Howling IV: The Original Nightmare (1988)

Directed by: John Hough

Written by:
Clive Turner & Freddie Rowe


Romy Windsor .... Marie
Michael T. Weiss .... Richard Adams
Antony Hamilton .... Tom
Susanne Severeid .... Janice
Lamya Derval .... Eleanor
Dennis Folbigge .... Dr. Coombes

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: November, 1988

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An author named Marie (Romy Windsor) had a nervous breakdown and was sent to the town of Drakho along with her husband Richard (Michael T. Weiss) where she is told that the town is wound up in a mysterious mystery about demons and werewolves.
She ends up having nightmares about ghosts and hauntings plus she hears howling outside which scares her but is assured that the town's major wildlife is only coyote's.
She runs into a former Nun named Janice (Susanne Severeid) as she tells her the disappearance of her former Nun named Sister Ruth (Megan Kruskal) as Janice experiences her haunting that night but Richard keeps convincing her that she is still seeing things.
What makes things worst is that Richard is having a lustful affair with an antique store owner named Eleanor (Lamya Derval) as she has some secrets of her own plus Janice is nearly attacked by what seems to be a wolf as well and must find some clues with Janice to find out what is going on.

There is a discussion between Richard Adams and Dr. Heinemann discussing the condition of poor and disturbed Marie but what's so poor about this moment was that it looked like that the people making this film didn't take the time to make this look convincing.
There is a fairly decent introduction by Eleanor in an antique shop as it makes her role look mysterious.
There are nice dream sequences with a camera jogging along into the misty woods as well as a slow motion running of Marie as these situations looked dark and perfectly fitting for a werewolf horror flick.
A good camera shot on Richard necking Marie in bed as she has a good distracted expression by the howling outside in which this was supposed to give you the creeps but it was a bit cheesy to spook you while watching this. However it does pay a tribute to the previous flicks since this has happened with the previous characters hearing this from their cabin.
Nice moment when Marie is in the woods and spots a hooded figure and then chases after this person and then this hooded figure reveals to be Eleanor as this offered nice mysterious timing as well as her running towards a cave and spots something shocking as well as a growling sound in which all of this looked terrorising and psyching you out wondering if she will manage to get away safely from the forest.
There's a nice conversation between Janice and Marie when she tells the history of her days by being a Nun and what happened to a former Nun.
A perfect shot on Richard entering the antique store and a nice shot on Eleanor walking up to him acting smooth along with a perfect camera closing in on Richard. Also we have a lustful sequence between the two of them as this looked too dull and planned out along with Marie hearing the howling sounds which was in the middle of this plot There is a good shot on Marie trying to hold a shotgun along with a creature trying to break into a window and a good close up shot on Eleanor howling in pain which is a mild attention grabber.
There's another good lustful moment between Richard and Eleanor outside with her lying on top of him looking down at him and suddenly reacting vicious. Suddenly the terror begins and a good close up shot on a monstrous looking werewolf as the effects looked well done and monstrous too. A good shot on Richard after being attacked as well as the results which looked impressive as well as horrifying.
Perfect chilling situations between Marie trying to talk to Richard with him acting strange and creepy as this looked impressive to show that he is changing into a werewolf himself and good still moments throughout all of this as well as the odd intense moments that happen in other moments.
There's a good setting with Marie being frusterated about something and Janice sitting on the couch looking disturbed.
The best moment was yet to come with Richard groaning on the ground in pain and then showing a vicious look and then later on melting with most of the werewolves watching as there's perfect shots on all of them. Definentely showing fangs and looking creepy when these characters are closely watching him. For people who like these types of horror flicks will bear in your mind quite well.
A good chasing scene with Marie and Janice running away from werewolves as the effects looked great. Also there's good shots on wolves running with firey eyes as this looked impressive.
Nice setting on Dr. Coombes
standing on a pentagram in a bellhouse with candles showing the frightening exposure on him although it did look very low budget like.
A good shot of the bellhouse exploding.
Bottom line is that the film has it's darkness again instead of the dark comedy like in the previous one but yet this one was a story on it's own too as from what it seems. Uses some of the similar elements from the first one like the werewolf woman lustfully having an affair with a married man etc but the werewolves in this one was very scarce which in a way was almost good as it keeps you in suspense till the final showdown. Made on a low budget and never made it to theatre's to top it all off but still fun to watch.

The acting is below average with alot of the actors as it looked like the speaking was pre recorded and over dubbed. The lead actress Romy Windsor (Marie) who looked like she got her talents by working in a porn industry and very low key on her character. She could win a Raspberry Award. However she does show the odd interesting moments with her soft speaking. She seemed to show okay energy when she reacts frightened or when she breaks down into an emotional scene too. Plus seemed to show good anger when she reacts frusterated too.
Michael T. Weiss
(Richard Adams) tries to pull off his role as the cheating husband but yet doesn't do it. He almost how to react nasty and bitter during many sequences towards his fellow actress but it needed to be picked up a bit more. He was fairly stiff with his speaking but sometimes that worked well for his benefit when he is slowly changing it works in well. Does well at times with his intense aggressions too when not taking any crap. This showed off powerfully well.
Antony Hamilton (Tom) had the hunky and brawny clean cut guy next door looks and seems fairly okay with his nice guy attitude as well as showing a good convincing attitude when he's concerned with someone else. I would say that he is a bit passable but not overall great. He can do the job regardless.
However, Susanne Severeid (Janice) as a retired Nun really pulls her part off well showing lots of dynamic energy. Seemed to do well stressing stuff and was good with her conversations too. She does extremely well trying to set the bellhouse on fire and yelling. Lots of energy there.
Other supporting actress Lamya Derval (Eleanor) comes across nicely as well playing a mysterious one at the antique store.
She was very cool and smooth by what she does as well as doing a good job approaching someone else and acting lustful but at times she seemed to try too hard while doing a sex scene and it doesn't look natural. Also was slightly off when she reacts in pain.
Dennis Folbigge (Dr. Coombes) really brought on a nice mysterious feel to his role in the flick as he acts very calm as well as reacting strange to certain things which shows that he may be a werewolf himself whenever he does. Draws all of this in pretty good. Had the right looks to portrayt this kind of role too. Defienetely was a good key supporting role.

A brief breast shot on Lamya Derval during two lustful scene's.

A Man is badly clawed
A neck is bitten
A man is melting and turning into sludge how gross.
A doctor tears the bottom of his mouth off when he is transforming into a werewolf.

Composer Barrie Guard some good icy as well as screechy synthezier playing which helps the plot alot as well as wavering synthesizer soundings during the dream sequences which is sounding perfect for a b-film. Also we hear some lame spanish accoustic guitar music for a lustful sequence which didn't seem to do anything. But there was some cheesy deep synthesizer music which was entertaining for a b-film such as this one. We also hear hissing and metal scraping sounds as well as prickly effects as none of this sounded too shabby.