Howling: New Moon Rising (1995)

Produced, Written & Directed by: Clive Turner


John Ramsden .... Inspector
Clive Turner .... Ted Smith
Jack Huff .... Father John
Jim Brock .... Brock
Claude 'Pappy' Allen .... Pappy
Harriet Allen .... Harriet
Jack Holder .... Jack
Leslee Anderson .... Leslee
Dolores Silver .... Dolores
Jaro Prickopsky .... Jaro

Special Appearance:

Romy Windsor .... Marie Adams

Release Date: Direct-to-Video: October 24, 1995




A bunch of murders happen on a full moon at a hotel bar in a deserted little town called Pioneertown after a traveller driving a motorcycle named Ted Smith (Clive Turner) arrives and is a possible suspect as the killings look like the kind of a werewolf and a preacher named Father John (Jack Huff) is on the search of a woman named Mary Lou (Elizabeth She) who is reportedly a wereolf herself after some slayings from the previous flicks and is possibly nearby as well.
He also questions a woman named Marie Adams (Romy Windsor) as she had a terrible encounter with werewolfs where she was residing which also affected her husband too.
Ted is forced to stay in his hotel room until they find out who the werewolf really is and try to be prepared before this beast strikes again.


There are interesting shots of Ted Smith riding his motorbike on the orad to a bar.
There's many corny shots on people taking sqaure dancing lessons along with Ted and other people doing the same routine with drinking and theuir comedic blocking doing other stuff at a bar.
There's many discussions between the Inspector and Father John having a discussion about what happened to others in the past with werewolves attacking which looked unbelieveable and awfully stale too. The only thing worth watching with these scene's were the flashbacks from the last three sequels along with discussing who is a suspect and why so but again it looks very stale and boring.
There's some good shots on Leslee, Dolores and Jaro while spotting a dead body but then the situations with this slides when they react to it and thinking who could've done this.
We spot some fair camera shots between Marie Adams and Father John about what happened in her past which goes to a flashback on her moments in Howling IV.
We have a menacing scene between a nasty officer and Ted with camera shots circling around them along a good shot on a werewolf attacking with this officer freaking out. This is probably the best scene to speak on this film.
We spot a good moment with Mary Lou pointing a shotgun towards Ted and speaking coldly to him with good shots on the both of them.
There's a good shot on Mary Lou opening the curtains and staring at the moon with cheesy effects on her changing and then a fake looking plastic mask on a werewolfs head.
There's a good shot on her as a werewolf breaking down a door as this was the second best direction of all. Sorry folks this was all lazily done.
Bottom line is that this movie is so terrible I can't explain how awful it is when I was trying my best to have fun watching it like the recent sequels but there's very little werewolf scene's in the film and the rest of it was used in the flashback sequences from Howling 4, 5 and 6 which were far better flicks too. Whoever made this must've seen Silent Night Deadly Night 2 and decided to do the same thing to save money on effects etc.
When the werewolf is revealed in the film you can tell it's a costume too plus the budget is close to real video quality with a bad plot mostly showing people square dancing and performing country songs, I mean is this a horror movie or a musical? C'mon make up your mind. A fan who had very little money obviously wanted to make a final chapter to end it all and I can see why an 8th one never saw the light of day after watching this heap of trash.

The acting is terrible and full of virtual unknowns who are just saying their lines and getting very little into character. You can tell most of the cast were friends of the filmmakers with no experience at all as most of them don't have character names and are playing themselves.
Clive Turner
(Ted Smith) who directed, write and produced this film also had one of the main roles as a biker in the film and seemed to try his best to get into chracter and he is slacking at times but sometimes added some humor to his part.
Jack Huff
(Father John) played a character name as a preacher but it seems that he is only a line reader and is extremely bland when his role was supposed to be powerful in the story.
Claude 'Pappy' Allen
(Pappy) seemed a bit charming as the elderly bar owner in the film who seemed to portray more of a character than most of the cast in the film but that's not saying a heck of alot.
There's a cameo at the end of the movie performed by Elizabeth She (Mary Lou) reprising her role from the previous two sequels showing a good aggressive and cold speaking attitude and it's a shame her role was small in it till towards the end of the flick.

There's the odd bloody neck bites and scarred faces with some bloodshed too but most of the other gore is seen in the flashback sequences from the previous sequels.

The music is composed by Guy Moon who had reputation with his trashy scoring on other low budget horror's from the 80's like in Creepozoids and Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama and trust me he doesn't get much better with this film in which there's some country twanging music you can tell was used on a synthesizer but he does compose some real guitar sliding music for some of the effective moments near the deserted area of the country bar. He became more successful with his composing shortly after this film like using his music in The Brady Bunch Movie and forward. I guess he decided to improve finally and it's about time.