It has been my observation when writing about things of this nature that there are Scream Queens and then there are Moan Queens. MQs are those mostly topless NC-17 video house women --- sexy fleshpots that writhe in blood, wear garters and naughty undies and have a penchant for long showers and touching themselves. You’ve got the picture. When it comes to the sort of naughty schoolgirl type of Moan Queen Misty Mundae holds the scepter. She rules in the land of panties, pouts and spankings. She is a force of nature in knee socks and a pleated skirt and she’s everyone’s favorite --- like a nude June Allyson or Jane Powell with the ass of death.   Oddly enough – this little Jersey girl truly is a coed (with a communications major) and is a regular on The Dean’s List in college.

She exploded onto the sexploitation movie scene at the tender age of 19 in Factory 2000’s ‘I was a Teenage Strangler’ and starred in several (okay, quite a few!) weird sorta-snuff-like films for that company and director William Hellfire. The titles kind of creep me out…’Snuff Stranger’, 'Going Under’, ‘The Electric Cord Strangler’, ‘I Strangle the Body Electric: The Electric Cord Strangler II’, and ‘I, Asphixia: The Electric Cord Strangler III… I guess it was a popular series for them…a sort of ‘Lord of the Strings’ trilogy. Maybe the prop department was on a very tight budget? But Factory 2000 broke the electric cord mold by boldly making ‘The International Necktie Strangler’, ‘The Silk Stocking Strangler’ and ‘I Was a Teenage Strangler’. However, as fans of www.racksandrazors know --- there are soooooo many ways to be killed! Misty also made ‘Cannibal Doctor’ & ‘The Duct Tape Killer II’ & ‘The Infamous Bondage Murders (parts I & II)’ all 4 with Factory 2000 resident gal in peril and moan queen sorority sister Tina Krause. Misty gave till it hurt (or didn’t hurt any more…however you choose to see it) in the features ’Shoot The Girls’, ‘Infamous Porno Murders’, ‘Dead Girls Don’t Say Goodbye’, ’The Velveteen Vampire’ (which she also wrote!),‘Lesbos Slaughter’ (parts I & II --- sounds slightly homophobic to me!), and ‘The Virgin Vampire’ – her only X-rated feature.

Misty also lent her considerable charms to several other low-budget studios and starred in a myriad of features such as ‘Poetic Seduction’ for Video Outlaw and starred as quite a bitch in the controversial cult film from Todd Russell ‘Duck! The Carbine High Massacre’ (The parody of the Columbine high school tragedy). She was also in Shock-0-Rama Cinema’s ‘Screaming Dead’, ‘My Date with Misty Mundae’ and ‘Lust in the Mummy’s Tomb’ from After Hours Cinema.

Factory 2000 may have been too coy of a moniker so the studio became Seduction Cinema or else their paths crossed or something - one ended and the other began – I’m not sure about how or why but many of the same elements remained in place. The new studio still employed the skills of William Hellfire and Misty Mundae and even made sequels to several Factory 2000 features…such as ‘Flesh for Olivia’. Also under the Seduction banner Misty’s naughty little star soared even higher. She seemed to be in virtually every film in Seduction’s catalogue --- ‘Satan’s School for Lust’, ‘Lord of the G-Strings’, ‘Dr. Jekyll and Mistress Hyde’, ‘The Vibrating Maid’ (Hmm…. I am so curious about that one) and ‘Sin Sisters’. There was ‘Witchbabe’, ‘Play-Mate of the Apes’, ‘Gladiator Eroticus’ - all 3 with scream queen and horror hall of fame inductee Debbie Rochon. Mundae also starred in ‘Vampire Vixens’ and ‘Peeping in a Girl’s Dormitory’ (both with old Factory 2000 cohort and co-corpse Tina Krause), ‘An Erotic Vampire in Paris’ & (you saw this coming didn’t you?) ‘An Erotic Werewolf in London’, ‘My Vampire Lover’, ‘Sexy American Idle’, ‘Bite Me!’, ‘Spiderbabe’, ‘Roxanna’, ‘Erotic Survivor’…where she uttered the unforgettable line, “I’m gonna win the $20 because I’m the toughest bitch here!” Damn right! Rock on Miss Mundae!

Currently Misty Mundae is unrivalled queen of the Seduction Cinema lot…and even has a sweet production deal and exclusive contract with the company to write, direct, and star in several films. She’s already directed two features for the company --- bringing what she calls “a woman’s eye” to her features ---‘Confessions of a Natural Beauty’ and ‘Lustful Addiction’ (which stars Seduction Cinema’s other resident divas of disrobe Darian Caine and Ruby LaRocca).

It’s hard telling what lies in the future for Moan Queen Misty. Based on her lengthy resume, as well as her production deal with Seduction Cinema, she seems fairly content to stay right where she is...on a throne. Who can blame her? Being a reigning queen of the lot is a nice place to be.