his career and not a serious horror like this one although there are some humorous bits. A good snapping reaction with him towards his fellow actor in another scene.
Ari Larter (Sara Wolfe) is terrific with her role showing a good tough as nails attitude to her role and menacing expressions too when needed. She is probably one of the best out of the cast as I always enjoyed her performances.
She later on shows great anger about what had happened. She also shows great intimidated expressions and shaking a gun towards somebody else acting anxious.

A woman is floating in water breasts revealed.

People's bodies are cut open during an operation table.
A paramedic is stabbed in the neck by 3 sharp pencils with blood gushing out
A tank is filled with blood
Blood is spitting out of womans mouth
A couple of decapitated heads and remaining bodies

Don Davis composes some real intense classical music wioth some pounding sounds too along with ghostly type chants which works extremely well making you jump at times.

We have a bitchin songtrack by Marilyn Manson with his cover of "Sweet Dreams" which was used during the first bit of the movie as well as the closing credits.