Howling VI: The Freaks (1991)

Directed by: Hope Perello

Written by: Kevin Rock
Gary Bradner (Novel)


Brendan Hughes .... Ian
Michele Matheson .... Elizabeth
Sean Gregory Sullivan .... Winston
Antonio Fargas .... Bellamey
Carol Lynley .... Miss Endington
Jered Barclay .... Dewey
Bruce Payne .... R.B. Harker
Gary Cervantes .... Sheriff Fuller
Christopher Morley .... Carl / Carlotta
Deep Roy .... Toones

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: May 1991 (UK)



A drifter named Ian (Brendan Hughes) goes to a carnival freakshow with his girlfriend Elizabeth (Michele Matheson) as they are shocked by what goes on there.
However, Ian has a dark secret and is a werewolf and the freakmaster R.B. Harker (Bruce Payne) discovers this and seems to control him so he is in a big cage and does shows for him as he draws in big crowds.
However, R.B. has a dark secret of his own as he transforms into a vampire and overpowers Ian to do exactly what he wants while he feeds on human blood.
Ian befriends with one of the freaks there named Winston (Sean Gregory Sullivan) and asks him help to set him free and to try and use his werewolf powers to put a stop to R.B.'s evil deeds.


Nice shots on people like Winston, Carl, Toones and Bellamey with a shot on R.B. Harker talking to them acting very serious as well as him telling Winston about him being fabulous too.
We spot many good camera takes on both Ian and Elizabeth in a funhouse together with Ian acting a little nervous and Elizabeth really digging on what's happening too. There's many nice close up shots on the monstrous props ready to leap out along with some smoke.
We spot a nice approach with R.B. introducing himself to the two and taking them through the tour with whacky shots on each of the supporting characters. There's a good shocking shot on Bellamy biting a head off a chicken with both Ian and Elizabeth staring in shock.
There's a good camera shot on both Ian and Elizabeth kissing one another and making out with a big flash of light while they do so.
Terrific shots on Ian transforming into a werewolf.
We spot a perfect close up shot on R.B. with his mouth speaking his chant and holding a crystal while we have a nice shot on Ian changing again.
There's a good circling motion of the camera with Ian in a big cage and trying to plead to R.B. on letting him out.
We spot a nice conversation between Ian and Winston with a cat and discussing the cat and other situations in the big cage.
There's a good discussion between Sheriff Fuller towards Winston in a cage trying to talk reason to him showing good frustrations while he loses control laughing and not acting himself.
There's a good shot on R.B. hosting a freakshow in a carnival tent and a shot on Winston tied to a chain and then doing the chant with R.B. acting menacing along with neat effects on him turning and looking monstrous. We also spot a shot on him holding a cat and this feline acting afraid which packs the suspense wondering if the cat will be okay along with a good close up shot on Winston looking worried and upset.
There's a perfect moment on Fuller pointing a gun towards R.B. with him looking mellow and not doing anything which leaves a good impression that something is going to happen when he tries to handcuff him. There's a good shot looking below R.B.'s waist with his hands turning into claws and Fuller watching in terror.
We spot a good struggle between Fuller picking up Ian by the neck with a perfect shot as well as him turning into a werewolf and then having a battle against one another which looked very fun and enjoyable to watch.
Bottom line is like the previous sequel this one was enjoyable too showing a battle between a werewolf and a vampire with freaks at a carnival. It's a cheesy film but in a well done way and interesting showing a freakmaster controlling on someone turning into a werewolf which is almost disturbing like training an animal to be vicous and not wanting to. Lots of campy dialogues and some good scenery at a funhouse too using alot of imagination for this low budgeter. However, it tries to be funny but it tries way too hard as I didn't laugh but loved the effects on the freakmaster turning into a vampire as the vampire effects look similar to that creature from Jeepers Creepers which I bet someone saw this film and got the idea.

The acting is very well done as Brendan Hughes (Ian) played a good troubled one in the film who knew his stuff playing a werewolf drifter. Sometimes his energy was low when he transforms into one though but the rest was fine. He drew his frusterations very well too. She really doesn't react well while being in pain by transforming into a werewolf.
Michele Matheson
(Elizabeth) had the prefect looks in the film and right attitude since we always need an actress being a target at times for the terror in horror films. She seemed to get into character in a fine way too. Does well nearly panicking thinking she's trapped in an exit room when terror strikes.
Sean Gregory Sullivan
(Winston) seems a bit too plain but drew his sensitivity quite well as a misfit freak at the carnival that everyone picked on. Oh well not everyone is cut out for the business.
Antonio Fargas
(Bellamey) came across very freakily with his tall and intimidating like features and had the good firm voice too. All of this looked good.
Bruce Payne
(R.B. Harker) was the best actor playing the leader of the freaks at the carnival showing his expressionless attitude and sounding extremely clear with his speaking making him convincingly wicked and evil with everything he does. He really was a true horror character actor.
Gary Cervantes
(Sheriff Fuller) at first seemed a little below average with his work as a sheriff but he really picked it up showing his aggressiveness and freaked out reactions for the scene's he had to be that way.
Christopher Morley
(Tooney) did his job nicely as a half man and half women with his vicious behavior and bullying too. He sounded convincingly like an evil woman too.

A chicken's head is bit off
There's some slaughtered animals
A man is torn up
Someone's stomach is bitten
Some minor neck bites
A vampire's skin is crumbling off but it looks very fake

We spot various different sounding type of music composed by Patrick Gleeson such as the guitar twanging outlaw style for some of the outside dusty scene's with the odd harmonica playing. We also have the thunderous low synthesizer playing done in a calssical style with some high icy sounds too when we spot some dark moments.

[as The Alligator Boy]
Winston: But I don't wanna look like this!

R.B Harker: I may not know your name... or your face, BOY! But I know you. I've been watching you. I know what you need. You're the worst kind of freak: one who tries to control it. But you can't! You can't deny your true nature.

R.B Harker: You're the worst kind of freak, one who tries to control it.

Sheriff Fuller: Don't move or I'll shoot your dick into the next county!