The Howling Reborn (2011)


Directed by: Joe Nimziki

Written by: Joe Nimziki & James Robert Johnson


Landon Liboiron .... Will Kidman
Ivana Milicevic .... Katherine Kay
Lindsey Shaw .... Eliana Wynter
Jesse Smith .... Sachin
Franik Schogiot .... Jack Kidman
Kristan Hodko .... Tribe
Sean Mercedo .... Pierce
Niels Schneider .... Roland

Release Date: Direct-to-DVD: October 18, 2011





A nerdy highschool kid named Will Kidman (Landon Liboiron) is getting ready for his highschool graduation and also falls for a popular gothic looking girl named Eliana Wynter (Lindsey Shaw) in which he is badly bullied by her boyfriend Roland (Niels Schnieder) due to this in which he nearly kills him.
However during the night of the prom dance he realises that he had enough power to kill her boyfriend and discovers that he has become a werewolf.
He must survive against some other evil students lead by Katherine Kay (Ivana Milicevic) who are werewolfs themsevles in order to save Eliana and the rest of the school from their evil grasps but can he do so?


The story starts off quite slow with a dweeby looking kid named Will Kidman standing in front of a camera dicussing a tragic moment that will happen to him but yet this seemed pretty interesting by making the story here an unsolved mystery challenging you to watch it in order to find out what he's talking about.
There's even a good impression with Will walking along with his buddy Sachin to their locker and Will staring at a gothic looking girl named Eliana Mynter leaving an impression that he likes this girl only in order to nearly being beaten up by a highschool bully named Roland threatening him and nearly slitting his throat which seems like a change in highschool bullying going to the extreme like this as I was pretty impressed here and entertained.

Also we spot a moment at the prom when Will and Eliana are dancing with one another as it almost looks like that she's putting a spell on him or even pursuing to bite his neck making you wonder if she's a werewolf or not. There's another disturbing moment involving Roland attacking this poor guy in the boys room but then you see him get overly powerful and beating him up and then throwing him off a staircase since it is creepy looking down one as it's a long way down I tell ya. Right then I knew he was a werewolf. The story gets a bit boring afterwards though since we don't spot much terror afterwards.
We do spot a woman named Katherine Kay ready to seduce a guy and at the same time Eliana about to do the same thing with Will in a school library when no one is around trying to add some twists here wondering if there's going to be any werewolf changes at this moment but when there is with one of these parties it happens briefly with the eyes and fangs. This seems to keep you in suspense hoping for more since the story still drags a bit.
There's an interesting moment when Will is at the cafeteria getting a hotdog and a finger is inside of it along with the person serving it acting mysterious in which this added some good dark humor.
Also there's a nice peer pressuring moment with the gang of students lead by Katherine Kay pitting against both Will and Elana towards them that he jumps out of a window with her which makes you wonder as if they will survive the fall or not.
The terror does cut into it pretty well quarter way through in which we spot Katherine turned into a werewolf trying to terrorise Eliana while she tries to protect herself against this ferocious beast or even a moment when Eliana pressures Will to make her into a werewolf herself which looked neat to watch as well wondering if he will actually do it even if he manipulates her to kill him and refusing to ask to do this deed for her.
Then there's a moment in the school basement in which Eliana and Will go searching around there and spot dead bodies as well as a pool of blood which seems to show interesting taste for a horror film and can please the fans during this moment too since the beginning was a bit of a bore and not enough of the shocking horror like this. It's also cool with Katherine revealing herself towards Will and revealing her secret to him as this was neatly put in and making the story enjoyable to watch.
Also there's great werewolf battling which looked perfectly terrifying and nice cheesy effects throughout all of this in which the adventure here never seems to stop this time saving from the film by being below average. Plus great struggling moments on them running away while the principal of the school is calling for their names outisde of the school for their diploma and of course they're absent showing some interesting humor here.
There's some nice touching moments between Will and Eliana close to the ending here which looked good and serious but I won't give that moment away.
Bottom line is the movies were different after part 2 and this one bears no relationship to any of them and made on a low budget like what you'd see in a David Decoteau flick such as Brotherhood but without the gay scene's and boys in their underwear. It has the cheesy elements and how it was shot looking like a similar type of budget to fans who enjoy a movie like that. It's a bore and a difficult story to understand alot of the times in the beginning but it's shapes up a bit later on.

