Howling II:.... Your Sister Is a Werewolf (1985)


Directed & Edited by: Philippe Mora

Written by: Robert Sarno & Gary Brandner
Gary Brandner (Novel)


Christopher Lee .... Stefan Crosscoe
Annie McEnroe .... Jenny Templeton
Reb Brown .... Ben White
Marsha A. Hunt .... Mariana
Sybil Danning .... Stirba
Judd Omen .... Vlad
Ferdy Maine .... Erle Kenton
Patrick Field .... Deacon
Jimmy Nail .... Dom
Steven Bronowski .... Moon Devil

Release Dates: Theatrical: August 28, 1985 (France); January, 1986 (USA)

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Convinced that his sister Karen White has been a victim of a brutal murderer Ben (Reb Brown) who is an out of town law officer tries to find this killer.

He then meets up with an expert on occults named Stefan Crosscoe (Christopher Lee) as he tells him that Karen was a victim to a werewolf cult after showing him a tape of what happened to her while being broadcasted on the 6'o Clock news.

From there he travels with Crosscoe and Karen's best friend Jenny Templeton (Annie McEnroe) to the dark country of Transylvannia where Karen was brought for a holiday and so they can track down their leader and put an end to the werewolf cult.

However, Karen is reincarnated into a lustful leader of the pack this time named Stirba (Sybil Danning) as she has deadly plans for Jenny while they arrive there and hunt down her temple.


The makers weren't too convincing with their work on this sequel and it took me a while to figure out that this one was based after the first one.
The funeral scene was too rusty and cheesily done too due to it's lack of budget and didn't seem effective at all but it's nice to see where the last one ended off and spotting Karen White's funeral as well as spotting this character screaming while inside the coffin which looked cheesily twisted.
Then we have the conversations between Jenny Templeton and Ben White afterwards in the forestry area as the scenery looked good but their discussions looked not so convincing. There's a nice shot on the mysterious Mariana watching them as these moments looked a little catchy.
However the story seems to show some neat moments like a punk band playing as it looked totally 80's cheese for that period of time as well as a nice adventurous scene that involves Mariana leading the street punks to an abandoned building only to be slaughtered by a werewolf as the scenery looks good with the werewolf effects. It almost had that sort of Demons type italian horror feel to all of this and very dark like. I thought while watching this the film would be exciting.
However, it lacks again when there is a conversation sequence with Stefan Crosscoe talking to Jenny and Ben on what happened before which he shows a tape of the last ending footage of the first one buit it made the first film a little cheesy like this one. Still it was fun to watch it but not meant to be taken seriously though.
We see great shots on Ben and Jenny in the deep dark woods as well as the funeral church when Ben himself acts tough shooting any werewolves that attack.
There's a scene that has a perfect setting in a temple with people chanting as well as good special effects when we spot an old woman using some magic from Karen's corpse and then turining inot the lustful Stirba along with the sharp and strong moments she does to command the ceremony as well as her speaking on her brother wanting to kill her. These moments really draw you in.
We spot a discussion between Jenny and Ben in their hotel room as well as touching and romantic moments but this looked too forceful and obvious. Cheesiness at it's almost best.
There's also a nice lustful scene that involves Stirba, Vlad and Mariana when they transform into werewolves as well during this time. It is very close for making up the cheesiness to this film and meeting up to the original. Yet these moments take a little too long while we are watching this all happening when we spot other scenrios too.
There's also good shots on the festivals happening in the small town with people dancing and a puppet act of a werewolf. Plus there's other moments when we spot Mariana and Stefan Crosscoe warns someone about her and telling them that she is deadly which looks like a wise person experiencing these werewolves as well as making you ownder if he's one himself for his knowledge on what goes on in the village.
Stirba really stood out dressed in leather at the temple near a bonfire when she starts casting a spell of chants and in the woods the werewolves get into a fury and other intense moments happen. In between this there's a midget throwing weapons at werewolves as this was supposed to have looked enjoyable and drawing you in but it doesn't do that trick at all. Yet a nice shocking moment when something deadly happens to him after Striba uses her powers on him. There's perfect special effects as well as her using her powers against a struggle with Stefan as this looked entertaining.
We see nice shots of people transforming into werewolves too.
Nice moment with Erle making out that he's guiding Jenny only to trap her as this looked suspenseful and powerful to watch.
There's a great chasing scene that involves both Stefan and Ben. Plus nice battling moments when he snuffs werewolves and moments like that.
The most effective moment was with Stefan and Stirba together close to the ending as it looks gothically powerful.
Bottom line is that this film seemed way too corny and cheesy to believe this was a sequel to the first film until I watched it more to know it does take off where the first one eneded off but it looks insulting regardless. Yet, this film is fun to watch and a nice cheesy 80's horror flick. Good to watch close to Halloween. The dialogue is bad in the film but it still seems to be watchable.

