It Chapter Two (2019)


Directed by: Andy Muschietti

Executive Produced & Written by: Gary Dauberman


 .... Beverly Marsh
 .... Bill Denbrough
.... Richie Tozier 
.... Mike Hanlon
 .... Ben Hanscom
 .... Eddie Kaspbrak 
 .... Pennywise
 .... Young Bill Denbrough
 .... Young Stanley Uris
Young Eddie Kaspbrak
Young Richie Tozier
Young Beverly Marsh
.... Young Mike Hanlon
.... Young Ben Hanscom

.... Henry Bowers
.... Young Henry Bowers

Special Appearances:

.... Shopkeeper
.... Peter the Director

Release Dates: Theatrical: September 6, 2019





Twenty seven years have passed since the loser club put an end to the evil demonic looking clown Pennywise () as they have all grown up and grown apart but a phone call brings them all back together once again as this demonic force has returned and is haunting them with their terrifying past lives.


This sequel certainly was left off to a great start as we spot Eddie Kaspbrak all fully grown up and out of the closet in which he is with his lover at a carnival which was well focused along with them getting in trouble with a group of gay bashing thugs. This for sure looked disturbing to watch and brutally intense by what happens here as this for sure makes you want to kill these scum bags for what they do to these two. It looked truly vicious.
Then in the story after an encounter with the demonic killer clown Pennywise which offered great special effects, Eddie calls his old outsider school friends as there's always an effective moment when this happens like when someone is driving and is distracted and gives you the creepy feeling that an accident will happen which catches you by surprise and looked well done as well as Beverly Marsh getting a call in the middle of the night and tells her husband she has to see some of her old friends with him getting an impression that she's having an affair and boy does it look unpretty for her as I got the feeling that this man was very abusive by how he came across towards her. Intense stuff here.
Then when they all reunite at a chinese restaurant it all looked natural and them being happy getting together laughing and enjoying themselves as well as discussing on what is happening as well as a creepy moment on what happens to certain stuff like fortune cookies and so fourth with good special effects and insane situations which looked genuinely spooky to watch.
Perfect timing after the gang heads out and an innocent child says a line towards Richie Tozier as this person is now a filmmaker but at first it makes you wonder if Pennywise is up to his tricks in which this scene was a total teaser big time.
Flashbacks come into the story alot which was great to watch but they are all new scene's and not archive footages like the evil bully Henry Bowers being arrested for first degree murder and one of the sheriff's kicking his ass which I loved by putting this asshole in his place.
Nice moment with an innocent little girl trying to catch a firefly beneath some bleachers at a ball game and she spots Pennywise as he offers her to get rid of a birthmark on her face that kids tease her about as this moment drew me in closely since I got a creepy feeling that something terrifying will happen and it made me jump out of my skin. Great horror moment here.
Perfect setting with Henry full grown and now in an insane asylum as he spots a red balloon floating outside along with him being sent to his room and tries to pull a balloon out from under his bed which there's a well focused moment on him doing this as I expected a jumping moment here. There's a nice horror surprise with this scene along with a zombie like creature crawling fast paced towards him which looked entertaining for horror fans like myself.
The mystery and suspense piles up greatly when Beverly Marsh goes to the home where her father used to live and is greeted by an eccentric elderly woman Mrs. Kersh as well as some spooky moments when Bev looks around the area that involves this older woman as I chuckled a bit but boy something monstrous happens which looked exciting to watch.
Ben Hanscom goes into a flashback sequence during his time in school when Beverly gets charming towards him after class and then gets nasty as this boggled my mind. However it explains itself a great deal with tons of terrorising situations that he tries to get away from and all done in a terrific fashion.
Bill Denbrough's memory looked very twisted as he sees his Mom strapped and something is going to happen to her that involved a demon of some sort which is of course is Pennywise as well as leaving no choice but not to rescue her as this can be disturbing. Plus there's a ghoulish figure trying to attack him. All of this was brought together in a great fashion.
Then the gang goes to the run down old house to try and put a stop to Pennywise as the passageways looked neat to watch as well as to the main area in which was horror and fantasy entertaining to watch. Plus there's moments when some of these friends go into the past to show fears of their own guilty moments. Of course this works in well for a flick like this and done with great style. Plus alot of psycholigical and tortureous moments when a couple of them like Ben is almost being buried alive or Beverly is about to drown in a pool of blood with terrific special effects and camera shots on the surroundings.
The action packs a punch with the final terrors when Pennywise turns into some creepy creature but still revealing his clown face and the others try to struggle and get away from him as well as a very sad and touching moment involving Eddie as this was well drawn into the sscene a great deal. Also near the end it teaches all of us to overcome our fears which is a nice learning process.
Bottom line is that this sequel is just as good as the first or maybe even better with lots of great CGI effects. I was convinced that the filmmakers were paying a tribute to Carpenter's remake of The Thing with the insect like objects that we see here and there in the story as it was done in great taste. This flick is worth checking out if you enjoy films based on Stephen King's novels. The film is quite long but the story isn't slow at all and making it every bit entertaining.