The acting is in okay shape as lead actor Landon Liboiron (Will Kidman) certainly comes across nerdy looking as well as speaking wimpy and tense like during the first bit of this story since he was well focused on portraying a misfit. Nice reactions on him in a scene by acting stoned out of his head which was drawn in well. He does well reacting to an onscreen bully when a punch is thrown at him. He also does well reacting aggressive back and showing a good violent attitude kicking him down and acting mighty. The energy was at a perfect pace for all of this. There's a good tense energy with him about being convinced that he's a werewolf. Great defensive speaking on his behalf during another sequence by tripping out which looked nicely done. Great convincing words coming from him towards an onscreen werewolf with his reasonable attitude and nervous behavior in which this looked greatly energised. He also does well with his aggressions and intensity too later on and just going in with the punches with his battles in which he shows a perfect versatality here. He definetely has a bit to offer in his role.
Ivana Milicevic (Katherine Kay) was marvellous in her role as a head werewolf mistress and studying this part inside out with her mysterious behavior and cold speaking. She was incredibly sleek and lustful too whenever she needed to be bringing off a perfect wicked charm into this too. Also she was great whenever she had to act vicious in her role showing off alot of great energy here too. She does well circling around her fellow actor speaking wickedly and coldy towards him as well as touching him and being tempting towards him. This moment was performed in perfect style. More slick and cold speaking from him approaching towards his fellow cast member and acting forceful.
Lindsey Shaw
(Eliana Wynter) shows a ton of good spunk along with a nice bubbly type of aura around her. She also comes across as perfectly mysterious making you wonder or not if she's a werewolf as well. She really shows a good lighthearted and flirtatious behavior with her attitude in this role. She does well with her charming words towards one of her cast members and speaking mysterious towards him with her charmand coming on strong. Alot of good energy on her behalf especially when she acts scared about something. Nice freaked out reaction by her after she falls and spots blood around her in which she reacts very natural within all of this and great expressions too.
Jesse Smith
(Sachin) was very good at portraying another teenage misfit in his role as well as acting tense on certain subjects. He was convincing with his wimpy behavior too. Plus he really knew on how to act outrageous when the terror hits him too. There's also good choking words coming from him in a scene and running away showing a nice tense scared energy on his behalf. Good sarcastic reactions on his behalf when he is told by his fellow actor that he's a werewolf. All in all he seemed to do an okay jib with his character and can get future work.
Kristan Hodko (Tribe) has the perfect tough guy looks to be convinced that he was a school bully and does his part nicely as one of the main werewolfs. He shows off a great evil type behavior towards others in which this looked quite intimidating along with showing nice aggressions into everything that he did in it. He could've been convincing as the leader of the pack by everything that he did in his part.
Niels Schneider (Roland) didn't have a big part in the film but drew across greatly in his supporting role as a bully in which he was believeable by acting violent along with his french accent too. He for sure knew on how to be in your face with his aggressions which was a nice plus and great energy on his behalf too. A good forceful blocking on him by grabbing someone and getting forceful with his aggressive speaking in which his performance on this looked pretty strong. Nice fighting choreaogrphy on him swinging punches towards his onscreen enemy in another part of the film as well. All in all he was perfect for everything that he did here.

Good shots on claw marks on the back of Eliana
Decapitated head on Sachin is revealed
Claw marks are revealed on Will's father in a basement while he is tied up
A heart is torn out of a werewolf

The music had nice low thumping synthesizer music during most of the scene's here which helped the plot out a bit for the suspenseful moments. There's also good adventureous classical orchestra when the story really gets going with the struggles against the werewolves attacking which was pretty impressive. Plus there's alot of great banging and thumping sounds which is perfectly natural for today's horror films. The music was composed by both Christopher Carmichael and Mark Anthony Yeager.