LILITH STABS ... And does a whole lot more too! by Owen Keehnen

Dragoncon, Horrorfest 2004, Exoticon, Twisted Nightmare Weekend, etc. ----- Singer/actress/force of nature and self-proclaimed ‘Mistress of Unreality’ Lilith Stabs is a certified hit on the horror convention circuit…charming fans with her sass and delicious eccentricity. The Georgia born Goth-dess has parlayed her popularity, charms, and appeal to land roles in an impressive number of indie films ‘Zombiegeddon’, ‘Vampire Callgirls’ (playing Roxy in her film debut), ‘Demonatrix’ (as the title character!), ‘Maleific’, ‘Cremains’ (as Necromancer), the ‘Bad Movie Police’ series, ‘Something to Scream About’ (the HOT documentary about women on the cutting edge of the B-movie scene featuring Brinke Stevens, Judith O’Dea, Denice Duff, Felissa Rose, Julie Strain, etc.) ‘Blood Beneath the Moon’, ‘Come and Get Some More’, ‘Spicy Sister Slumber Party’ (with Amy Lynn Best, Ryli Morgan, etc.), ‘Severe Injury’ (directed by Amy Lynn Best), ‘Weregrrl’, ‘Deadly Stingers’, etc. Lilith is also a pop rock singer and has a song featured on the soundtrack to the new Chris Furners film ‘A Wandering Mind in the God Machine’, is a staple on the concert circuit, and has recorded a CD as well. In addition she is a darling of the print industry. The sought after goth model has appeared in numerous magazines such as ‘Femme Fatales’, ‘Vamperotica’, ‘Gothic Beauty’, ‘The City Morgue’, ‘Extreme Fetish’, ‘Full Metal Femmes’, and more and is even the featured character in the comic book series ‘Razor Gothic’. The dark eyed and alabaster skinned Countess Lilith is also a big bunny enthusiast - hugely devoted to her pet rabbits Serena and Samantha…. which explains the name of her recently formed company, Vampybunny Productions. When the former dominatrix Mistress Lilith agreed to an interview what could be said other than “Thank you Mistress. May I ask you a question?”

  Owen: What are your qualifications as The High Priestess of Horror?

Lilith: Well, I guess the life I've led could be considered pretty horrifying by most people. I think some of that qualifies me.

Owen: Did you have a certain mentor for assuming that position?

Lilith: Not really, I just created myself in the image I thought a woman in horror films should be.

Owen: So when you call Lilith Stabs as a creation --- as being your own horror persona --- then do you consider yourself more a personality than an actress?

Lilith: No, not really. I've always just considered "Lilith" to be me. I didn't really mean it like it’s a character or anything. I'm just myself.

Owen: You've made a number of horror films to date.  When it comes to getting roles in these movies are there auditions or is it more a matter of networking and people learning about you from appearances at conventions and your website?

Lilith: I really haven't had to audition, I usually end up working with people I've networked with or that have already seen some of my work or even already worked with me in the past. It’s a lot easier that way, when they already have a role in mind for you and know you are proper for it then there is usually no need for an audition.

Owen: Speaking of that --- you are a HUGE hit on the convention circuit, what is the key/secret to being a success at those venues?

Lilith: Going to enough of them so people expect to see you there. Showing up, bring merchandise (movies/photos, etc.) and go to the parties afterward.

Owen: You recently starred in the SQ documentary 'Something to Scream About' where you and 9 other actresses' (Brinke Stevens - hostess, Ariauna Albright, Brandi Burkett, Debra DeLiso, Denice Duff, Judith O'Dea, Felissa Rose, and Julie and Lizzie Strain) discuss the biz.  Did you feel a big sense of Scream Queen sister-power in the company of these horror icons?

Lilith: Yes, I think the project was a great idea as well as bringing a varied enough group of actresses from the horror industry. I think that is what made it interesting.

Owen: Tell me about 'The Bad Movie Police' project also with Ariauna Albright?

Lilith: The Bad Movie Police is us in segments really basically making fun of the movie that is shown afterward. The Bad Movie Police is a really fun project and I hope we are going to shoot 4 & 5 soon. Nov. 16th is the release date for Bad Movie Police 3.

Owen: 'Cremains' is another wild movie of yours...what was the most memorable thing
about that shoot?

Lilith: My parts were shot at a different time from the other actors and actresses so it was basically just me. But one of the more memorable parts was the scenes we shot in New Orleans at the House of Death (that was my house in the movie). 

Owen: What other projects are upcoming for you?

Lilith: I hate naming these things before they actually happen but I do have several upcoming projects I'll announce after they get filmed.

Owen: You started out as a dominatrix.  Did being that persona sort of make you realize that you could be a successful actress?

Lilith: Well, I actually wanted to act before I wanted to be a dominatrix. But being successful as a dominatrix did indeed make me realize I could be successful at other things as well, like being an actress.

Owen: What tricks of the domination trade come in handy with fans?

Lilith: I think that dealing with so many people & having them reveal so many secrets about themselves can give you a lot of insight to many things about human nature.
So in general it just helps.

Owen: You're a musician as well...describe your music for me in five words.

Lilith: Pop rock. I have to say that the stuff I recorded in the past was with someone who really did not understand what I was going for at the time.

Owen: What is something that makes you scream?

Lilith: Bees!!!

Owen: What have been your best and worst film experiences in the low-budget horror field?

Lilith: Some of my best experiences in low budget horror films are really when I get to work with friends and other than that I really like seeing the end product come out. That is my favorite part. Some of my worst experiences are maybe not getting paid or sort of getting ripped off.

Owen: What's something that makes you want to kill?

Lilith: Well, I don't like the fact rabbit fur has made such a come back as far as being fashionable. I personally think it should be left right where it is, on the pretty little bunnies. I'd much prefer the people who profit from this end up skinned instead. Bunnies are not for eating either!

Owen: I know of your fierce attachment to your bunnies Serena and Samantha --- do you consider them your familiars or your children and what qualities do you share with them or what gives you a special attachment to them?

Lilith: I suppose they are a bit like familiars (that is when they are not being treated like spoiled children). I personally think bunnies are the most adorable creatures on earth so I guess that and the fact that get very attached to me makes me get very attached to them. I'm not sure what qualities I share with them, but I always list these as bunny qualities: adorable, irresistible, fertile, sexually insatiable, they can be quite cunning and are ruthlessly hunted. 

Owen: What are your favorite horror movies?

Lilith: Some of the horror movies I enjoy the most are the real types not just the monster, zombie, vampire stuff. Some I liked in recent years Donnie Darko and Fraility.

Owen: What's your dream role?

Lilith: I like playing some things other than just horror; I also like dark comedies and thrillers. So roles that don't just confine me to horror. But a dream role I'd have to really think about that one.

Owen: Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Lilith: Hmmm...I don't really know, but I know I'll still have bunnies.