Howling III (1987)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Philippe Mora


Barry Otto .... Prof. Harry Beckmeyer
Imogen Annesley .... Jerboa
Max Fairchild .... Thylo
Leigh Biolos .... Donny Martin
Dasha Blahova .... Olga Gorki
Ralph Cottrill .... Professor Sharp

Frank Thring .... Jack Citron
Michael Pate .... President
Jon Ewing .... Gen. Forster

Special Appearance:

Barry Humphries .... Dame Edna Everage

Release Date: Cannes Film Festival: May 15, 1987 (France)

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A young werewolf girl named Jeroba (Imogen Annesley) from a werewolf community down in Australia escapes from her tribe to the city life where she meets up with a horror filmmaker named Donny Martin (Leigh Biolos) as he wants her in his film and then falls in love with her.
She suddenly becomes pregnant with his child as the tribe takes her back to the community and a Professor named Harry Beckmeyer (Barry Otto) kidnaps two of the head people named Thylo (Max Fairchild) and Olga Gorki (Dasha Blahova) to do some test results on them as the results aren't good experiencing them as werewolves.
Both Beckmeyer and Martin becomes werewolves and try to support the tribe while a group of relentless soldiers tries to hunt them all down.


There is a brief conversation between Jerboa and a priest in a vehicle as to why she's running which is extremely lacking.
There's a corny moment with a bunch of drunks in a park played by trying to bother Jerboa but there's a perfect shot on her when she turns around and shows her fangs to them.
A nice romantic type of conversation between Donny Martin and Jerboa making out in bed as well as a good shot on her crotch with his hands running down.
A nice nightmare sequence with a babywerewolf being born and great close up shots on both Jerboa and Donny screaming with frightened expressions.
There's great shots on the people dancing on the stage and Olga Gorki slowly turning.
There's a good discussion between Prof. Harry Beckmeyer and Olga when she's strapped in a chair and she acts intense and then a great battle when she becomes a werewolf.
A good shot on Olga slowly walking towards Thylo and falling itno his arms.
A great shot on Thylo changing as well as things exploding.
Good shot on
Jerboa in a barn panting being in labour as well as a cute shot on a little baby werewolf.
A scene with her nurturing her newborn looked very touching and cute.
There's nice moments with Harry, Jerboa, Donny and Olga spending a family time together with their two children.
A great shot on a werewolf attack with hunters by being devoured as well as camera shots running towards them.
There's a nice romatic conversation between Harry and Olga which looked perfectly done.
We have a good shot on Jerboa freaking out by the flashphotography after winning an Oscar which looked good as well as Harry and Olga showing frightened expressions while watching her on TV. A hilarious shot on his fellow actress Dame Edna screaming.
Bottom line is that this film beared no relationship to the first two plus it was overly comedic too with corny dialogue during the beginning of the film but then it gets a bit better along with the storyline. It seemed touching seeing some people already werewolves raising their children but however the plot is just too distasteful during other parts with the dark comedy involved which doesn't really fit but at times it is amusing here and there like with some werewolf women disguised as Nun's which offers some chuckles.

The acting is at times low key by some of the cast but some seem to do well. For instance Barry Otto (Prof. Harry Beckmeyer) seemed a little corny as a Professor but he really pulls through later on and became a worthy character actor for the film.
Imogen Annesley
(Jerboa) seems to do okay as a young woman lusty werewolf trying to bring as much as she can to her part shows off a perfect reaction when she reveals her werewolf phase in a scene. She
is great by reacting to this painfully as well as her running around town and slowly changing. A nice reaction on her by waking up in a hospital and about to attack. Reacts well by being in labour as well as doing a good job nuturing her newborn and getting into her role well.
Max Fairchild
(Thylo) is just too silly with his part to be taken seriously as the head of the werewolf pack. A nice humorous reaction with him laughing in a scene.
Leigh Biolos
(Donny Martin) however was too cooky in his part as the main moviemaker.
Dasha Blahova
(Olga Gorki) was probably the best one out of all the cast as she shows perfect expressions and characteristic as the female head werewolf of the pack and has nice timing with her part by being both funny and serious too.
Great expressions on her while looking at a picture in her dressing room showing wide jawed and eyes expressions about to lose it.

A brief breast shot on Immogen Annesley while lying in some hay.

Allan Zavrod composed some funky and cold like keyboard playing for the film which was impressive for the story.

Dame Edna Everage: Is there a doctor in the house?

[last lines]
Dame Edna Everage: Ahh!
Prof. Sharp: [laughs]