The Delicious Skyrocketing Career of Isabelle Stephen: by Owen Keehnen

Montreal based model and actress Isabelle Stephen is a scorching hot name, face, and personality on the independent horror scene with a good number of movies (7 in 2002 alone!) and some incredibly diverse and quirky roles. Judge for yourself. Her credits include ‘Vampire Sisters’ as a lesbian vampire victim Juliette Laporte who is cunninglingled by a huge snake (what would Freud say?), ‘Cold-Blooded Murder’, ‘The Shychopath’ from Hell Shark Cinema, ‘Sins of the Father’ – in which she is bludgeoned to death with a camera tripod (can you say handy prop?), ‘Killer Cup 2’ – in which she fights off killer coffee cups, Troma’s ‘Tales from the Crapper’ in which she is sodomized by a transsexual penis monster which goes in her, through her, and comes out her mouth (very rough sex as well as a good example that bigger is not necessarily better! ), ‘Le Cycle Infernal’, ‘From Skin to Scream’, ‘Dirt Bag’ – in which she has a musical bathtub scene, ‘Metal Radio’, ‘Orion X’ – as a girl from another dimension, and her movie debut ‘The Thrill Gasp Stranglers’. In addition Isabelle has even written, directed, edited and starred in 2 short films ‘The Other Side’ in which she plays a deranged sex starved girl, and ‘Stalk-Home Sin-Drome’ in which she plays a kidnapping victim. The busy Ms. Stephen is also a horror convention regular and favorite (Chiller Theater Convention, Rue-Morgue Convention, etc.) as well as a former Tromette of the month. (And you know it’s got to be a truly special girl who Troma head honcho Lloyd Kaufman nicknames ‘Necrophilia’.

Recently Isabelle took a few moments from her busy career to answer just five quick questions for us at racksandrazors…



Owen: When you got into films did you aspire to be a scream queen or was it something that just happened?

Isabelle: I really wanted to be a scream queen. I was watching all those Seduction Cinema, Troma, and other Independent films thinking that’s what I would like to do! And here I am! Doing what I was dreaming to do 5 or 6 years ago. It was only a dream at the time because I didn't think I had what it takes to be an actress. I’m glad I was wrong. I guess I just wasn’t ready at that time.
Owen: What's been your best filmmaking experience thus far?

In every single film I did I learned something important. One of my best experiences was on the set of 'The Infernal Cycle'. It was one of the most professional crews I’ve ever been involved with so far. The result is really impressive. But I also have to mention 'Sins of The Father'; it’s my favorite death scene so far! And I’d have to mention Killer Cup 2 because that movie won the Vision Global prize at the Fantasia Movie Festival! I was so happy! I had a lot of fun shooting that film. The crew was great!
Owen: What scream queens do you admire/aspire to?

I really admire Julie Strain and Misty Mundae. They’re the two persons who influenced me most in my life. Julie Strain made me want to be in movies and Misty Mundae made me realize it was possible!
Owen: You have some of the greatest death scenes of anyone.  Is it something that attracts you to a part...and which is your personal fave?

Isabelle: Yeah! I like good death scenes. Since a lot of the characters I portray are victims that are not alive for long, the death scene is when I have to show the most of my acting ability. Like in 'Vampire Sisters', I have only a small part in it. But I did my best to make my death scene unforgettable. People remembered me from that film.

Owen: Psychos, victims, vampires, zombies -- which is the most fun to play and why?

Isabelle: I usually play the victim and I love it! But I would like to play more psycho characters, there's more dimension to the character and therefore the acting is more challenging. I like a challenge!

Owen: Hey by the way, why does Lloyd K. call you 'Necrophilia'?

Isabelle: Lloyd and me were in the Delta Hotel, in a waiting room, he was about to be interviewed and then realized that I didn't had a Tromette name! I needed a Tromette name to be introduced. He took a good look at me and said: What about Necrophilia? I loved it! It's creepy but sexy at the same time... is it? Well maybe not... But I like it!

Owen: What monster or creature do you feel the greatest affinity for and why?

Isabelle: I would say the human panther in Cat People. Sensual and dangerous… I like that!

Owen: What makes you scream in real life?

I’m scared of car crashes... I had a really hard time reading JG Ballard’s Crash. Amazing book by the way!

Owen: What is something that makes you want to KILL!

Isabelle: When I see someone driving like a maniac! It's worse if I'm actually in the car! That makes me want to kill the driver!

Owen: Any upcoming projects you would care to discuss? 

Isabelle: Oh yeah! I have a really big project coming! In January 2005 I'm starting my own video production company! So if any of you have shot a film and wanted to put it all together, I will offer video editing services, and also custom films. I'm starting on my own! I will also work on a few movies such as 'Super Team Yummy’ (a Michael Will film where I play a sweet little girl who turns into a deadly fighter!), ‘Wake Up’ (a Falcon Video story in which I play a girl who keeps loosing consciousness...), ‘Seduction of Evil’ (an Andre Dubois film about Vampires... Excellent story!), ‘She Demon’ (an SV Bell film in which I'm starring as the girl who's been abused and take her revenge with the help of sexy demoness...) and ‘Tender Flesh For Zombie Goddess’ (a Patrick Aird film in which I have a small part playing one of the victims of the zombie Goddess...). That's what I know will happen, I'm sure a lot of things will come in between all those movie projects! You will have to check out my website in January for all the details!

Owen: Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

Isabelle: In five years I see myself directing a feature film, in which I will have a part. But the best in all that is that I will be paid to do it! I'm not doing it for the money, but I do need to pay my bills every month just like everybody... So I definitely see myself making films and having no money problems. :)

Owen: That sounds like the ultimate scream queen dream combo.Thanks Isabelle, and all the best to you on achieving your goals.