Mistress Xena: Face of Chicago Horror, Voice of the Future by Brian Kirst

I met Mistress Xena in April 2005 when she was hosting the Chicago Horror Film Festival at the Three Penny Cinema. She was down to earth, pleasant and, obviously, pleased to be involved the festival and, occasionally, sharing the stage with the now Illinois-based original Friday the 13th’s Jason, Ari Lehman. The Chicago Horror Film Festival, founded by Jason Davis, is a fun and important event, giving voice to original, independent filmmakers, and Mistress Xena’s presence made the event all the more enjoyable. Mistress Xena, whom makes her living as a dominatrix and model, is, also, I believe, an important voice to be heard in everyday society. I truly believe she represents confidence, conviction and love for oneself - no matter your background, shape, size or lifestyle preferences. She, as you can tell by reading below, is steadily building a name for herself – and no one deserves it more. She has something to tell us all.


  Brian: First of all, you appear to be someone who would prefer not to be labeled, but do descriptive lifestyle labels bother you? I just read an article about a young person who was dressing, listening to the music and essentially living in a way that one would refer to as a "Goth" lifestyle, but absolutely hated the label "Gothic" or "Goth". Do you have any opinion on that one way or the other? 

X - Yes, I don't prefer to be labeled as a 'Goth' (However, calling Me a Mistress, Domina or a Fetishist would be perfectly fine).  lol.  I don't consider Myself a 'Goth'.  I am Me.  I'm being an individual.  I like Vampyres, but does that make Me a 'Goth'?  No, indeed.  I enjoyed wearing Witch costumes during Halloween when I was a child, but does that make Me a 'Goth'? My favorite holiday is Halloween, but does that make Me a 'Goth'?   No, indeed.  If someone states that I am a 'goth-girl', that irritates Me.  Like I said, I'm an individual. 

Brian: You recently headlined the Spankin Red Hot Fetish Ball in Florida. When you perform at events, is your performance a combination of demonstration and performance art? The pictures almost look Karen Finley-esque.

X - Performing @ the Spankin' Red Hot Fetish Ball in Tampa, Florida (one of the official FetishCon parties) was such a spectacular opportunity.  I had thought that there were 600+ individuals whom attended.  It turned out that 1,300 individuals entered.  Some people think that My performances are 'Burlesque' (don't get Me wrong, I'm a big fan of 'Burlesque' shows), but the performances are far from being Burlesque.  My shows are a combination of BDSM / Fetish Oriented & Performance Arts.  When a few friends watched My show, they've stated, "That was one perfect TORTURE show".  I must agree.  Torturing My victim is the plot in My shows.  Role-Playing is important in My shows, as well.  The Role-Play scenario which I've used @ the Spankin' Red Hot Fetish Bal was, "Latex Goddess / slave".  One of My several future goals is to travel the world, to Perform.  I've been performing onstage for quite a long time, now.  My first BDSM / Fetish Oriented Stage Show was back in 2002 (believe it or not, I played the victim.  The show had a CHRISTMAS theme to it). lol. 

Brian: I love the photo for your Home Page. It’s the same one that was used for the Chicago Horror Film Festival poster. Do you have a favorite photographer or photographers of the many that you have worked with?

X - Thank You.  The image on My 'Index Page' was used on the last Chicago Horror Film Festival's Poster.  That picture was taken in 2002, by Thomas Pendragon (in Milwaukee, Wisconsin).  http://www.pendragonphotography.com His work is superb.  As far as Favorite Photographers, I don't have a favorite.  However, some of My 'top-picked' Photographers would have to be *Victoria Perelet*, Jody Cortes, Jim Groves, Lew of Vividere, etc... etc.... etc.... 

Brian: How did you get involved with hosting the Chicago Horror Film Festival? It is such a great, well-put together event!

X - Back in the Fall of 2003, Jason Davis (the festival organizer) had contacted Me on My Yahoo! Group (3,000+ members: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eroticmistressxena).  He was seeking a 'Gothic' Hostess (people label one another in this society, quite often).  I had written back and agreed to host his event, although I had NO experience in Hosting.  Obviously now, I do.  I've hosted the Chicago Horror Film Festival on 4 different occasions, always held at the 3 Penny Cinema.

