Actor and sometime writer/director Jose Rosete wants to entertain (and even scare the shit out of us!) and he says so with a refreshing certainty. He’s been at his career since he was 23 and in the seven years since he’s found a solid measure of success already appearing in dozens of film projects. The icing on the cake is that Jose is also a big horror fan and that is quite evident with several of his film choices. (Plus, you know you are talking to a genuine horror fan when the first film they list at a triple feature fantasy fest is Juan Piquer Simon’s ‘Pieces’!)

Though he has done a variety of this in the past – drama, action, comedy, etc. Most of his future work seems heavily weighted on the horror side of things with at least SIX upcoming scare flicks -- ‘Psycho Manor’, ‘The Devil’s Playhouse’ in which he plays a character named Sick, ‘The 11th Aggression’, ‘Machined’, ‘The Cochise Suicides’, and ‘It Envies The Living’. Damn, that’s a lot of horror flicks to have coming out in 2006 alone!! So if you are not familiar with this guy --- the time is NOW --- get in on the ground floor and read on… and be sure to check out Jose’s site at



Hey Jose, why don't we start this interview off with a visual?  Would you be so kind as to describe the room where you are writing your answers for the racks and razors readers?

Well right now I am actually on location in San Francisco. I am working on a Serial Killer project here in the Bay Area. It's currently untitled. I play one of the leads along with Joe Estevez and Todd Bridges. It'll be released in late 2006. The room I'm in happens to be one of the sets for the film. It's a small shack where my character lives. I'm taking a break.

In addition to acting chores, you've also contributed the story and screenwriting duties on your two latest films - 'The Devil's Playhouse' and 'The 11th Aggression'.  Has writing always been a passion of yours or is it more a means to create the sort of roles you want to play?

When I first attempted to write a screenplay, had to be at least four years ago. I did it just to see if I had it in me to go through with it. I had a story floating around in my head for a while and it felt good to let it all out on paper. And I had always heard that writing a screenplay would help you as an actor. I don't know if it has to do with understanding how and why certain things are laid out for certain characters in certain ways, dialogue and action wise. Since then I've written quite a few screenplays to just try and get better.

Somewhat going along with that question - when you are writing is it clear from the start which character you are going to be playing?

I've written stories built around a character I have in mind for myself. And I've written stories that have nothing to do with me as an actor. I've gotten to a point where if I have an idea, it feels good to let it all out weather or not I think I can actually be in the movie as an actor. But my first love is and always will be acting. But a good example is a short film I made recently. It's titled "Indebted." I wrote, directed, and acted in it. And yes, I wrote this story for myself. I wanted to give myself a challenge, put myself to the test.

Okay, first off tell me about 'The 11th Aggression'.

"The 11th Aggression" is a story written by Charles Peterson. I worked with Charles recently on his short film, "Laws of Deception." He started bouncing ideas off me for a feature he wanted to do next. It's a serial killer story based in Arizona. I just pitched in with some ideas and I actually helped write the scene for the character I am going to play. It's an awesome story and we are currently seeking investors. Our goal is to go into production in early 2006.

I've also got to hear about your work as Sick in 'The Devil's Playhouse'.  With a name like Sick you know the role has gotta be good.

Oh yes, Sick is a great character. I had lots of fun with that one. "The Devil's Playhouse" is a movie I co-wrote with my partner Ben Juhl. The editing is about to come to an end and I'm very excited about this film. I think people are really going to enjoy the crazy and twisted story we came up with. Sick is one of the smaller parts in the story but also one of the better parts. He's a homeboy from the hood, a monkey wrench thrown into the whole mix of "The Devil's Playhouse." You're going to have to check it out to see what I mean.

Busy time for you -- you're also starring in the upcoming Matt Deitch film 'Psycho Manor'.  Why don't you tell me about your role as Chad in that film?

Well "Psycho Manor" is a project that was filmed about four years ago, in 2002. For some reason it's still in post-production and has sat on the shelf. I wish I knew why but I hear it might see the light of day soon. We'll see.

So this is a lot of horror work from you lately.  Before all this I can mainly recall you doing '666:The Demon Child' a couple years ago.  Are you enjoying the genre, is it something you are seeking out, or are the roles just happening?

I love horror movies. I love being in them. I think horror fans are the best in the world. Too bad "666: The Demon Child" happens to be one of the really bad ones. We gave it a shot and it didn't work out. But I love doing different work. I just had a comedy released nationwide titled "I Got Five On It." I play the lead along with Todd Bridges. I have a drama coming out nationwide March 14, 2006 titled "Illegal Business." And my short film "Indebted" is a very intense/dramatic story. But the project I'm the most excited about is a horror film titled "Machined." It'll be released in 2006. And the Bay Area Serial Killer film I'm doing now is going to be a good one. I have a really good feeling about it.