The acting is very natural and superb in which the adult actors knew their craft by playing the older roles of the kid actors and studied these moments incredibly well.  (Beverly Marsh) really brought on the charm with her calm and good natured attitude as the caring one. She really made her part seem natural and shows a nice decent attitude as well as really knowing on how to get into a conversation. She also was a good powerful force of nature as well as coming across as convincingly intelligent.
 (Bill Denbrough) showed some great energy and enthusiasm as the stuttering serious one on the group and does this very nicely. Seemed to really get into the action of things when the terror happens as well as showing off a nice shy atttiude too in other spots. Does a good job by getting anxious towards a child on staying away from a storm sewer which he really studied well with his focus on this.
(Richie Tozier) was one of the performers who stood out the most out of the cast in which he offers some great intense aggressions as well as acting paranoid bringing this to a real hype as well he offers a good hyperactive attitude too.
 (Ben Hanscom) had a nice strong type of appeal to what he did here showing off a good wise and mature type of behavior. Seemed to react well to stuff along with showing some nice characteristics within everything that he did here.
 (Eddie Kaspbrak) was the perfect choice for this role having the same looks as well as a great personality in which he knew his craft. Offers perfect timing with his sarcasm as well as his fast action behavior on stuff. Does great with his fast talking attitude along at the end of his performance acting weak as he made this very memorable to anyone who saw this flick.
 (Pennywise) was brilliant like in the original with his cold speaking and creepy charm at first and then lashing out. Does well with his cold blooded and wicked behavior along with acting like a total insane bully too by what he says to some of his fellow cast members going to the extreme.
 (Young Bill Denbrough) still had the knack for reprising this role showing a good sterness and serious attitude as well as acting nervous with certain stuff which he really focused well on all of this.
Young Beverly Marsh) always brought it on greatly like she did in the first film showing her pretty looks as well as her charming behavior too. Also added a great versatality by speaking wickedly as well as acting crazy in a certain scene as this showed energetic talent.
(Young Ben Hanscom) strutted his stuff greatly like the rest as he still offered a nice quiet and shy type of attitude along with making his role beliveable by trying to kiss someone which seemed natural. Plus does well with his fearful adrenaline when the terror strikes him.
(Henry Bowers) lived to play the insane bully put away as he does well with his disturbed attitude along with having a good cackly type of personality. Plus was a force of evil nature when he tries to attack someone. Was a true character actor indeed and had the perfect insane looks which was another great plus.
(Young Henry Bowers) lived it up as the younger version and knew how to act obnoxious and intimidating as well as doing a perfect job by getting into someone's face. Had a believeable dominating attitude.

A butt shot is seen while going into a bathtub but the moment looks blurry.

Face is bloodied after being beaten to a pulp.
Decapitated head is revealed .
Bloody teeth bites into certain victims. 
Face is stabbed.

Benjamin Wallfisch does a fantastic job with his music in this film offering very powerful classical music especially the violin playing which sounds very smooth as well as having the sounds very high pitched for the scary and suspenseful parts along with some booming sounds too. Seems to also offer other types of orechestral sounds for the mellow parts as well as the sad parts too since he knows his stuff inside out. Yes he did the job greatly here.

Richie Tozier: This meeting of the Losers Club has officially begun.

Mrs. Kersch: You know what they say about Derry. No one who dies here ever really dies.

Pennywise: For 27 years, I've dreamt of you. I craved you. Oh I've missed you! Waiting for this very moment... TIME TO FLOAT!

Richie Tozier: Let's kill the fucking clown!

Georgie Denbrough: You lied, and I died. YOU LIED, AND I DIED!