Brian: Do you view your hosting duties as an homage to Elvira, one of your idols? Would like to have a career akin to hers- or are you happier following your own path?

X - Oh goodness, I admire Elvira.  Yes, she IS one of My idols.  However,  My 'Hosting Duties' is just something to spice-up the Festival.  And personally, I would not like to have a career akin to Elvira's.  The 'hosting' aspect is all for fun.  I'm just being honest.

Brian: You appear in the film Triste Eded (Sad Age). Can you tell us what that experience was like and what that film was about? Has it been released?

X - Oh dear, I forgot about that film / documentary & have never even seen it. My Friend was taking part in making the film (this was back in 2004).  He had asked Me if I would like to be an extra in the movie (I didn't have a HUGE role in the film.  I was JUST an extra). lol.  I agreed to become an extra.  The movie was filmed at the EXIT (Chicago Nightclub), and the movie is suppose to be in Spanish (If I could Recall).

Brian: Would you enjoy doing more acting work - and what type of roles would you enjoy playing, if so?

X - Actually, yes.  I've been in Movies in the past. I enjoy acting (preferably Improv, with a story-line).  In the past, I've made 'CUSTOM FILMS' for My clients, and am in the process of making more Movies.  I have ONE DVD, that is ready to be distributed.  The movie is called, "Taking Charge", and it was filmed in Minneapolis, MN.  When the DVD is on-sale, I'll announce the news on My website.  Back to your question on What type of Role.....I play the Dominant Role (on film, in My Personal and Professional life). I'm experienced in Making Fetish / BDSM Movies, only.  Actually, in Chicago, I was involved in a Theatre Project in Chicago.  But, that's another story. lol.

Brian: You have appeared in countless magazines and websites. Is there a magazine or photo session that you feel has captured your essence best?

X - Good question.  I am the cover Model for the 'Big Book Of Boobs' (Great title, isn't it?).  You could look up the title of the book on www.amazon.com   I feel that that particular image on the cover captures My essense, the best.  The cover is quite 'Glamourous' & HONESTLY, doesn't look like Me.  If you look up the book, you'll see what I'm talking about.  In nightclubs, people usually look for the 'Dark & Spooky' gal (which happens to be Myself). The cover clearly shows off My 'Glamourous' yet 'Elegant' side.

Brian: I feel that you put forth such a body confident, self-positive image for women everywhere. Is that part of the reason why you have chosen your career path?

X - I've had a very rough childhood.  In school, I was always made fun of (whether it was the way My nose looked, or the way I walked or even the sound of My last name).  Because of that (and other things in My life, which I will not mention), that made Me have NO confidence in Myself.  I always thought negative & thought I had no life.  At the age of 16, My life was slowly changing.  I was becoming MORE confident in Myself, trying to think positive about life.  I would say that getting out of High School, My life dramatically changed.  I was asked to Model for a Gallery in Chicago (first, I was going to say NO, because I didn't think I had the confidence to show off My body. Then,  I decided I WOULD).  The first photo shoot, I must say, I was somewhat 'shy' in front of the camera.  As a child, I would make-believe that I was a model (read My full-bio on My website).  And sure enough, My fantasy as a Model has came true.  I receive several emals from Women, whom are interested in being a Domina or a Model.  And what do I tell them?  1)  You need to have confidence in yourself. 2) Be serious and think Positive. 3) Show the World what you've got (although that Might sound arrogant, it's true). 

Brian: Finally, do you have any future projects, plans or website events that you would like to share with us?

X - I'm trying to get 2 more shows to perform at, anywhere in the U.S.A., before 2005 ends. (I'll be satisfied & happy, if I get even ONE show). I'm just waiting patiently, for the word.  Another future project:  Making My online-store MUCH MORE LARGER, than it currently is.  I intend to sell several autographed photos and selling photos (on CDs).  Another future project is to create MORE video clips & placing them in My members area.  Last, I intend to make more videos in the near future (BDSM/Fetish Oriented).  Tune in to http://www.mistressxena.com (for news & updates).