The acting is nowhere as well performed like in the first film with a cast of b-film celebrities. Christopher Lee (Stefan Crosscoe) who plays a werewolf slayer in the film seems to deliver his part not too bad but is a little rough. However, he shows great seriousness to his character. He shows descent menacing actions towards someone else and demading to know where their leader is. Also comes across as someone whom is wise and knowledgeable about who is a werewolf in the village. Seemed to show that off convincingly well.
Annie McEnroe (Jenny Templeton) was the worst actress in this film as she should not have been cast at all. She had the pretty girl next door virgin type of appeal for a horror flick but when she says her lines she sounds like she only experienced doing voice overs for foreign cast members as we know how badly those were done. Sorry she doesn't cut it at all. Her energy was quite low.
Reb Brown (Ben White) stands out well, tries to perform well but at times doesn't have the knack to his character. Has the good masculine presence and seems to show off a fair amount of energy while doing battle. Yet when he says his lines he's quite wooden. He needed a bit of a push within whatever he did here.
Marsha A. Hunt (Mariana) as a mysterious werewolf seems to look good with her role and does a fairly descent job but sometimes she tried too hard and at times her performance is too acted out. Yet was great with her slick behavior and does well acting expressionless as well as showing great forceful energy when she leaps into action or attacking somebody else. Had the perfect looks too which is a nice plus.
Sybil Danning (Striba) was one of the best cast members in this film as she perfomrs lustingly evil as the head of the werewolf cult. She really knew her stuff. Does greatly with her wicked speaking especially during the beginning of her performance along with showing a good force of nature while doing an evil chant. Was great with her hissing as she often does this in other shows and pulls it off greatly. Fopr sure she studied this part greatly and became a cult icon due to this role.
Ferdy Maine (Erle Kenton) delivers quite powerful with his accent and comes across as a mysterious type and shows a good hyped up behavior making you wonder if he should be trusted by how he comes across onto the screen. He shows a nice out of control vicious attitude and drives it to the extreme. Seems okay to portray this kind of role and could be findly remembered in his supporting role with this flick.

Marsha A. Hunt has her top torn off showing her full breasts as well as Sybil Danning's during a seduction scene in a temple.
There is a brief breast shot in the temple during a group make out scene.

A punk's hand is chomped off.
There's some bloody gunshots and stabbings
A midget's eyes explode
A creature of some sort tears some flesh off a priests face as well as plucking his eyes out.
A head is decapitated

Stephen A. Parsons does a terrific job composing the music for the film as it is very 80's like what you'd see in a Return of the Living Dead or A Nightmare on Elm Street type of film as we have a wicked type playing for the opening credits and fast beat music for the terrors and suspense that occurs as well as the odd good low drumbeats as well as effective low synthesizer music too.

We also get a groovy soundtrack by the punk rock group Babel as they appear onstage in the film many times. There's was good syntheszier playing as many bands used this during that time period. The band almost comes across in a Duran Duran type of appeal but a bit cheesier.

Stefan Crosscoe: For it is written: the inhabitants of the Earth have been made drunk with her blood. And I saw her sent upon a hairy beast and she held forth a golden chalice full of the filthiness of fornications. And upon her forehead was written: "Behold I am the great mother of harlots and all abominations of the Earth."

Ben White: Which way is the fastest way to the airport?
[man at gunpoint gestures]
Ben White: Thank you.