You have directed and produced two short films 'Indebted' (2005) and Hold On' (2004)  - which you also wrote, edited, and shot.  Is working on shorts rehearsal for doing the same thing soon with a feature film?

No, short films are just a smaller commitment. It's an opportunity to concentrate on a smaller part, a handful of pages and get your performance right. "Hold On" was a one-man job I did a couple years back. I wrote, directed myself, did my own lighting, sound, and I did the edit. It got into a film festival but I knew I could do it better. I started a production company with a friend of mine, Socio Vision Films, and our first project was "Indebted." It's basically a remake of "Hold On." This time though I was very fortunate to get some help. I cast other characters in the story. I had very talented people help me with my production work, camera, lighting, sound, and editing. I couldn't be more proud of my short.

To date you have made over thirty films.  Which role do you think has been the greatest challenge for you so far and do you have a fantasy role?

Yea, actually it's almost sixty projects overall. But that ranges from extra work, one liners, supporting roles to lead roles. And it's been over seven years now. The biggest challenge for me has been my short film "Indebted." I really put myself to the test and directing other actors and taking control of my set was a big deal for me. It felt good but it wasn't easy. As far as my fantasy role. Every role I've gotten in my independent and direct to video career has been like a fantasy to me. I'm so grateful for every opportunity I've gotten. The next role I get will be my fantasy role. Then the role after that and the role after that. I have so much to learn and I just want to work my ass off to get better. I don't want anything given to me. I want to earn my way to that next level of motion pictures.

Do you have any other projects in the works, which we haven't discussed?

Well first off, if you're a real horror fan, you're going to love "Machined." It's gotten such good press off of the trailer alone. The trailer has blown so many people away. One of the very few people to review the movie is Horror Bob out of New York. He calls it "A Great and Scary Independent Masterpiece." Check out the website and trailer at "Illegal Business" will be released March 14th, 2006 and is a Quiroz Brothers Film. Two other films I have coming out nationwide with the Quiroz Brothers are currently untitled, a vampire film and the serial killer film I'm working on now. Look out for both of these in 2006. I'll be hooking up with Craig McMahon, the writer/director of "Machined", again in January for his next project- "Sport Kill." Early next year I'll be working on a thriller on Alcatraz Island titled "Asylum Alcatraz." Be on the look out for these up-coming horror titles as well- "The Cochise Suicides", "The 49th Line", and "It Envies The Living." All slated for a 2006 release.

Was acting something you've wanted to do since you were a kid, something you discovered later, or a career that just sort of happened?

I've wanted to be in the movies since I was in the 6th grade. I used to ditch school and stay home to watch movies. But I used to sit there and realize that the people in the movies were actors, playing pretend. I could only imagine how much fun they were having making these movies. As I got older I started to realize it was all about entertaining. I was a shy kid and it wasn't until I was about twenty-three when I started pursuing it. Since then I've gotten in front of any/every camera I could. And I still do. I just want to work with talented people and entertain.

So Jose, you’ve also been all over the map genre-wise in your career. Do you have a favorite?

Well for me personally, I love being in all different kinds of movies. But I give the edge to horror films. But I want to do it all, drama, action, comedy, and even stunt work. Action is exciting, Drama is great, comedy is fun, making people cry is special- but there's nothing better than scaring the hell out of someone. I'd love nothing more than to make an awesome horror film for all you die hard horror fans out there.

We are pulling the LeSabre into the Jose Rosete Drive In.  What three horror films are you going to have playing on the horror triple bill and what sort of food are they serving up at the concession stand?

Well first up would be an old school horror flick titled "Pieces." It's a chainsaw murdering blood fest, one of my favorites. Next up would be "The Exorcist." The only movie to have people leaving the theatre scared and crying, even before the movie was over. And last up is my all time favorite horror film, "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." It seems like every other horror film made is so typical, it's always at night, in the dark. Leatherface didn't care. He'd chase you around and cut you in pieces in broad daylight. It doesn't get better than that. And I'd just have lots of broccoli to eat. (Don’t ask why)

Do you have any superstitions you would care to share?

No I'm not into that stuff at all. I don't believe in it.

What scares you in real life?

What scares me is getting older and looking back on my life, knowing I didn't do what it is I wanted to do. This is my life, and it's the only one I am ever going to have. I don't want to look back and say, "woulda, shoulda, coulda." I want to act. I want to entertain people and work my ass off doing it. AND- my nightmares always consist of spiders, really scary stuff.

Thanks for your time Jose and good luck with everything.

I just want to thank you Owen for the opportunity to chit chat with ya and I hope to be asked back sometime down the line. I have a website and I always update it. If anyone is interested, check it out. It has all of my info, background, experience, IMDB, and tons of pictures in my gallery. Thank you once again for the time.

Very cool, thanks.