Howling V: The Rebirth (1989)


Directed by: Neil Sundrom

Written by:
Clive Turner & Freddie Rowe
Gary Brander (Book)


Philip Davis .... Count Istvan
Victoria Catlin .... Dr. Catherine Peake
Elizabeth She .... Marylou Summers
Ben Cole .... David Gillespie
William Shockley .... Richard Hamilton
Mark Silversten .... Jonathan Lane
Stephanie Faulkner .... Gail Cameron
Mary Stavin .... Anna
Clive Turner .... Ray Price

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: 1989







A bunch of tourists in a hotel led by a man named Count Istvan (Philip Davis) down in Rome from different walks of life travel to a castle that was sealed for 500 years to understand the history behind it all as well as trying to have a good time there. But behind those walls of the castle carries and ancient secret.
However, one of the people that travelled there is a werewolf and is killing the tourists one by one as the survivors there realises that the secret as well as the werewolf is stalking them. They also realise that there is no escape to this madness as they are snowed in by a terrible blizzard.
The Count can't take any chances as he tries to trap some of the survivors in case they happen to be the werewolf but could the Count be responsible for this whole nightmare?
Two researchers named Dr. Catherine Parks (Victoria Catlin) and David Gillespie (Ben Cole) tries to find out some clues to the secret by exploring the castle but it seems to be that no one is to be trusted.


A good opening credits with blackness of the credits and then the camera circling around some dead people in a castle.
We spot a real cheesy discussion between Richard Hamilton
and Marylou Summers by when they first meet which needed some work.
Good shots on the tour bus driving along the road going into the forestry area along with a good conversation between Marylou and Anna talking about their acting work. There's corny one liners with Marylou saying it's tough to play a bimbo for when she discusses her acting gigs. I was like "Oh man this film is gonna bite big time!"
We spot good shots on a professor running away in the hallway of the castle and then a shocked look on his face with a brief shot on a werewolf exposing it's fangs and attacking. This scene looked perfectly terrorising when this happens and good effects too.
We have a nice and peaceful conversation between Richard and Marylou in a hot type bath set in the castle.
There are good shots on Gail Cameron undressing as well as her looking around after hearing someone entering. We have perfect shots on a blizzard at the castle as well as a shot on some snow exploding with a werewolf attacking. There's a good shot on Jonathan peeking through a crack shot of a door as well as a good shot on it with a beastly image slowly apporaching Gail. We also have a great pan in shot on her screaming. A good brief shot on a werewolf ready to strike at her as this looked mysterious and impressive.
A nice dark shot on a werewolf walking in a hall of the castle as the effects looked amazing and truly creepy to watch all of this happening.
Nice suspenseful moments on Richard ruinning around a dungeon as well as great camera shots panning in on him. A perfect shot with him screaming with a werewolf crashing through a wooden door attacking. Also another great close up shot on the beasts face and it's fangs.
Great shots on Count Istvan feeling around the walls and leading everyone with a torch in the halls. Also a great moment with him telling everyone on a werewolf situation which was strongly pujt into the story.
We spot many great scene's between Dr. Catherine Peake and David Gillespie wandering the halls and trying to discover stuff that is happening at the castle. Also a scene they shoot a dark object thinking it's the werewolf but it looked slightly cheesy by how this was all done and made things obvious that they shot someone else.
There's a good moment with Gail dying and trying to spit out some words. These situations looked good and shocking to watch this.
A good shot on a supporting character Susan jumping on David and him throwing her off and screaming at her to demand something from her.
A nice shot on Count Istvan coming up from behind Marylou and grabbing her as well as asking her not to scream when he uncovers her mouth and a nice shot on David coming up from behind and ready to swing the axe at him. Alot of good horror violence that happens so fast and in a good horror taste too.
Perfect peer pressuring moment with Marylou wondering who to shoot as she's pitted against two people who claims one of them is the werewolf as this looked cleverly done and psychological too.
Good camera shots on clouds flowing away and a full moon approaching.
A perfect close up shot on Marylou at the end hugging David with a mysterious grin on her face. Hopefully this isn't a spoiler folks but it looked great.
Bottom line is that this one was also a story on it's own like the last two but yet the best one of all. The werewolves are more scarce in this film but it's more mysterious than ever on what is happening with the story which is what I like. Alot of fun touches were made throughout this film with the terrors that unbound in this film wondering who is the werewolf in this film. The ending is very impressive too. This story followed two sequels.

The acting is quite good as we have an awesome performance by Philip Davis (Count Istvan) with his serious attitude and powerful actions. The role totally fits him well. He's great trying to explain what is happening at the castle and who the werewolf is with his serious expressions as well as showing some loud aggression. He really becomes effective towards his fellow actress in a later scene when he tells her who the werewolf is. Had the right looks and appeal to play this role and not breaking his character at all.
Victoria Catlin (Dr. Catherine Peake) certainly came across as perfectly slick in her role as well as acting a little cold and wicked. She was strong in her performance and didn't let any energy down by what she did here. Was for sure an attention grabber and showing some good hyped up adrenaline within all that she did when getting to the point and having a no nonsense attitude.
Elizabeth She (Marylou Summers) however seemed to lack a bit with her character as she only had her looks going for her but again that's just my opinion. Yet she seemed to come across nicely by playing a flake in her role and also showed good energy near the end of her role as well as showing some good evil expressions at the end of the film as she grabs your attention big time here.
Ben Cole (David Gillespie) had a good serious attitude to his role as a researcher in the film bringing his part to life quite well. He certainly had a nice attitude as someone whom is intelligent into all that he did here. Also was sharp within his speaking and showing a good energetic attitude as well.
William Shockley (Richard Hamilton) certainly had the right looks as a clean cut guy next door in which he shows off a nice charm to everything. Also seemed to do well acting highly of himself too. He was good and clear within his speaking which he delivered nicely and can be well remembered in his role here showing his stuff off greatly.
Stephanie Faulkner (Gail Cameron) was the best actress in this film by all means as she showed great energy to her part in the film.
She delivers some strong words asking who's there when hearing something in a scene. Has a good powerful discussion with her fellow actor claiming a werewolf is in the castle. She was another powerful force of nature.
Mary Stavin (Anna) seemed to have breezed on through okay playing the role as a known actress with her soft sounding voice. She had a good sharp attitude as well as speaking smooth and acting cool on stuff. Also does well by acting alert as her energy goes to a nice hype by all that she did here.

There is a breast and butt shot performed by Elizabeth She going into an antique type of bath. She also shows off her breasts while wrapping herself in a towel.

People's throat's are clawed open
A head is chopped off and the remains of the body.

A group called The Factory composes some nice playing on a tack piano some chanting and howling type sounds with the cold sounding synthesizer too that these artists sounded very original withe their music and worked extra hard. Also there's odd loud chanting noises that's in your face for a werewolf terror moment which is right on the ball. Plus good hissing and whispering noises along with good ghostly and eerie type sounds fitting the low budget of this flick. There's the odd chimings too adding more taste to the picture.